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You can also shop for Fortune's Wheelhouse T-shirts, mugs, backpacks, stickers, and more! Rank 2: Episode Three of Cups. Themes of enclosure reflect and refract in the abundant 3 of Cups, where the messenger god brings his quicksilver tongue to the world of emotions. Mercury rules this second decan of Cancer; festivities and games preside over the hour, and all good things. Yet there is an undercurrent of danger; the most tempting fruits may be those that are forbidden.

In this episode we also speak of Demeter and Persephone, Mercury as psychopomp, Dionysus, the threefold nature of women - the three Graces and the nine Muses. We consider grapes and pomegranates, grains and gourds, journeys of safe and unsafe passage. We consider the armor of the Chariot and the confinements of Binah, and the layered protection of eggs and walled gardens.

To learn more about the suit of Cups, the world of Briah, the mother gods of Binah, the color schemes of the cards, and so much else, be sure to visit us at www. Rank 1: The Numerology of Tarot. Did you know that you are not just one person, but four people in one? Tonight, numerologist Richard Abbot will take us on a numbers journey to help us understand ourselves better and connect who we are with the energies that reside in tarot.

Richard Abbot learned about the unseen dimensions of life, over a 20 year study period with Arthur Norris. He practises Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry as tools for self-discovery, empowerment and transformation, as well as providing healing for those in pain. Do you have a hard time telling people you are doing tarot? Do friends and family try to talk you out of what you love? Let's share an experience with Nadine Bernadette Roberts, who was told by her family to stop doing tarot.

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Today, she is a prominent, positive presence in Tarot communities, proudly wearing her red shirt that says, "Ask me for a Tarot Reading. We'll talk about her experience "coming out of the tarot closet. Learn more about Nadine at her websites:Nadine-roberts. This is an independent journey that involves you working closely with your highest self to discover what your soul purpose is and let it unfold in a beautiful and sometimes unexpected way.

As Tarot readers, we pride ourselves on being able to connect with our intuition when reading the Tarot cards. But are we really connecting with intuition, or simply seeing what we or our clients want to see in the cards? In this Biddy Tarot Podcast episode, I talk with Mary Greer about the science of intuition and how we can venture beyond our egos to truly connect with the collective consciousness and create more meaningful experiences with the Tarot cards.

Mary discusses: How intuition really works in a Tarot reading it's not what you think The difference between being psychic and intuitive and gives the clearest explanation I have ever heard! Rank 1: Ep.

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Happy Solstice everyone! In this week's soul-nourishing episode with guest Hera Bosley of mindfuleuphoria, we bridge the realms of astrology, tarot, intuition, sacred ritual, feminine wisdom, and magic. Big stuff! Enjoy the soothing medicine of our conversation as we collectively step through the portal to And, stay tuned for more details about our unique collaborative giveaway! Rank 2: Ep.

Best Episodes of The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

We waxed about the historical wave that got us here as a collective, and we ride the tide out into the future potential of an egalitarian, partnership society. This is SUCH a good one, you won't want to miss it. Rank 1: Court cards In this episode we talk about court cards. This is a recording of a private lesson with a student. Please grab your court cards and follow along at home so that you can learn this easily and without stress.

Be sure to have a pen to take notes with. Hop on over to EasyTarotLessons. We are here to help you learn the tarot. So let's do it together. Rank 1: Exploring Saturn with Danielle Polgar. In this show, Danielle and I explore the Saturn Return with fresh eyes and open hearts. We talk about 7 year cycles, other various Saturn transits, and ultimately, how to best work with the Lord of the Changing Sands. We hope you learn something, and that your perspective about him changes by the end of your listen.

Enjoy www. Mark Jones is my guest for this show. An incredible Astrologer who weaves Psychosynthesis with Evolutionary Astrology together, bringing forth a grounded and heart centered approach to the healing potential of Astrology. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I. Happy Taurus Full Moon as well! Love, sOma www. Are you frustrated by Instagram? Relying on it to grow your business, but feel like the algorithm is out to get you? Super fucking unclear on how to best use the platform without spending your entire life on social media?

