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As part of Le Why Not Productions, she produces solo and collaborative work that is courageous, comedic and unexpected. By Rebecca Petchenik. In a near future, true artificial intelligence is discovered in an animatronic sex doll after it kills its violent and abusive owner. Three teenagers in a small coastal town investigate the suspicious death of their friend and begin unraveling the truth behind the strange circumstances of the incident. Meanwhile, an unsettling narrator with some secrets of her own offers her philosophical ramblings at carefully pointed moments.

Readers Theatre Repertory Presents. But the presence of the mysterious Vitomir quickly becomes problematic when company members mysteriously disappear, and life begins to imitate the bloody art of Jacobean depravity and revenge. Living Room Circus. Join us for an evening of experimentation and wonder. Living Room Circus is a showcase for circus artists and performers of all disciplines to share innovative pieces and works-in-progress around the theme of risk.

Celebrate the raw moments, the process, and the journey of making a performance. Audience members will have the opportunity to give written feedback of each act. Feel free to bring your favorite cushion, sleeping bag or pillow; chair seating will also be available. Please contact frontdesk thecircusproject. Due to the nature of this type of event, content may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns: frontdesk thecircusproject. In , young chess phenomenon Bobby Fischer travels to Buenos Aires to compete in a tournament.

Fischer becomes intimate with a woman for the first time, thrusting the genius into a new realm where the body triumphs over the mind. After achieving the title of World Champion in , Fischer disappears from professional chess. From rich and admired to homeless and jailed, he succumbs to paranoia. He finds salvation in a Hungarian girl, the only one who can lure him back into the spotlight.

Spring 4th Productions presents. Michael has run off to pursue his dreams, while Gary has been left to shoulder the burden of running the hotel. This fast-paced, two-man, multiple-character farce explores the nature of family, both logical and biological. Having emigrated from Moscow, Russia to Moscow, Idaho as children, the grown sisters are now stagnating after the death of their father.

New housemates and house guests arrive to throw their lives into a very different rhythm. This play examines both the comedic and tragic aspects of what it means to never be quite satisfied. Music Direction by Darcy White. The festival has been a huge hit for the past two years and performances have been completely sold out. And the Brunish Theatre is an intimate setting for these powerhouse little gems; there is not a bad seat in the house. All mini-musicals are accompanied by a live band.

Now, grab your tickets and your friends and join us for the perfect night out for every musical theatre lover! Deep End Theater presents. Conceived and Directed by Domeka Parker. Performed by the Deep End Theater Ensemble. Presence is an immersive improvised drama that takes audiences to a new level of agency and emotional connection. This play asks you to explore what you know, think, see and understand. Seating is especially limited for this production. Buying tickets online in advance is advised. Portland Story Theater Presents. Multimedia Art by Michael Hill.

Musical Soundscape by Laurent Nickel. Directed by Lynne Duddy. New for the festival this year, cellist Laurent Nickel will play a musical soundscape throughout the show and Multimedia Artist and Entertainment Technologist Michael Hill will create image mapping of Southern Lights and Antarctic sights, bringing a montage of imagery to life on screen, while the Armchair Adventurer Lawrence Howard tells this epic story once again.

The story of how he and the 27 men of the expedition survived on the ice, and eventually came to safety, is an epic tale of hardship and suffering, of courage, determination and fortitude. Portland Civic Theatre Guild presents. By Rich Rubin. Directed by Matthew Pavik. The year is and the place is London. Frank Chambers is a young physician with a dwindling income and a penchant for gambling. Horace Walpole is a celebrated British aristocrat who believes genius is reflected by the shape of our skulls. Fate brings Frank and Horace together for a singular purpose: To steal the skull of the greatest literary genius of all time.

Horace is hoping to prove his theory, while Frank is hoping for a few extra coins in his pocket. Lakewood Theatre presents. Sides: the Musical. Directed by Matthew Capurro. Musical direction by Jeffrey Michael Kauffman. Lakewood Theatre, S State St.

This highly anticipated song cycle, featured in a sneak preview last summer at Portland Playhouse, explores stories of romance, family and friendships from their many sides, as characters share their sometimes-poignant, sometimes-comical perspectives. The Broken Planetarium presents. Sirens of Coos Bay. By Laura Christina Dunn. Purchase tickets: fertilegroundpdx. The film is fiercely anti-authoritarian but fails to see patriarchy as a key element of authoritarianism. It relegates the character Jane to the minor status of being the object of male desire.

