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  1. Monkey's Personality: Monkeys are sharp, smart, but naughty.
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This is a place where very little happens, where people remain stuck in ruts of their own making for centuries, where progress has stalled under the reign of a dogged and stubborn Taurean god. Break free! A relentless search for where the grass might be greener prevents you relaxing in your own backyard. Moody, needy, passionate and unhinged.

Monkey's Personality: Monkeys are sharp, smart, but naughty.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know. You love and hate harder than anyone else.

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A judging, sneering critic who focuses on the negative at all times, and is intent on pointing out your dour observations to others too. That said, I know that you direct twice as much negativity at yourself as anyone else. If you were nicer to YOU, life would be easier you know.

Year of the Monkey

Libra zodiac sign on space background. You veer towards acting like a vain, idle flopsy incapable of making up your mind, procrastinating to the point of driving those around you to the very edge of their tolerance. A more depraved, ruthless creature would be hard to find. Your spirit animal is a scorpion — which says it all. Mind games, bullying and dominatrix behaviours are how you entertain yourself — preying on weaker, vulnerable individuals who have yet to feel your sting.

A verbal, emotional and physical hooligan blundering and crashing around, causing uproar and offence — albeit never intended because you ARE a sweetie, really. You, Capricorn, have the willpower and success-envy to drive others into the ground if it gets you further up the pecking order.

Mean, unforgiving, serious, boring. Aquarians live in their own world — an emotionally barren planet completely devoid of warmth and light, a place disconnected to the energy of living, breathing humans. Like robots, you traverse the world deconstructing and analysing those around you but failing to understand or engage with them. And others believe that even more precision can be found if we look at the exact dates of our births. In it, it is assumed that many secrets regarding our character, personality, love compatibility, etc. People who are born on the January 22 are the people who are considered to be the greatest visionaries of all, and reformists of their time — this trait may come from the Aquarius Zodiac sign that is responsible for these people also.

Astrology Zodiac Signs

These people who are born on the 20th day of January feel like they can change the world for the better, they can leave their mark; and although no one thinks the same, they do not care about it. They are just looking forward to the future, and often live in their imaginary world where their rule exists, and where all changes are possible. They, even when they are busy with the toughest job on the planet or perhaps the most dejected, they know that their happiness is in the future, somewhere — so they will try to make their plans work.

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People of the January 22 like to study, and are usually great students; what motivates them is the idea that they are about to do what nobody has reached yet. Travel is such integral part of their life journey, and they like to visit many different countries, they love the most unusual places on the planet; and meeting many different and exciting people is part of that journey.


When these people have a particular goal in their lives, they can wait a long time before that goal becomes a reality, and they adore waiting for the fruits of their labor to pay off. For others, that process can be exhausting, but not for the people of the January There is always something going on in their lives, and spending time with old friends is inexplicable; many friends surround them, and people love to be with them.

At the mental level, many things are a game for the people who are born on January 22, and it is the most critical game for them is actually the game of love and seduction. It is always an original game; these people are always planning and never skip them, they enjoy the love hunt.

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Love is also fun for them, and they will never let their lovers get bored, new adventures are always present. This approach does not mean that they quickly fell in love.

On the contrary, it takes some time for them be able to bond and gain confidence in someone; this process is never-ending for some of their lovers, who give up in the middle of their relationship. But one thing needs to be remembered; the communication is the key to successful romance with the people who are born on January Being independent is something that is mandatory when these people are in question — they ask for independence from their partners, but they also give it back.

JANUARY 22 ZODIAC – The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

Their ideal partner must be an intelligent person who can understand their versatility; space and freedom are mandatory also. These people have a free spirit, but that does not mean that they are not valuable workers, great colleagues and good bosses.

Born On January 22 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

They are thinking a lot more than others, which can be great in business. They are social, but they also love their independence so that they can do great as leaders as well as valuable part of a team. They usually have a lot of ideas that work outright but often turn out to be brilliant. Their ideal Career for them: Science or Technology is an excellent field for the people who are born on the January 22 as well as graphic design, photography or management. They are brilliant as businessmen and independent artists because they are difficult to fit into a corporate structure and work best on their schedule.

People who celebrate their birthday on the 22nd day of the first month of the year are like all Aquarius under the influence of the planet Uranus.