Aquarius daily horoscope january 13 2020

Yearly Love Horoscope: 2020 Love Guide for Aquarius
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But, enjoy the whirlwind of fantasy, creativity, and romance that may swoop in. The moon clashes with Pluto at PM, stirring up power struggles.

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Mercury, the planet of the mind, meets with your ruling planet Saturn this morning, Capricorn, finding you in a very serious mood. Communication planet Mercury meets with your ruling planet Saturn this morning, making for a very serious energy.

Confusion about cash or about your place in a community you belong to may come up today. Both of your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, square off today, Pisces! This can be wonderful—so much romance and creativity! Still, the reality behind the fantasy could be a rude awakening.

Stay grounded—especially around your career and public life. The moon is in your sign today, Aries, plugging you right into your emotions.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope Evolve

An important conversation about career comes up today. An amazing opportunity is coming, but you have to stay grounded and be patient. Be your most grown-up self today, Taurus. Important conversations take place. Your community is holding big events, but confusion is also in the air—trust your intuition. Your ruling planet Mercury meets with Saturn, finding you thinking and discussing serious matters. A major change is taking place, and it will affect your intimate relationships and your finances. Slow down.

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Serious conversations take place in your partnerships. Nothing goes as planned but a fantastical adventure may come your way. Important plans are put into place.

Sun enters Scorpio

Speaking of how you relate to others, Jupiter entered your 11th house in late and will stay here until early December The planet of luck will help you make new friends, encourage you to strengthen your existing relationships, and lead you to join new communities. After all, Pluto, the planet of renewal and rebirth, is the ruler of your career sector.

He spends half of every year in a backspin, and in his retrograde will begin on April 24 and conclude on October 3. All the while, Pluto will be in your 12th house of spiritual growth. You may find yourself attracted to careers or positions that offer you a higher purpose.

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Your financial planet, Neptune, will inhabit Pisces this year, possibly urging you to make more emotional purchases than usual. Watch your wallet during the days that Jupiter squares Neptune January 13, June 16, and September Love The sun, your personal planet of love, will go through three eclipses this year.

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Don't get hung up on the fear of fights that haven't happened yet, though, as your seventh house of relationships is relatively empty this year, signaling peace overall. If anything, this emptiness means you should just worry about spending time and attention on your partner, no frills required. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it.

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