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Part 4.

Astrological Energy for the Soul 2018 – 12222 – 2020

Pluto and the Nodes!!! Its time to dive deeper! Covering two signs per week, we will examine Pluto through the signs in depth. Part 5. Every month, the moon moves through eight phases in its relationship to the sun. These eight phases are also the umbrella under which, aspects between any two planetary bodies form an energy exchange. To understand and apply the phasal relationship between two planets to aspect work, can both deepen and simplify your ability to interpret and synthesize the total chart.

Part 6. Its time to develop more proficiency! In this module we practice the step-step Pluto method and discuss counseling skills and various methods to present the material to the querent i. Language styles such as factual, story telling, dialogue with Client; the role of intuition, ethics, etc. Part 7. Now that you understand how a person is living their Natal Chart, now learn how the chart comes alive!

You will learn how the current movement of the Planets affect Natal positions and interpret how this illustrates the ongoing Evolutionary challenges, lessons and intentions for a persons chart.

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You will also learn about Progressed charts and how to cast a Solar Return chart for someones Birthday to reveal the potential energies that lie in the year ahead. Graduation happens at your own pace but includes a combination of:. Graduate Certification Package.

Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Homework Cases 2 of these — We will set homework charts that you can work on individually in pairs or in teams throughout the training. Each one of us will review your homework and send back comments. Before presenting your Graduating cases you should have at least 2 Supervision sessions.

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This will help you hone your skills and get detailed personal instruction on how to get the most out your chart interpretation skills. Graduate Cases 3 of these — It is suggested that you practice, practice, practice with non-paying clients as you are honing your abilities! This can be a friend or acquaintance or a paid client.

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Please pay by Paypal or if you prefer to send a check or do a bank transfer please contact us via email. Refund in full if cancelled by August 15 There are no refunds after Oct 8, Skip to content. Level One. Level Two. Level Three. Please note the Full Schedule for and is posted below — Discussion sessions are scheduled on Sundays at earlier times so that European Time Zone can join in live.

What is Evolutionary Astrology? How does the soul evolve? Bonus Material! Included in the overall cost Part 7. Graduation happens at your own pace but includes a combination of: Graduate Certification Package Homework Cases 2 of these — We will set homework charts that you can work on individually in pairs or in teams throughout the training. You want endless love, you are very romantic and not without reason you are considered some of the greatest lovers of the zodiac.

They are passionate and they can form a splendid couple with the Scorpio natives, these exemplary syrupy lovers, but also with the Cancer, who will profess the eternal love they so desperately seek.

When we look for our soul mate and we want a good couple relationship, we need to take into account the things we have in common. In terms of money, is going to be a very good year. Between May and August , friends will pay attention to the opinions of the natives born under this zodiac signs because they are going to be more active and more visible.

The relationships with your bosses and your colleagues might be more problematic and must be treated skillfully and casually. You will try to bring order in your documents and bank accounts. Attention though!

January 15, 1993 Birthday Facts

However, the situation gets balanced by Saturn, which allows you to correct your mistakes, when necessary. The realism, one of your best characteristics , and your innate common sense will help you avoid any future issues if you pay attention to details. Between April and July , you will have a lot of work to do, the deadlines will be very tight and they will have to deal with situations when you have to prove your leadership spirit, decision capacity, courage, cold blood, fast reactions and competitive skills.

Only after the first trimester of the year, your efforts and sustained work will start to show fruit. It is not indicated to diversify your professional activity during this year. Focus on one or two projects and mobilize yourself only in that direction. You will get motivated by their professional accomplishments, by a promotion and few travel opportunities.

For some of the Pisces natives, the middle of might come with a change of direction. Until then, however, try to maintain your advantageous status, because you never know what future perspectives and options you are going to have. An unexpected gain occurs in the second week of September , and the last decade is also generous. In December , the attitude towards money will completely change in comparison with the year that just ends.

Regenerating Into New Soul Cycles ~ Astrology Healing Themes Into 2020 ~ Podcast

You will be more moderate with the expenses for others and will regard them with more discernment. If you have the possibility to invest in real estate — houses or land —you will have everything to gain. It is an excellent time for this type of investment.

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Global Astrologer Conferences & | Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

During the past seven years, Uranus had been in transit through the second house of Pisces, the astrological house of work, of money and proprieties. You had the tendency of taking financial risks and obtaining mixed results: sometimes they gained important amounts of money, but sometimes either they lost, or you spent with no measure. Another propensity manifested all during this period was to find less common methods of earning money. And there are a lot of such methods all over the world, if not invented, at least practised by you under the influence of Uranus.

During July 8 and August 1, with Mercury — the planet of intellect, communication, and adaptability — in retrograde, the Pisces employees become more productive and efficient.

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  6. During these three weeks, their focus is increased, thus they can fulfil their tasks easier than before. They pay attention to details and their memory is functioning great. They make a habit of checking many times over what they have done, so the possibility of making an error is diminished by a lot. On December 3 , a second good news: Jupiter — the most important and the most powerful from the planets that are considered beneficial — enters the house of profession and of public image, of social status.

    It is a suitable period for asking for a salary raise or for a promotion. Jupiter will support your efforts in this direction.