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I lay on my bed with my two beautiful goddess grandchildren. We made our labyrinth today with chalk.. They sleep now and the dot we call Venus travels across their eyelids as the dream and be. I am blessed to feel through their even breathing the truth of the greatness of life itself…! Life is Happy! Life is a tree and apple and life is wanting to be me! Peace to all.

Stream Gardner says:. Thank you all for your inspired comments! May we all stay connected to our heart energy lovelovelove. What a great event. I even changed my name to Shanti in Peace to all the Universe and be happy. Wonderful comments, thank you. Have just watched the masses of people celebrating Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, such jubilation!

Big, Bold Solar Eclipse + Venus in Cancer! June 30- July 6, 2019 Astrology Horoscope

Amazing to see the surge of energy and love for a monarch, female too! Thank you, may the Venus bless all the living beings and enlighten to a new era. May peace be with throughout the universe. May Venus bless me to overcome my difficulties. I know this, and that is, I am following a story of remarkable synchronicity every step of the way.

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Before I saw the announcement, in the recent Boston Sunday Globe, of the Venus transit, a moving black dot on the sun, I was listening to the Police, their CD, in my car, and of course they have a song, and it is called King of Pain. Well, having been in Malta, and a story that is remarkable that took me there, I can say, Malta was a major source of Goddess Worship, and was apparently connected to Atlantis, the lost mystical continent.

An astounding story. So what do I think? I think what is written on these beautiful pages is totally Right, and yes, we have entered a new portal in consciousness. In deep gratitude for sharing this wisdom! As our hearts beat as one today, may we feel our connection to our Essential Self our true authentic essence bringing about a humanity based on the one truth….. Mishayla says:. A beautiful collection of insights. So much appreciation for this posting — thank you.

May our hearts overflow with the juiciness of this extraordinary event — weaving into the beauty that is abundant everywhere. I created in bronze a bare chested goddess sculpture,.. She was inspired by an ancient wooded Kwan Yin that I saw in Hawaii,.. I am moved to share her,and explain the meaning in her name which I came to after much thought. This prescious kind of Love that could be abundant…. I see in all the previous replys that openess to love,…. It is THE most nuturing scene that I have ever witnessed…. I thank God for your taking time to share deep insights with us. Thanks a million times.

Thank you so much for all the information. I was trying to learn more of the transit.

I am very happy to have such a occassion on the same day as my wedding. We had talked about getting married on an astrological occurrance years before but picked this day because it was when we had gotten engaged 6 years ago. Had no idea that we would be married during the Venus transit. Thank you for sharing such secrets which cannot be revealed at all times may the paramporul sends more secrets of the universe tru His loving creature… thank you again… santhoshyam!!!

Margie Kampf says:. Gloria says:. Only the collective shift of consciousness can save the planet and society as we know it.. Thanks for the wonderful information…. I Love everything.

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  • The picture Is lovely. Blessing and incondicional love for everyone. It is also a special event for astrologers, who see a pentagram in its motion between the first and second transits during that cycle. In more […]. Click here to cancel reply. All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. What is happening?

    The first one in our lifetime occurred in and the second one is June 5th! COM This is considered a rare astronomical event because we only experience a Venus Transit every One of the many magical things about this is that the path that Venus takes between the first transit and the second 8 years makes a perfect five pointed star pentagram. This Venus Transit was a highly anticipated cosmic event by the Ancient Maya who saw this as a mark point in time that would herald the great shift leading up to So what does this all mean for us? Feminine qualities venus, moon are going to transcend into wholeness and integrate with those of the masculine the sun.

    There are signs everywhere! So here is the gathered gems from some of the best readers of the stars to inform and illuminate us during these cosmic events… Gratitude for their wisdom and insights! First, a fantastic article from Rose Marcus and her Astrolink website.

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    What to Expect from December 2018

    This planetary alignment is called an occultation. It is similar to an eclipse, but Venus will not totally block our view, rather, she will appear like a dot crossing over the face of the sun. History says that Jeremiah Horrocks was the first human to ever witness a transit by Venus in The measurement between each retrograde peak is a 72 degree mathematical aspect called the Quintile. Please remember that the Mayan Calendar was based on Venus cycles.

    In short, it suggests the energizing of the feminine creator in her one-ness or all-ness. The solarised feminine creator is all encompassing. Together in unison, yin and yang are transitioning into a major realignment chapter. Gemini correlates to blended diversity. True androgyny is the highest state of spiritual evolution.

    In this last chapter of collective evolution, we have come to create existing reality and our understanding of god consciousness as one over the other, rather than one with the other. We have separated ourselves from Gaia, from one another, from ourselves. Persons or past lovers may re-appear, issues that those Signs felt with the previous eclipse are now being re-visited.

    This will not easily happen because both Mars and Mercury are close together and make a conjunction on the 9 th of July, in between the two eclipses. Right on this Mercury — Mars conjunction the planet Uranus is making a square that comes exact to planet Mars on July the 11 th. This is a power-charged square that electrifies the conjunction and may bring impulsive reactions, nervousness, restlessness and to make our tongue sharp. This is the only constructive approach to the tension that builds up with this eclipse and to the demand for a Karmic cleansing.

    A cleansing and moving forward that will most possibly happen only after the second eclipse that follows on the 16 th of July, when the emotional climax will peak. The eclipse is difficult highlighting issues relative to the houses and the planets it falls on in the natal chart, for Aries, Cancer, Libra Signs, especially those born on the last days of the first decan and the first days of the second decan.

    It is a revisiting of the past or the past re — appearing in the form of persons or situations mostly for Leo and Scorpios and to a lesser extent for Aquarius. Skip to content. Paypal Donation. Cosmos of Astrology website uses cookies to improve your experience. By continuing to use the site, you accept our use of cookies.

