December 14 2019 horoscope

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  1. BORN ON DECEMBER 14 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday
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Excellent creativity and the spirit of imagination that can be used in artistic works and then in the field of painting, in the music industry, in dance. In these areas the desire to appear and give vent to their originality can come out without difficulty.

BORN ON DECEMBER 14 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

If you have a partner born on this day you have to be careful of his lies because loyalty could be a mirage. Merits : loves traveling, loves nature, faithful, dynamic, loves other cultures, greedy. Defects : he does too many things together, does not care much about his body, tends to command at home. Those born on any day of January are Those born on any day of February are Those born on any day of March are Those born on any day of April are Those born on any day of May are Those born on any day of June are Those born on any day of July are Those born on any day of August are Those born on any day of September are Those born on any day of October are Those born on any day of November are Those born on any day of December are Governor Planet: Jupiter and Neptune.

They are responsible and firm in their attitudes, while remaining loyal and dedicated to the work and projects they started themselves. A bit stubborn and sometimes grumpy, their sense of justice needs to be put to good use so they can relax, get enough rest and care for their personal life instead of chasing flaws in grand systems that take away too much of their energy. Their profession is meant to inspire and guide them, leaving enough room for their personal life to develop in purity of emotion. Frustration should be turned to motivation, as well as anger, and the strong push forwards will come when they stop limiting their own energies to fit norms of the outer world.

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Foreign and different individuals and cultures intertwine with lives of those born on this date, as if they are meant to meet many extremes to see the humane approach to equality among us. They are humanitarians of sorts, in need of open horizons that explain the diversity of the world and leave their own options open.

It is smart that these individuals travel to distant countries, meet different customs, and open new horizons in ways that allow them to breath and expand in a supportive pace. The purpose in lives of people born on December 14th is found in the essence of Mars, meaning they are to find a physical way to make solid steps and ground their ideas with an open heart.

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They need their mind cleansed of excess information, their emotional world ready to attract circumstances that make them free to create, and their body strong enough to handle high frequencies of thoughts that truly inspire them. In need of powerful grounding, strength and solid boundaries towards those who bruise them in any way, they are to clearly distinguish their personal world of goals from those of other people.

When Sagittarius representatives born on December 14th fall in love, they easily fall into the loop of ancestral emotional issues that have yet to be resolved. Whatever the case, something seems to stand in the way of intimacy and love stories they wish to live through, and while strong structures might give an excellent potential for happy married life and deep commitment, they need to overcome obstacles left for them to resolve.

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These issues will be seen in relationships between parents or grandparents that seem to push something to repeat in their own life as well. Some of them might feel cursed at times, especially if the same sad love story repeats one too many times as if they cannot learn the lesson served on their platter.

December 14 Zodiac is Sagittarius - Full Horoscope Personality

At the same time, these humans are gentle and attentive to the feelings of others, which often prevent them from doing things that you would otherwise be tempted to do — to kill the competition and win in the process. Although these Sagittarius people are very interested in business, they love home comfort, so if they are travelling somewhere, they will try to create a place that is cheerful and resembling a home, and as a Sagittariuses, they will travel a lot during life.

The lifetime preoccupation of persons born on December 5 can be the need to experience everything life can do to them. Living life with full and with a lot of feelings can be all that is needed, of course with a few exceptions.

This could be their main course in lives and their perfect way of achieving success in life. Acquiring responsibilities for finance and home can be a challenge for some people born in this sign, and their work must be stimulating and productive so that they can produce high-quality work if not they can become self-focused, pointed toward leniency, and seemingly apathetic attitude towards others can also arise. On the other hand, they can become self-sufficient and unreliable, so the balance is the key for people born on December As we look at the numerological impact that comes from this date, we can see number 5 -its symbolic is that it initiates the emancipation and demands the liberation from harmful forms of life.

By gaining freedom, those who have number 5 will learn what it means and what its price is, through adaptation to change, unexpected situations, new circumstances and conditions.

December 14 Zodiac

With new ideas, entering the adventure of life, by exploring it, travelling, but at the same time, they are prone to give this freedom to others. Planetary impact comes from connection Jupiter and Mercury, and this combination gives the impression that they are fast and that you can never follow them in some serious way, this is the planet that is connected to the realms of, and this is the most critical aspect for all those who are born on December Planet Mercury gives them resourcefulness, skill, adaptability, and often can affect the environment with their intellect.

They are always in a hurry and are excellent in creating a complex that you are not an exciting interlocutor, because while you talk, they look at the glances around, watch the clock, and write messages. Knowing about the historical events is like knowing about ourselves, learning about who we were, gives us the opportunity to learn who we can become. Read all about the events that took place on December It was decided to intervene against the civil revolution in Spain.

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On September , the Convention came into force.