Sarah Corbett is here to soothe your anxiety and give you actionable steps to … Continue reading "Episode Instagram Training with Sarah Corbett". Rank 2: Episode Carmen Morales. What does it actually mean to be a Shaman? Carmen leads us in an exploration of how in modern society, we are encouraged to forget the ways of our spirit and the ways of the elements and our mind has become our main source of reliability as we navigate the world. If we have knowledge, then we must have value.

Carmen reminds us that our value does not actually lie in what we know, but in remembering who we are. Join us as Carmen so elegantly shows us of a way of living that encompasses harmony and connection to nature so that we can remember the purpose of our spirit and tap into the gifts and talents we came into this life to share. Carmen is offering a free video training to explore shamanic practices that will help you get out of stuck mode and open up your life to endless potential!

Click here to reserve your spot. Enjoy this episode? I gratefully welcome you to join us on Patreon. Want to build your business with the full support of a nurturing community of like-minded folks? Show Notes — What does it mean to be a Shamanic practitioner? Intro and outro music from bensound. Rank 1: Episode 4. This one is a bit longer, but is worth it! Rank 2: Episode Gary explains Shamanic Astrology, the process of Transformation and specifically the role which Pallas plays in this process. Her extended stay in Scorpio represents an opportunity to "Cry for a Dream" or undertake a Vision Quest.

Delineations for each of the Zodiac signs are given. The Archetypal Tarot Podcast Updated 1 day ago. Read more. Share this podcast:. Wonderfully insightful! The ATP is one of the absolute best tarot resources out there!

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  • The personable and charming hosts present big ideas in a way that is approachable and mind-expanding at the same time, relating the tarot cards to a variety of contemporary and historical figures and events. There are few tarot books, websites, or other types of resources that have deepened my understanding of the major cards more than this podcast.

    Thanks Julienne and Cyndera! I found this podcast whilst looking to get some basic knowledge of the Tarot. Couldn't believe what I'd stumbled across! Julienne and Cyndera draw on myth, archetypes and Jungian psychology to produce an incredibly in depth walk through of the Major Arcana. At the same time, they pitch this in a down to earth style that is accessible to anyone, whether you're familiar with these kind of concepts or not. They're also incredibly fun people to listen to - so I think this has to be both the most educational and enjoyable Tarot podcast on the net. Best Episodes All Episodes.

    Rank 1: The Lowdown on the High Priestess. How do we hold things as sacred in daily life? We ask two very wise women their take on this and more. Part 1 is Cyndera and I starting things off. Pop culture references abound! Rash is an African-American immigrant living in Zurich, Switzerland. Follow her on Instagram StayWokeTarot. Part 3 is a dialogue with author and card slinger Melissa of Little Fox Tarot.

    She been slinging tarot cards and teaching classes since She can be found in the St. Louis area and online for personal readings, parties and beginner and advanced tarot classes. Her first book, Kitchen Table Tarot was released in You can find her at LittleFoxTarot. We know you could have done something else with the last 2 hours of your life but we are SO glad you spent it with us. Be sure to check out our guests Rash at StayWorkeTarot. If you would like to become one of our most favorite people in the world become a Patron!

    Thank you guys! May 09 Rank 2: Saturn in Capricorn. Mar 18 Become a member of the podcast Patron team. Rewards abound.

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    • Visit Tiny. Ste began reading tarot in shortly after his dad died and found the symbolism to be a powerful tool in getting him through bereavement. He began his counselling training around the same time and uses tarot as a tool to help guide others through difficulties with compassionate, artistic exploration; his speciality is beautifully written email readings.

      His magazine, Tarot Makes Music, is the quirky and fascinating result of his research into connections between tarot, alternative music and creativity. Twitter TheTarotCat If you would like to become one of our most favorite people in the world become a Patron! Jun 28 This topic is ginormous but Cyndera and Julienne focus on how these archetypes show up in the major arcana. Julienne parses out several sets based on themes of how the archetypes manifest in the world and as usual the conversation ranges from the personal to the political and how we can use the mythology of tarot for a better understanding of ourselves and our world.

      Sep 15 We discuss their philosophy and exploration of the underlying meanings beneath body image struggles. She currently divides her time between her doctoral studies, her position as a trustee of the Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation, and her work with YiHA. He hosts a podcast principally looking at the intersection of spirituality and therapy with occasional digressions. He developed a program called Unbreaking the Mirror to explore a Consciousness based approach to engaging with body image distress.

