Virgo weekly horoscope 10 december 2019 by michele knight

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Add to the mix the Sun in your 3 rd along with Mercury in its ruling house. If ever there was a week to dare to do, to take a chance on something then this is it! Lucky breaks, synchronicities and being in the right place at the right time also feature. Invitations, communications, ideas and meetings, travel adventures, could bring you additional benefits aside from the obvious ones. This week is all about self-expression, of following your interests, enjoying yourself and above all, making connections and getting out and about. Showcase yourself in as many ways as you can come up with and be creative about it.

Think of yourself as a living work of art. How are you going to display yourself? You are in a position to get yourself noticed in all the right ways this week. In a nutshell: Dare to dream — and then dare to do whatever you can to make it real, Cancer. When it comes to love or other dreams — take a chance this week as luck is on your side. Home, family, property dealings and anything that enhances or adds to your sense of belonging are all favoured this week. The reason being you have both Venus and Jupiter now in residence in your 4 th house. If money or rather more money or work, form a necessary part of this picture, then the good news is that ruler the Sun makes some cash-inducing aspects to both Jupiter and Pluto in your 6 th this week.

Family karma around how you have been brought up to think you should be living could also feature. Is it time for a new arrangement? Mars now very much direct again arrives back in your 7 th of partnerships. The planet of passion is still in retro shadow for a while longer. Who needs to be brought in as part of any plans you are making?

Involve them and get them on side if you can. If you have come to realise that your vision and theirs has diverged, time to be honest. Look to what you can build on and from this week, Leo. Creating a home, a space or a sense of belonging that makes you feel secure.

Virgo Monthly Astrology Forecast December 2018

And also who share this with you. What are you starting now, Virgo? This birthday cycle carries the promise of new beginnings and fresh starts like no other. Uncertainty when it comes to who you are or what you are capable of attracting or achieving should have no place in your mindset now.

taurus moon sign may horoscope - 3 december horoscope

Your new cycle of attraction which is what this is, depends on what you are projecting. Set that self-belief to high and above all, act like the person you want to become. Imagine that version of you and now be them today. Ruler Mercury remains in your 1 st making connections across your entire love sector.

Taurus Love Horoscope April 25 2018

Venus and Jupiter in your 3 rd are intent on getting you to think about yourself in a more creative, loving way. Jupiter also connects to Pluto in your 5 th while Venus makes a karmic angle to the North Node in your 12 th. You suddenly get a glimpse of the fact there just may be a Grand Plan and more aspects to your life than you dreamed possible. And to do this you need to know what you want. Watch how your confidence in your ability to reach for your dreams soars skyward this week, Virgo.

The Sun in your 12 th is always a time of seeing what you no longer need — and shedding this, Libra.

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This can be anything from those few extra pounds, that clutter in your closet that you know you will never use or wear again, to that one-sided connection that drains you. Ask yourself if you really want to take it or them into a new cycle with you? You already know the answer to that. So, I am certain if you have to sever ties with someone it will be done as diplomatically as only a Libran can manage.

This may even involve more than one person as karmic ties between you and a larger group are in play here. Ruler Venus now in her ruling house opposes unpredictable Uranus in your sector of shared money, salary, loans, mortgages and debts. What is happening now is that you are being invited to take a radically different approach to your income, savings and investments. Part of this may involve a new and unexpected source of income or way to boost it.

Invest in the long view. Declutter and shed the excess — from the weight to what holds you back, Libra.

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With both Venus and Jupiter in your 1 st right now and co-ruler Mars in forward action once again, this week puts you in a unique position out of all the signs to go for what you want. So, the first thing I have to say is do not hesitate this week. Please please please remember that neither of these planets acts as Fairy Godmothers or Santa. You have to set the wheels in motion or accept the invitation that is given.

If you want love, try everything you can to at least be seen by a potential lover. Same goes for success. Apply for that job, showcase your work or talents. Connect with people and tell them all about you and what you want to achieve. You do. In a nutshell: Be the master magician in your own life this week, Scorpio. You have powerful forces of attraction at your disposal. But only you can set them in motion. Make it happen. The past has a major role to play this week, Sag.

