Hand lines astrology in malayalam

  1. What Is A Simian Line?
  2. Marriage Line – position and direction
  3. Hand lines astrology in malayalam

What Is A Simian Line?

Numerology Report. Marriage Life Horoscope. Detailes relating to marriage predictions and remedies are given. This includes 7th house predictions, relationship with partner. Planet Transit Report. Detailes relating to planet transit and their effect on individuals is describes in this report.

Planetary transits are the motion of the planet. Gemstone Prediction Report. Detailes on Gem stone recommendation, features of suitable Gemstones, preparation to wear with Gem Stone guidance for. Blessed and Energized.

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  • A Really Useful Guide That'll Help You Learn How to Read Palms?
  • If The Lines On Your Palm Form An ‘M,’ It Might Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your Personality?

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Marriage Line – position and direction

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Matching Heart Line in Palms & Nature of Spouse

Moon Rise. Moon Set.

Sun Sign. Moon Sign.

Panchang Yog. Vikram Samvat. Shaka Samvat. Vkram Samvat Name. Shaka Samvat Name. Disha Shool. Nakshatra Shool. Abhijit Muhurta Start: End:. Rahukaal Start: End:. GuliKaal Start: End:. Yamghant kaal Start: End:. To Check your Eligibility. Our products Range. Get Immediate Consult Now. Usually, it starts at the same point at your lifeline, between the thumb and the index finger.

Hand lines astrology in malayalam

This line indicates how you make decisions, and what kind of willpower you have. This line cuts across the palm from bottom to top, more or less straight.

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  4. This line indicates that something you have no control over will greatly affect your life. This rare shape might just mean that you have a very rare fate indeed! We at LittleThings care about accuracy. Learn more about our standards and ethics policy here , and report factual errors to corrections littlethings. You probably know that handwriting, electronic voice print, and body language reveal a lot about you.

    A palm reading can also reveal a lot about you. Your hand shape, color, and lines also reveal much about your psychological profile. Palm readers study both hands for palm and finger shapes, mounds, major and minor lines, and colors. From these physical indicators, much can be determined about you for better self-understanding.

    Malayalam - hastareeka sasthram - palmistry about your luck,behaviour,attitude in life

    Palm reading is a very helpful way to understand yourself and friends better. You can discover the best skills, strengths, and weaknesses that affect success in life.