      Feb 11 Aloha means love. Apr 28 As a part of their annual New Year tradition, Cyndera and Julienne drew a tarot card as a focus for us for the coming year. A card and archetype that was much discussed in and seems to be sticking around for the next year as well. They further unravel this mysterious feminine archetype in a conversation that ranges from Dr. And probably a bit of foul language too. What is the High Priestess as a Verb? Jan 11 We have been on a bit of a summer sabbatical but we are back and excited to get this episode out to you!

      As ever we invite you to be part of making the podcast magic happen by joining our Patron team! Just visit tiny. This episode features a conversation with Barb Kurkas Lee. Barb is a certified clinical aromatherapist and archetypal consultant. Her service is to partner with people to help them nurture and connect to their inner lives.

      Astrology GIFS for the Week of April 18, 2016

      We discuss her work which combines archetypal discovery with essentail oils to help balance and heal. Our conversation ranges to various archetypes such as the Victim, the Mother, the Alchemist, Healer and more. Toward the end of the show Julienne and Barb celebrate practices which feed the soul and encourage listeners to discover and keep doing the things that feed their soul even if they seem silly - all the better!

      The interior work for a person is a labor of love. Her ability to assist people and groups in their own labor of love is one of her callings. Aug 13 Rank 9: The Premonition Code. Science combines with spirituality in this revolutionary new book as best-selling dream author and Cambridge University academic Theresa Cheung joins forces with cognitive neuroscientist Dr Julia Mossbridge, and together they explain and examine scientific research showing that sensing the future is possible and that it is not set in stone.

      Yes YOUR precognitive skills! Oct 24 This is how we win. It is going to develop I hope into slippers, from a pattern available, free, in numerous places on the internet. The basic pattern is said to be "decades old", and very easy to do as the slippers are knitted flat. Pattern suggests using two strands at once of a certain type of yarn, something likely to slow me down, along with the choice of slimmer needles, but will produce more sturdy slippers. We shall see. Perhaps there'll be a photo later on, as evenings grow cooler at last, attesting to the viability of flat-knit wool-warm slippers.

      If you see the words "intriguing", "challenging", or "intricate", look elsewhere. If you happen across a pattern that says "heirloom", slowly put down the pattern and back away. Both activities were liberating. They allowed her to exist outside of time. Posted by Twilight at Tuesday, October 08, 1 comments. Labels: knitting. A frustrating and tiring few days put me in a dark mood this week. Acquiring a refill of my pain medication - a generic of the brand Norco - is becoming more difficult by the month. I obtained the paper prescription, signed in ink by my temporry oncologist, as required now by law when medications involving opioids are refilled.

      We took the prescription to the pharmacy we've used for the past 15 years. On being presented with the written prescription the rather unhelpful young lady at the drop-off counter told me "Sorry we can't fill that, we are getting a new wholesaler and we have none in stock. You'll have to go to another pharmacy. Would you have the medication available in a few days' time? A bit fishy, that! We drove to CVS pharmacy just across the road, to be told by a kindly young guy at their drop-off desk. We might have some by early next week. I'd try Walgreens - not Walmart as they'd likely send you away as you're not a regular customer.

      These pharmacy visits entail a fair amount of walking, and I, the painfully walking wounded one, was not delighted by the fact that pharmacy counters in the large stores are right at the back, farthest away from the entrances - so lots of painful steps for me. Even dosed up with the pain pills, using a quad-cane, walking far is not easy for me. Walgreens, after checking my identity and Medicare details, seemed willing to fill my prescription. They were very busy - lines forming at the pick-up and drop-of counters all the time.

      They said to come back to pick up the tablets in around 45 minutes. We returned over an hour later. Medications not yet ready for me, so we decided to wait until the next day to collect - to avoid yet another trail to the back of the store that day.

      Astro Chart Online

      Later on, a phone call from the pharmacist at Walgreens told me that I would need the doctor's further authority for the number of pills required by the prescription. I'd have thought that the prescription itself was that authority! The doc had allowed for 8 tablets per day for a month instead of 6 per day. New regulations mean that extra authority from the doctor will be required for that amount of tablets.

