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However, number one on the list of best matches for a Capricorn is ambitious, goal-oriented, enigmatic Scorpio.

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Often described as one of the power couples of the zodiac, Capricorn and Scorpio are a fascinating mix. Both move cautiously into a relationship and believe trust is something that must be earned although neither gives it lightly. So, it could take months before either is comfortable enough for vulnerable moments.

However, once trust and love are assured, they will be deeply committed to one another. These two are hard workers who value home, family, and security. Both are private and reserved, so this is a couple that typically prefers staying in rather than going out. These two also share a special sexual bond.

Capricorn likes lusty sex, and Scorpio is just the person to provide it. Status, financial well-being, and achievement are important to both Capricorn and Taurus. Both are into strong, enduring relationships and share a traditional approach to love and marriage. These two will find much to admire in one another. Mutual admiration is the key to love for Capricorn and Taurus. Plus, when Taurus's high libido and Capricorn's incredible stamina are ignited, passion explodes.

However, this couple needs to remember they are first and foremost lovers, not business colleagues. Capricorn and Virgo are kindred spirits and are eminently capable of creating a successful and firmly based relationship. Both work hard and are committed to reaching their goals. These two will have a maturity in their relationship that bodes well for success in anything they do together.

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Sure, from the outside this might not seem like a very exciting couple, but since regularity and security mean more to this couple than excitement, their quiet life together suits them well. Plus, they make each other feel safe so sexual intimacy is assured. Just do it Aries, supportive Cancer, joyful Sagittarius, fellow Capricorn, and unconventional Aquarius all deserve honorable mentions as potential Capricorn mates. Aries can bring out Capricorn's inner child with all of their upbeat energy, while the Aries just do it attitude can spur Capricorn on to even greater success.

For five minutes. Yes, their intellectual relationship can become a debate arena, but chances are greater for a silent tournament in which none of them can ever win. If they work on the same project and find themselves in a situation in which they have to talk, they will discover many things they agree on. In order to build a relationship with the right amount of meaningful conversations, it is best for them to work together and solve the same situations with a shared mind. As they resolve equations of life with one another, they might start enjoying their communication a lot.

Emotional contact between two Capricorns can be a very interesting thing. These are partners that rely on their lack of emotion most of the time, always trying to be cold, controlling and rational. It is a good thing they share the same approach to all relationships, being unable to open up until someone lets the pressure drop and makes them feel safe and secure to express how they feel. Unfortunately, this drives them even further apart as they fight to remain in an emotional connection by using only their brains. Even though they are members of the same Sun sign, every Capricorn is a specific individual with their own set of values that have to be set in stone.

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  • It is not easy for one Capricorn to find another Capricorn to share them. It is hard to determine why when they have the time and the energy, and the only logical explanation seems to be — out of spite. Who would say that loyal, responsible Capricorn has this need inside their mind and their heart? When they loosen up and realize that their partner is not threatening them, the two of them will find many things to do together. I'm a Capricorn woman dating a Gemini man and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me after 2 failed marriages. And if you stick around long enough for him to fall in love with you, you won't want him to be anywhere else, either.

    Capricorns hate humiliation. He impressed you as a man who would rather see his name written in the social register than in your diary. A Capricorn woman in love is compatible with a lot of other sun signs, but only if they are willing to work at it. But in the meantime, keep the mystery and the distance. Stable and faithful, if they do choose you to share their lives with, you will find them caring and loving.

    Most Capricorn men are introvert by nature. By nature, Capricorns like to believe they are irreplaceable; they enjoy being around a woman who makes them feel needed and worthwhile. Every Capricorn man is a bit different. The women born within the time period of 22nd December to 19th of January are Capricorn women. Capricorn Likes and Dislikes Our list of the top Capricorn likes and dislikes.

    Famous Capricorn Women. Picture a stubborn goat jousting with an old tin can and you have an image of an irritated Capricorn. Facts When you do something that upsets or humiliates a Capricorn, they will not have anything to do with you for a long long time. Here's our condensed 5 step guide on how to attract a Capricorn man and make him your boyfriend. How to make a Capricorn man obsessed with you?

    Pisces and Capricorn Compatibility

    This is the guy taking love very serious; hence, getting him to fall head over heels for you is not easy. Capricorn natives are diligent, prudent, dedicated, and responsible. Unlike many signs of the Zodiac, Capricorns in a relationship are already won. Once you get to know them you'll realize they are funny, have a witty sense of humor and love adventure. So if you will find a Capricorn man sharing secrets with you, then it is Capricorn man in love sign. Once he gets attached to you, he doesn't want to take the time to invest like this in another woman.

    This man is notorious for pushing his partner away; it rarely has anything to do with the other person in the relationship, but rather with Capricorn's desire to reflect. Capricorn man - information and insights on the Capricorn man. Capricorn Personality Profile. He is constantly striving to make you happy. Yet star sign compatibility is never as simple as it might seem , and this surprising pair can create a quirky and offbeat yet successful relationship, with a little effort. In other words, this is a man who is responsible enough to project a decent image.

    Pessimism is one of the main negative traits of the Capricorn man. Capricorn likes and dislikes are born under the planetary rulership of Saturn and the element Earth. Prove you are hardworking and ambitious. If you have found a Capricorn guy who is in love with you, stay with him as he really has a loving and caring heart that will protect you till the end. Capricorn men can be… how do I put this delicately… daunting.

    As far as behavior goes,they will ignore you. Im a pisces woman who is talking to a capricorn man. The Sagittarius woman, as a rule, stubbornly does not want to do housework, and the Capricorn man does not share her love for traveling and parties. Being in a relationship with a Capricorn is all about teamwork. In astrology, Capricorn is considered an earth sign, negative sign, and one of the four cardinal signs. Capricorn men love to work, and sometimes they value working over other aspects of life, like friendship and romance. He seems to lose his ability to talk when she's around.

    Born in the start of the year, he is one of a kind. Capricorns may seem a bit standoffish initially, but they are only analysing you to see if you are worthy of their love. This means that you will be better informed about how to win a Capricorn Man back. If you have a Capricorn man with you now and you are afraid to take it to the next level, try to focus on how why you are attracted to your Capricorn. We are sensitive souls underneath it all, so if we've shown you our hearts, know they come with iron-clad loyalty and a valued spot on our team.

    So you've found yourself a Capricorn man and you want to know how to impress him in between the sheets, do you? I hope you have your mother's pearls and expensive classic perfume at the ready, because this is a man who is impressed by classical tastes.

    Best Mate for Capricorn

    The design has an influx of many colours, rightly portraying the vibrancy and energy. Capricorn will do whatever is necessary to achieve the goal he has set for himself. If your lover is a man, "Capricorn men can go all night — they love to be in control, and their lovemaking will be methodical but deeply passionate, almost ritualistic," Wright says.