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Your luck-making power is in your thoughts. This means you are the only one who can create the life you deserve. People born on December 19 Zodiac come across as sensitive individuals, but this conceals their remarkable hidden strength and courage.

December 19 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of revealing honesty

They are not afraid to express themselves freely, and when people cross or upset them they are honest enough to reveal their true feelings. Others may mistake their sensitivity and outspokenness as weaknesses, but releasing their emotions in this way actually makes them feel stronger. They are uncompromisingly individualistic in their approach and are unlikely to thrive in environments where they need to conform. They have a strong need to challenge convention, question norms and generate original alternatives. Although their revealing honesty can work against them, others tend to respect them for their integrity and individuality.

SCORPIO November 2019 Horoscope Forecast - A Rebirth for your Birthday!

Their greatest desires are to educate or enlighten others and to further human progress. When faced with challenges or setbacks they will reveal their fighting spirit and steady determination to succeed. This gives them endless potential for professional success, but unfortunately they sometimes seem unable to show a similar resilience in their personal life. In fact they are prone to bouts of negativity and self-pity that can manifest in flashes of anger or outrageous behavior, perplexing and confusing themselves and others.

Sun enters Scorpio

If they can learn to get a grip on their negativity by turning inward the same spirit of daring and courage that they display in the outside world, there are no mountains too high for them to climb. Until the age of thirty-two they are likely to focus on practical issues and there will be a need for order and focus in their lives. A turning point occurs around the age of thirty-three where there is a growing desire for more personal freedom and experimentation. If they can learn to think before they act and to positively redirect their thoughts when they start to spiral into negativity, these are the years when they can really come into their own, finally revealing to the world just how committed they are to making a valuable contribution to the greater good.

People born on December 19 Zodiac love to flirt, and others are instantly drawn to their expressive and open personality. They attract lovers easily but need to be careful about their choice of partner because they are prone to bouts of anxiety and negativity. They need a partner who is both sensitive and supportive to help them work through these bad patches.

The biggest threat to the health and well-being of people born on this day is their tendency to indulge in negative feelings. Depression is a real possibility if they do not learn to accept and manage their emotional intensity. They should remind themselves that they are in charge of their feelings and not the other way round.

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. That corresponds approximately to the dates December December If you were born on December But the most important thing to decide is what sign you are. So, If you were born on November 22ndrd or December 21stnd, please check with the Zodiac Sign Calculator see the link below , or get your complete horoscope chart, to be sure of your star sign. Click the header to get there.

DECEMBER 19 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

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December 19

Gemini Dates. English name: The Crab. Cancer Dates. English name: The Lion. Sun sign dates: July 23 — August Leo Dates. English name: The Maiden or Virgin. Sun sign dates: August 23 — September Virgo Dates.

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