As Jane Olson approaches adulthood, the people around her insist on her fitting the traditional mold. To be an adult woman, she must accept matriarch as her natural role or else fall to its opposite. She wants neither. Raised by her father, she envisions having a purposeful life which can make a difference in the world. Yet even her father is appalled at the direction his tutoring has taken her.

Only her friend Alan understands her desire for self-actualization. When Alan is murdered, Jane is propelled into a quest for truth that leads her to the darkest corners of the world and of her own mind. Her life becomes a nightmare from which it may not be possible to wake. Jane must finally stand alone in order to fully be herself.

Enjoy a taster plate of lunchtime shorts with LineStorm Playwrights and friends, as several local writers whip up a range of flavorful topics with sweet and spicy characters. The ADHD mind is uncanny — it resists promotional material, defying summary into a narrative or restriction to a single genre. Premiering only a few years into her personal research on the subject, Sara Fay hopes to help demystify and spark conversations around the subject of mental health.

Using movement, sound, stage tricks and folklore, she invites you to witness the particular trials and textures of her own quarter-life diagnosis. Wilting Lily Productions presents. The Autistic Ideal. This one-person show draws on the solitary and not-so-solitary endeavors of one neurodivergent life. Through song and poetry, analysis and catharsis, an argument emerges about the ideals that animate us and how they inform and define our identities. What does it mean to be autistic?

What are the implications of claiming or denying such a label? Like so many other big questions, these can seem to be unanswerable, but they are also, for many, unavoidable. After a high school career that never quite panned out and years of odd jobs, Adam has finally found his way into a rewarding profession. Still, he realizes that this success is both tenuous and exceptional. Reflecting on his privileges and challenges, Adam watches as the story that has driven his life for so long begins to break down.

In a performance that celebrates both raw expression and meticulous detail, he takes the stage to consider the responsibility that he has—and the responsibilities neurotypicals have—to others who are still reaching for a stable place in their society. The Bad Hour. By Karen Polinsky. Directed by Nina Monique Kelly. Two dangerous outlaws, and three lonesome perplexed bystanders trapped in the crosshairs, choose sides in a last-stand between violence and hope.

Theatre Vertigo presents. The Delays.

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Commissioned by Theatre Vertigo. Special Industry Night Monday, Feb 11 pm. How did you become who you are today, and what dreams have you let go? In an airport, where everyone is busy going somewhere, The Delays focuses on a group going nowhere.

Social movement

Taking place around the New Year, and traveling back 10 years, and then another 10 years, the past lives of these characters slowly reveal themselves, while asking bigger questions. A contemporary retelling of the Greek tragedy Hecuba is told from an African American perspective, integrating modern themes and concepts, tied together with original music.

A principal, haunted by a school shooting, uncovers a series of unthinkable crimes and conspiracies…and is pushed toward taking a shocking act of revenge. The Jade Decanter. Directed by Nathaniel Hadley.

Help Our Cause

We may be back for year three, but the show is always brand new! Experience the intrigue, mystery and hilarity as we use the most classic themes of noir storytelling to create a wholly improvised full-length feature show. So who dies and which shady character did it? With a brand new cast and crew, new improvised roles, and a fantastic audience — no mystery will ever be the same. Set right in the gritty dark underworld of crime and intrigue from the s — this premiere show will be a night to remember. One cast, two acts, all driven by one thing: your suggestion.

Orphic presents. The Killing Fields. By Anya Pearson. Directed by Andrew Wardenaar. The Killing Fields , by Anya Pearson, is a riveting new drama about love, loss, and the true price of vengeance. Commissioned by Orphic, and directed by Andrew Wardenaar, this staged reading features some of the most talented actors Portland has to offer. Our team of young dramaturgs will lead the post-show discussions. Whitcomb Directed by Tobias Andersen.

The Kings of the Carnegie Deli by C. It takes place in the mids in New York City where they had offices in the same building, worked and grappled with doubt, depression, drugs, alcohol, women, success, heart attacks, creativity, failure and fame. Kettlehead Studios presents. The Lindworm. Free Feb 1 with LineStorm Playwrights lunchtime reading. This intense romantic drama follows Sasha, a professor of mythology and folklore, trapped in an abusive marriage.

When his estranged best friend and ex-boyfriend returns to town, life becomes a delicate balancing act between appeasing his abusive wife and reconciling unresolved feelings for his friend. Not to mention The Witch, who approaches him one day offering a solution to his problem. Sasha knows better than anyone that gifts from witches always come with a price, but when given the opportunity to change his story, will temptation outweigh consequence? Bears Lend a Helping Hand. Bears' New Baby. Bears' New Neighbors.

