January 17 full moon astrology

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  2. Full Moon January – Love and Forgiveness – Astrology King
  4. Tips for this month's FULL MOON

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This lunar phenomenon saw three phases of the Moon collide resulting in the Moon turns an eerie shade of red. The Super Blood Wolf Moon can be broken down into three parts to explain the name.

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Super Moon - The eclipse occurs as the Moon is the closest to Earth in its orbit, causing it to appear larger than usual, earning it this name. Which star signs are most affected by this eclipse?

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In astrology, eclipses are regarded as events which both inspire and affect all beings on Earth. Below are the five signs who will be most affected by this lunar spectacle according to magichoroscope. This total eclipse in Leo will charge your day with unmatched emotion.

The only problem is that the emotional charge will be so high that you will struggle to keep a level mind and reasonably approach things, Aries. You could experience worry related to your love life which might push you to the point of wanting a drastic change that will allow you to rest, and above all, have fun. More like falling in love : "Your romantic senses are heightened now, as you drift in on a cloud filled of lofty and sensual dreams," shares Stardust.

Astrology Jan 16 - Jan 21 2019 - Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

You're feeling the heart eyes to the max during this full moon, which happens to fall in a fellow fire sign — so indulge in the sweet vibes you'll be feeling and let yourself have some fiery fun. Too much of any good thing can quickly turn toxic, and given all the mental stimulation this full moon is serving you, Gem, cutting down your screen time could prove to be soothing. Time to make it rain! The energy is high during this full moon, crab sister — and your bank account balance could be, too. Don't spend it all in one place, but allow your mind to wander to new, abundant possibilities under this moon's illuminating rays.


Full Moon January – Love and Forgiveness – Astrology King

Full moon party? More like full moon and chill for you, Virgo — cause you've earned it. Emotional as you may be, Scorps are focused and determined, and right now your career is on fire — so make sure you're keeping yourself on top of your game. But when you harness your ambitions there is no stopping you," advises June. This luminary is ripe with opportunity, and with the moon in a fellow fire sign, you'll be feeling very much in your element and open to magical synchronicity, new faces and places, and much more.

Take it all in.


During this full moon in Leo, pay close attention to your feelings, even those persistent thoughts you might have tried to put off thinking of. We must prepare ourselves for anything, because this moon has the power to turn everything around, to turn impossible into possible and never into now. Be open, be patient, and trust that everything that occurs is for your highest good, no matter what your logical mind says. Follow Us.

Tips for this month's FULL MOON

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