Horoscop pisces 29 january

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  1. Daily Horoscope. Daily Forecast for all Zodiac - Daily Horoscope 12 November,
  2. Mars enters Scorpio

Colour pink.

Daily Horoscope. Daily Forecast for all Zodiac - Daily Horoscope 12 November,

Power and wealth are finally yours after a period of labor and strife. Creative business and professional plans are targeted to actualize and it is best to work towards them persistently. You touch higher levels of consciousness and experience inner peace. Lucky number 1.

Colour green. You have the courage to move into new opportunities and encounter tough situations in the work area. Loving care in relationships brings back harmony and mutual respect.

Open your heart and allow feelings to surface as they clear clouds of confusion around you. Lucky number 9. Colour blue. You may restructure routines, schedules, travel plans, work systems, food habits, fitness programs and regular patterns. You are able to meditate and focus on higher levels of consciousness and grow from a spiritual experience. Love and romance are on the cards! Lucky number Colour red. You make swift decisions, and act quickly to avail of lucrative opportunities that come your way.

Mars enters Scorpio

You infuse enthusiasm in whatever you do. Lucky number 5. You gain from communication skills when old projects are revived. Media exposure is on the cards. You keep looking for breaks during a socially busy time combined with a hectic schedule. A shopping spree can ruin your budget and financial plans; watch out!

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Lucky number 6. Colour turquoise. You focus on resolving material, earthy aspects and details today. Financial deals and transactions are conducted smoothly. You redecorate or rearrange the home to induce comfort and ambiance. You deal with pending chores and get the family together for a meal.

Lucky number 7. It's time to drop old judgments as they keep you trapped in habits, delusions and patterns in professional situations and personal relationships. When you view career options and personal choices from an inner perspective you will know what makes you happy. Saturn and its cycles can reveal so much about you, your life and relationships.


Learn how to overcome your life's challenges. Dredging up the past and other irrelevant facts will only Superior to both of these is to focus on the present. Stop dreaming and get These issues may be exacerbated by your imagination and therefore the problem may not at This way you'll maintain some leve It will be difficult to maintain stability and you may experience mood You want to perhaps change your job or s Work on a budget.

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