Bears' Nursery Tales. Bears Think of Those in Need. Bears' Trouble with Money. Bears and Too Much Birthday. The Berenstain Bears and Baby makes five. The Berenstain Bears and the bad habit. The Berenstain Bears and the messy room. Bears No Girls Allowed. Berger, Barbara. Berman, Shari J.

Lucky Vacation.


Bernadette Leo Tolstoi. Schuster Martin. Bernhard, Thomas. Ein Zerfall. Best of Tenali Raman. On learning to read. Bettelheim, Bruno. Freud und die Seele des Menschen. The uses of enchantment. Beyshenaliev, Shukurbek. Horny gets a Second Chance. The song of God. Biberti, Ilse. Hilfe, meine Eltern sind alt. Bichsel, Peter. Der Busant. Bienstock, R. Tree of Heaven.

Birnbaum, Bette. My school, your school. Bishop, Claire Huchet. The Five Chinese Brothers. Bishop, Gavin. Maui and the sun: a Maori tale. Blake, Quentin. Monster, Lady Monster, and the bike ride. Blathwayt, Benedict. The little house by the sea. Blevins, Wiley. Say it and smile! Blizzard, Gladys S. Come look with me.

World of play. Blum, Raymond. Blume, Judy. Are you there, God? Bockie, Simon. Death and the invisible powers. The world of Kongo belief. Literaturland Hessen. Bogart, Jo Ellen.

Jeremiah learns to read. Bohatta-Morpurgo, Ida. Salve Regina. Boie, Kirsten. Nicht Chicago. Nicht hier. Ansichten eines Clowns. The Clown. Bolliger, Max. Der Hase mit den himmelblauen Ohren. Bolliger-Savelli, Antonella. The knitted cat. The Wind and The Sun. Bond, Gill. The sunflower. The watermelon. Paddington's garden. Bonners, Susan. Boyle, T. Das wilde Kind. Boynton, Sandra. Barnyard dance! Brain teasers. Break that code. Brande, Dorothea. Becoming a writer. Brandenberg, Franz. Nice new neighbors. Bratton, Heidi. Celebrate animals. Home grown faith for spring.

Homegrown faith: Nurturing your Catholic family. Brecht, Bertolt. Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner. Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder. Brentano, Arnim. Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Breslauer, Marianne Feilchenfeldt. Bilder meines Lebens. Brett, Jan. The first dog. The hat. Town Mouse Country Mouse.

Trouble with trolls. Brett, Molly. Tom Tit moves house. Bridwell, Norman. Clifford and the grouchy neighbors.

Top 40 Tarot Youtube Channels For Tarot Card Readers

Clifford gets a job. Clifford takes a trip. Clifford's family. Clifford's puppy days. Briggs, Raymond. The snowman. Bright, Robert. The Friendly Bear. Brothers Grimm. Thorn Rose. Brown, Claude. Manchild in the promised land. Brown, J. Language Center Thai Course: Book 1. Brown, Jeff. Flat Stanley. Brown, Marc. Brown, Marcia. Stone soup. Brown, Margaret Wise. Little fur family. The Important Book. The Runaway Bunny. Wait till the moon is full. Brown, Rosellen. The autobiography of my mother. Brozowska, Elizabeth. Hugo, das Nilpferd. Bruce, Ella. Bruchac, Joseph.

The arrow over the door. Bruna, Dick. Het feest van nijntje. Bryan Diana Brothers Grimm. The fisherman and his wife. Buck, Pearl S. Der Drachenfisch. Buechner, Georg. Werke und Briefe. Bulgakow, Michail. Bull, Jane. Bumiller, Elisabeth. May you be the mother of a hundred sons. Bunting, Eve. Ghost's hour, spook's hour. Burke, Edmund. Burnett, Frances Hodgson. Der geheime Garten. The Secret Garden. Burningham, John.

Im Schnee. Burns, Marilyn. The I Hate Mathematics! Bursill, Henry. More Hand Shadows. Burton, Virginia Lee. Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel. Busch, Wilhelm. Buschor, Ernst. Butterworth, Nick. Byars, Betsy. Keeper of the doves. The glory girl. Wanted…Mud Blossom. C Caen, Herb.

The Cable Car and the Dragon. Cain, James M. Double Indemnity. California Ranchos. Camus, Albert. Der Fremde. Die Pest. La peste. Can Xi. Little Chen and the Dragon Brothers. Cannon, Janelle. Capote, Truman. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Cardinal, Marie. Die Irlandreise. Carl Larsson. Carle, Eric. A house for hermit crab. Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt. Die kleine Spinne spinnt und schweigt. Do you want to be my friend? Draw Me a Star. Mister Seahorse. Pancakes, pancakes! The grouchy ladybug. The mixed-up chameleon. The tiny seed. The very hungry caterpillar. The very quiet cricket.

