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The Numerological Meaning of Number 17
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The trick is not to put yourself in that position in the first place, so take as long as you want to get to know someone before making a commitment and save yourself the heartache and wasted years that could follow a bad decision. When loved you love deeply in return and as you become successful you will want to shower your mate with the best that money can buy however, you can attract a partner who is mean and refuses to share — again, this is another reason to take your time. Relating to others is the biggest lesson anyone with an 8 Life Path is here to learn. Many people you meet during your life will determine your future success and this may not be obvious when you first meet them.

Your number is all about connecting so open up and do that and success can and will be yours! Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. I think its a process to learn our lessons….


Dont be too upset. Be bold and strong. You can overcome anyyhing and everything if you put your mind to it. Am proud myself born 17th August at 7. Being hardworking believe everything and everyone. If ubwork hard you will reach your goals at any cost. Be proud if u born Number 8 at any month. Can you give me advice that,my numerology number 7. Can I marry number 8 girl. Hi, just shifted a home, my birth date is 17th and my new rented home number is 4 could tell me is this home compatible for me to live and it will bring fortune to me?

According to me 4 number of a house is not auspicious infact this is the worst amoung all the nine numbers whereas 5 is the best. Ramesh kumar Rs born 17 july Mylife my not very good my wife left me here name is Chandra M and I dont in come properly please tell my how it get. She is the most loved kid in the family. I just wish all the positives well said in this post are for her.

Thank you for the great post.

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Lucky gem is blue sapphire. Lucky number depends on the day number and life path number. Generally for number eight, the number 5 will always be lucky for you. Sir i m not an astrologer, but as i read so many places so your lucky colour will be black, stone GOMED, and years of birth when ur age became 17, Most of the things mentioned are true.

Its pain and suffering, lots of it. Kind of stuck in a whirlpool, completely helpless! Who is born on the 17th, comes to the world with good vibrations related to the professional field. He has a talent for business and financial management and is dedicated to having the stability and comfort coming from his work. See the description of the people born on the 17th and see if it matches your personality. If it does not match, it is more likely that other numerological influences will be stronger than the vibration of the day and have neutralized or even transmuted these characteristics into your personality.

Insight for business.

The trend towards professional success is very strong for those born on the 17th, according to numerology. A lot of dedication, commitment, responsibility and leadership make him an admired and deserving professional. He does not receive anything kissed, usually start in secondary positions and as they demonstrate excellence they manage to rise to lead the team. It is sensitive and emotional. While not showing this sensitivity very often, the importance that friends, family and spouse have in your life is very great.

They are the basis for him to feel good, stable, to focus on his goals and to be successful. Is it when you have just had some kind of an experience? Asked a question? Made a decision? It may be a message from your spirit guide. However, do not forget that 17 reduces to 8, the number of material wealth and status. Depending on what you seek in life, the repeating number 17 may be a spiritual reminder to be true to your number 17 path.

Ben: Let's all remain courteous to each other. That is the true spirit of the number 17, and not the egoistic criticism of the number 8. Keith: Born on 17th but constantly haunted by the number 4 may be because you are vibrating at the number 8 level, and you are being reminded to be practical :. I was born on September 17 and I see 17 everywhere but the funny thing is everything here is true about me. I was born on september 17th and i really like this number even so everything wrote above is absolutely true.

I too was born on September 17th and I too see the number everywhere and this explains me to the tee!! There are power animals that we are born with that are meant to be with us from this lifetime to the next. There are those just for this lifetime and there are those for particular times in our lives. Numbers can be like that. Think of it as a gift.

The energy of that number wants to express itself in your life in those particular ways. Also, if you are drawn to a number, you can release the energy of that number into your life by concentrating on that number, often drawing that number, and asking that number to help you. I'm choosing a wedding date and I am drawn to Then the traits of that number will color my marriage.

You see? Recently I lost my niece to a heart attack in her sleep on her Birthday at the age of The family is having a really rough time right now, but I had a dream and this is what I saw.

Numerology: Secrets of your Birthday – 8th, 17th, 26th: Number 8 Life Path

She had seen a dream that same night and saw my nieces husband sitting with his arm around a woman she couldn't make out who it was and he either was 17 or at table Can you tell me your thoughts on this. My email is JudiSpencr aol. Well creasy thing, but number 17 also appears in my life very often, just it took me a waild to recognise it.

Its amazing to see here that no 4 people are surrounded by no 17 people and no 17 people are surrounded by no 4 people. Most of my business clients and acquintances are either no 4 people or no 8 people.

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All of you are not alone. My entire family sees 17 and 22 constantly. It brings goose bumps to all of us. This is no coincidence. You born on 17 that mean you come under unique number 8. There is nothing like life path number etc. I was 17 years old when I had my only child on March 17 He will be 17 years old when he graduates in Lately I have been thinking a lot about the number 17 being lined up for him..

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Any thoughts??? My email.. Sunnyrs gmail. My first baby boy was born on the 17th, my bed number was 17 my father in law is born on the 17th day. I have read what it signifies. However is something bound to happen in my life or will I just be seeing 17 everywhere I go. I born on no. Both are unlucky numbers. So beware. Ive been having psychic abilities like clairvoyance. I am also haunted by the number 17 and 4 AND 47 for many many many years now The descriptions here are pretty accurate But I still don't know how to deal with this number or what it means! Please contact me if you've "reached a higher level" of understanding concerning this number!

I was born on the 17th and so was my wife. We got married on the 17th I am haunted by 17eens every hour of every day.