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    Plan travels, the more wild and adventurous the better. Take a journey of the mind, or better yet travel to the amazon with a guide for shamanic healing. The new moon is trine Uranus and Pallas Athene in Aires giving a send off of encouragement to be true to ones core values. Granted the Sag new moon is a few degrees from Saturn who is at the very last moments of being in Sag, and square Chiron, which brings an emphasis of being serious about having what you want, a plethora of aha moments that bring to the surface the cracks in your life where you feel you have been unfaithful to the truth of your being.

    The winter solstice or summer down under is the day that the Sun and Saturn form a new cycle. This is the first time in 28 years that the yearly sun Saturn conjunction is in Capricorn and we will have two other conjunctions in January of and In essence three chances to set our intentions for accomplishments and long term goals, along with mastering discipline that it will require to do so. Do you want to climb Mount Everest?

    Blog - Sally Kirkman Astrologer

    The time is now to create the routine of exercise that will support you in that goal. How about that home you want? Or a trip around the world? Or the family you want to start? This solstice chart with the sun conjunct Saturn opens the door to help us obtain what we need to have what we want. Venus in the solstice chart is at the same degree that the Sagittarius new moon occupied; this new phase of sun Saturn reflects back to help with the intentions set on the new moon.

    The moon will be in Aquarius on the day of the solstice, perfect for gathering of friends and celebration of the Yule and Saturnalia. How this will impact you is if you are willing to plan, put forth the effort, and discipline your time to focus on your highest intentions the universe will help you along the way.

    Mercury moves direct on Friday the 22 nd and last minute shopping for presents shower in rapid motion. Mail seems to come all at once and last minute arraignments for the holidays are confirmed. The moon will move through Aquarius to Gemini from Friday the 22 nd to New Years Eve, a time when many people will be on vacation.

    Yearly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

    Tuesday and Wednesday the moon in fiery Aries can be super busy cramming in trips and events that you love to do. Thursday and Friday the moon in Taurus life slows down to relax and enjoy, while Saturday and Sunday the 31 st with the moon in Gemini is another surge of activity and connecting with friends and fun. This is a beautiful symbol from which to contemplate our place in the vastness of the universe, and how our light, if only for a brief moment of time we are on the planet, can shine its brightest. Yule History. December Winter Solstice Traditions.

    Capricorn Mythology. The year is rushing to the end and at a collective consciousness level preparing for The cycle of the Sagittarius new moon from November 29 th is unfolding throughout the month until the Capricorn new moon on the 29 th. There is a strong live have fun atmosphere as well as the desire to peek into the possibilities of what the future might bring. There is an amazing amount of grace that can be channeled this month. The universe is setting up the energy for in the last weeks of All of these combinations will be playing out in , therefore your meditations, thoughts, and ideas that you are contemplating in December will be extremely important.

    If you consciously set your intentions for what you want to have unfold in there is great support from the universe to guide you in helping you make it happen. On the second of December Mercury moves into Capricorn where it will spend the next 6 weeks due to the retrograde that begins of the 19 th. Might want to make sure you keep your receipts for your xmas gifts since the retrograde goes through the holiday week.

    Lots of returns probable. Venus moves into friend loving Aquarius on the 7 th in the sign that Mars has been hanging out it; this brings joy in gathering with friends new and old. The full moon on the 13 th is a beautiful harmonious inspiration that is teaching us to be with what is, and in doing so we are able to flow into a direction towards more happiness and success. This does go back to the new moon vibe of developing your spiritual side and releasing judgment. Once accomplished the resistance in life disappears and miracles can show up.

    The full moon of Gemini is another precursor of the wave of with 5 planets in harmonious connections with each other in air and fire signs. This is quite unusual and when you allow your mind to imagine and connect with your hearts passion the inspiration and motivation you need to create your destiny is supported by invisible help from universal source. Keeping promises to a minimum and extra time allowed to get places alleviates the stress. Feed Mars in Pisces with uplifting music, meditation, and yoga.

    Mercury stops just short of Pluto before it turns away, carrying with it the desire to think deeply about the important issues of life. The winter solstice on the 21 st heralds the return of the sun, the longest night of the year is over and the light begins to grow once again. Capricorn New Moon. The last week of December is perhaps the most significant as the planetary harmony is given a huge lightning bolt boost with Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter in agreement supporting change in a way that is real and authentic. In addition the New moon in Capricorn on the 29 th has an extra jolt of power to create as that is the same day that Uranus, the planet of sudden change is at its strongest position of the year.

    The new moon in Capricorn is especially significant this year as it is on the day of the solstice. The solstice energy is connected to a symbol of universal knowledge. A deep desire to know more and to explore a set of principles and truth to live by will be present. The shadow side of this is that individuals can use their faith as a justification to harm others.

    Yet the purpose is for us to find our inner faith and truth and live by our highest principles. Each new moon brings an opportunity to focus our intention to manifest that which we want to create in our life. When we are in the Capricorn cycle the universe is bringing messages for us to embody the gifts and qualities that are inherent in the sign of Capricorn, working towards something that is meaningful and patience towards the steps needed to achieve the task. This new moon in Capricorn is our opportunity to master fear and procrastination.

    During the Capricorn cycle we are given the opportunity to eliminate any shame or guilt from past actions or regrets of not doing something. Cultivate patience, know that the day by day work you do are steps on a path, and that path leads you to a destination that you want. When obstacles or difficulties happen know that it is how you respond to them that makes the difference in inner peace.

    Each new moon in the different signs have special significance to bring forward the gifts of that sign. Every year there is a new element of the new moons as the other planets are in different positions, helping to surge the energy for growth. I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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