Carling, Amelia Lau. Carlson, Natalie Savage. The Family under the Bridge. Carluccio, Antonio. Klassische ital. Carmi, Daniella. Samira and Yonatan. Carroll, Lewis. Carter, Jimmy. The virtues of aging. Cassady, Marsh. Storytelling step by step. Castiglioni, Carlo. Catherwood, Jeanette. Two friends and a lost bill. Cave, Kathryn. Irgendwie Anders. Cedarbaum, Sophia. Cerisier, Emmanuel.

Buku 1. Chagall, Marc. Les fables de la Fontaine. Chapman, Carole. The complete wedding organiser and record. Chapouton, Anne-Marie. Melanie Prall. Chast, Roz. A Memoir. Chateuka, Keresia. Mbuya Mabhena. Chen, Kerstin. Der Herr der Kraniche.

Chia Harn Chek. Chia Hearn Chek. Oh, gigi saya sakit. Rumah kesayanganku. The Big Race. Chin Kee Onn. Twilight of the Nyonyas. Chinese Almanac. Harvest of Thorns. Choldenko, Gennifer. Al Capone Does My Shirts. Schweizer Lieder Chomsky, Noam. The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many.

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Christelow, Eileen. Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. Five little monkeys reading in bed. Christie, Agatha. A Caribbean mystery. And then there were none. Hercule Poirot's Christmas. Mystery Christie, Agatha. Miss Marple's Final Cases. Passenger to Frankfurt. The adventure of the Christmas pudding. The Big Four. The man in the brown suit. The Sittaford mystery. Towards zero. Christie, Patrick. Teaching in the Tao. Chung Chong-wha. Modern Far Eastern Stories. Cisneros, Sandra.

Clarke, Mollie. Congo Boy: an African folk tale. Clausen, Rosemarie. Faust in Bildern. Cleary, Beverly. Ramona Forever. Cleveland, Anne. It's Better with Your Shoes Off. Cloke, Rene. Coatsworth, Elizabeth. The cat who went to heaven. Le Vilain Canard. Coelho, Paulo. The alchemist. Coerr, Eleanor. Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express. Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Edited by Hideko Midorikawa. The Josefina Story Quilt. Coetzee, J. Cohen, Barbara. Seven daughters and seven sons. Cole, Babette. Collins Eyewitness Guides.

Collins, Robert J. Murder at the Tokyo American Club. Cone, Molly. The Jewish Sabbath. Conrad, Joseph. Der Verdammte der Inseln. German Coombs, Andrew. Folktales from the Land of Smiles. Cooney, Barbara. Hattie and the wild waves. Miss Rumphius. Cooper, David. The grammar of living. Cornille, Didier. Cosby, Bill. The meanest thing to say. Cousins, Lucy. What Can Pinky Hear? What Can Pinky See? Cowcher, Helen. Mothers and Daughters.

Craig, JoAnn. Culture Shock! Craighead George, Jean. One day in the desert. Creech, Sharon. Love that dog. Creekmore, Raymond. Crew, Linda. Fire on the Wind. Crombie, Esabel. My Home in Japan. Crow Dog, Mary. Lakota Woman. Crowther, Robert. The most amazing hide-and-seek alphabet book. Cummins, Pat. Talking with artists. Curtis, Christopher Paul.

The Watsons go to Birmingham - Curtis, Gavin. Cushman, Karen. Catherine called Birdy. NFL Da Liu. T'ai Chi Ch'uan and I Ching. Her mum is a fairy and her dad is a vampire and she is a bit of both. So when it's time for Isadora to start school she's not sure where she belongs - vampire school or fairy school? Gorgeously illustrated and with a classic feel, this is a brilliantly funny story of a rabbit and a bear who discover that things are always better when they're shared with a friend. Ideal for readers moving on from picture books. Arsenic for Tea Robin Stevens.

Daisy's glamorous mother is throwing a tea party for Daisy's birthday, and the whole family is invited. But it soon becomes clear that this party isn't really about Daisy at all. Naturally, Daisy is furious Oh Dear! Oi Frog!


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Kes Gray. A wonderfully funny rhyming story with laugh-out-loud illustrations from an award-winning team. First Previous 2 3 4 5 6 Next Last. Browse by Category Children's. Find Us. Sign Up to Our Newsletter Newsletter. Subscribe Unsubscribe.