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Who or what is reflecting back at you at this time represents an aspect of yourself whether you love what you are seeing or not. A rare aspect occurs on the 22 nd just prior to the Sun exiting your sign and moving off into your 2 nd. Ceres and Jupiter meet in your 3 rd. For some this could mean a job or business win which offers more freedom but requires a level of compromise. You are stepping into a new world with rules which may yet to be defined. They need to work for both parties.

For others, that new world could be a literal journey but again, something may have to be let go of in order to take it. By now you should be feeling a new sense of wonderful empowerment around your ability to attract abundance of all descriptions. Your self-worth and above all, knowing what you want and what you value above all is the key here. Ensure that when the new Moon in here on the 28 th opens a conduit to this new level of abundance, that you are clear about those values and also how you see yourself and your existing assets.

Often this new Moon can usher in a new source of income but it can also mark the turning point when we see what we already have at our disposal in a new way. Setting a new value — valuing ourselves and what we have more plays a major role more than at any other time under this new Moon as it falls opposition Uranus.

And as they say — practice makes perfect. Your stock is on the rise now — perhaps due to something you can bank on in the literal sense or else just because you see you have so much more at your disposal than you previously thought. Invest in yourself and get ready to conquer the world — or the area of it that matters to you, from this moment on, Libra. All of which has the ability to attract more abundance, Libra. Forget the past. Last year saw the planet of awakenings, make a brief appearance in your 8th of power money, transformation, endings, rebirth and yes — sex.

This was just your taster session as Uranus headed retrograde and back into your 7th again after a few months. On March 6 this year it re-enters your 8th where it will remain for the next seven years. Uranus has not been in this sector of your chart before and will not again in your lifetime as it takes approximately 84 years to orbit the Sun.

What you earn, borrow, lend or are owed. What is priceless, what you would never sell out for and it is going to be you re-defining what these are that will affect all the other areas this house rules.

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This is also your house of taboos and fears. Uranus in here will show you the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Your 8th house is of course the sign of Taurus the Bull. So, while Uranus is in here think of yourself as her. Facing down what scares you — especially around money and assets. It is ultimately about how you value yourself. Uranus in your 8th says you are worth more no matter what that bank statement says. Doing things different in terms of what money you do have and how it may come to you are other hallmarks of this cycle. As will be some fearless negotiating when it comes to anything from a salary package to things you share with another.

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This can be anything from a bed to a joint bank account, an idea or even a horse. Time to step into your own individual brand of personal power — and what this mojo is will vary between each person. Own your power — own your life. Uranus will awaken you to where you have given this away — and break the chains if necessary.

Your tastes are changing. Expect the appearance of at least one radically different lover and the start of a delightful experiment. Whether something lasting is promised depends on other factors in your chart. See this as part of your alchemical process, embrace the difference and enjoy! Not talking about sex?

Things vanilla or even non-existent? Nobody can sustain the passion we feel at the start of a relationship over the long term despite what the media would like us to think. But we can deepen and reawaken it. This is your house of investment after all. Think of it this way. Another great taboo in our society is a reluctance to talk about long term relationships where sex is entirely absent although statistics tell us these are a lot more common than what we think.

The 8th house does not just rule sex — it rules the lack of it too. If you are in a relationship where this has become the norm and are both happy about it, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. However, if I have described your situation and you are not happy about it, Uranus will bring about a radical change in this situation one way or another.

Jupiter will spend most of in your 3rd of communication, education and commerce. Think back 12 years if you were 18 or over at that time. Especially if it relates to any of the following: travel, doing business overseas, studying, writing, publishing, the mass media, the great outdoors, animals, the World Wide Web, the world stage, philosophy and the law. What you are going to find is that if you were experiencing any of these themes 12 years ago they will be back now with a vengeance.

Magnified and amplified. And quite possibly better than it might have done the first time around. Benefits may flow to you from your neighbours or your siblings or cousins if you have them. And while travel is highlighted with Jupiter in here, you may also find the world comes knocking on your door.

Want to be an Airbnb host? This is a great cycle for that. The people you encounter this year will broaden your horizons or expand your experience of the world. Travelling via books, ideas or studying is also favoured. News, messages and communications will dominate the year as this house is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods. Jupiter in here can also expand not just the way you get around — a better car, an interest-free loan on that season ticket for example, but also how you communicate. This is your house of commerce and business. These are your two major transits for this year.

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