      I told the pharmacist that, as I take only 6 tablets per day, could he please just fill the prescription for that amount? He agreed to do this, and changed the number of pills stated on the prescription. So, yet another trip to Walgreens the next day, though with rested legs. At last, I had the tablets in my hot sticky hands. I say hot and sticky advisedly.


      It was around 95 degrees in town during these adventures, adding to my annoyance and discomfort. I had hoped that Walgreens might deal with a different generic manufacturer than the one used by our usual pharmacy.

      Sadly no, that didn't happen - same generic manufacturer, who shall remain nameless. I am convinced, as are many people online, that the generic of Norco made by this particular manufacturer is not as effective as the brand medication itself, or pills made by several other generic manufacturers. It is thought, by regular users of this medication, that not long after December , when panic erupted over deaths by addiction to opioids in the USA, especially in Oklahoma, the effectiveness of these tablets as pain relief medication took a nosedive.

      Those who had been taking the medication before and after the opioid crisis suspect that some manufacturers have adjusted make-up of these tablets, possibly by changing additional ingredients used in their manufacture. I suspect a wild guess on my part that the way the tablets were being used by addicts for purposes other than pain relief, may have been the reason for change.

      Addicts crushed the tablets. Perhaps some generic manufacturers added an ingredient to prevent easy crushing which, in turn, could also prevent proper digestion of the pain-relieving ingredients. So those of us who genuinely need pain relief go to the back of the queue, we don't matter! Pain relief from the pills, for me, is minimal but better than nothing. Morphine at the strengths tried already brings even less relief. I'll be asking the temporary oncologist, next time I see him, if there's something else I could try.

      Whinge, whinge, grouch and grumble! A wheelchair beckons! Posted by Twilight at Friday, September 27, 11 comments. Labels: bone cancer , generic medications , medical , medication prices , opioids , pain relief. I've written next to nothing about the presidential election due in November - too many other things on my mind, I guess. Early this year, before medical issues for a second time snatched my attention, I did take a look at the natal charts of some likely Democratic contenders, even before they had announced their candidacies.

      I came to the conclusion that, of those I investigated, most likely to do well according to their natal charts and upcoming planetary transits, were Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker. My posts on the topic from earlier this year can be accessed via the label cloud in the sidebar scroll way down ; just click on "presidential candidates ".

      Many moons have passed since those posts. I came to the conclusion, early on, that my own preferred candidate, Bernie Sanders, will not be allowed anywhere near the Democratic nomination by the DNC - nor will my other favourite candidate Tulsi Gabbard. Sad, but true. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader there is equally vilified by many! I'd not feel too badly about a president Warren with Booker as her VP, given the rest of the choices available. I'd be surprised if Joe Biden can sustain his current lead - I rather hope not - he's just another Republican-lite in my estimation.

      Of course, if I haven't shuffled off already by November , I'll be 81 going on 82, and probably fixing to shuffle off before very much longer, so my feelings on this issue are somewhat irrelevant. I'd love to know how it all turns out though, and whether astrology worked well in this particular case. Posted by Twilight at Wednesday, September 18, 2 comments. Time to write something - but what to write about?

      Nothing has changed much since my last update, in relation to medical matters. I have found, after brief experimenting, that medical marijuana tincture - a drop under the tongue, does help to increase my appetite and decrease any feelings of nausea - side effect of my two anti-cancer medications. That's a worthwhile finding - I'd like to put back some of the weight I've lost. No more vaping the MM though, until the current findings about vaping in general are clarified as to whether nicotine or THC part of marijuana are involved - could even be both, I suppose.

      Pain-when-walking remains my main bugbear. Pain relief from my pain medication is good for a short time only, once it has kicked in. Sometimes I think the relief is improving, but not consistently, the following day can bring it back seemingly worse than ever at times. The radiation oncologist said, in regard to this, that bones are not consistent. It's something to watch and note.

      Perhaps the improvements will, as time goes by, last longer and longer - this is what the oncologist suspects, and I can but hope! Brexit news and the current doings of Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson aka Donald Trump lite , become more unbelievable by the day - even by the hour this week. I didn't believe anything could possibly make Donald Trump appear to be more presidential - but this week's doings in the UK did it for me! It took a lot though.