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In this text, we will compare the personal traits of the Gemini sun sign man and a Virgo sun sign woman to conclude about the potential of a harmonious and long-lasting relationship between them. The Gemini man is very fun to be around. He is also a source of various information and often a source of gossip. He collects them because he wants to be well informed and because he enjoys mingling with different people. He also enjoys meeting new people, hanging in different crowds, and gathering experience through these interactions. They desire to be in the center of the action, and they enjoy the attention they get from people.

People enjoy listening to their fun stories and jokes.

How To Attract A Virgo Woman (With Top 5 Quick Tips)

They come so naturally to this man. He loves teasing people and enjoys seeing their reactions. He has different shades in his personality. This man is usually well-educated or at least has great life experience. He is easy going, and has a problem getting along with people who are not that way. These men love changes and cannot live without them.

Virgo and Virgo Love Compatibility -

They are very energetic and love being around people with similar traits. He is all about movement and making plans for some new experiences and adventures. He is usually ambitious and strives towards achieving his goals, which are often unrealistic, but he somehow manages to pull through. If he wants something he will do everything to achieve it.

He often relies on good luck to help him go through tough times and he often succeeds. A Gemini man needs to have a very intelligent and capable woman by his side. He is attracted to smart and independent women who are able to independently lead their lives, not relying on anyone, but themselves.

That attracts them a lot because they dislike women who are waiting for a man to be their savior. He loves testing women with different provocations to see how they will react. That way he can use them to provoke these people simply for his amusement.

Virgo and Capricorn

Women who are an object of his interest need to go through this torture although some women enjoy his teasing until they stop reacting. When there is not a reaction to his pokes, he stops poking because it is not fun anymore.

Although he enjoys making jokes about others, this man is confident enough to let others joke at his expense and even laughs at his own flaws. He is quick-witted and has swift reactions. A woman he chooses to be with should be an intellectual match. If she agrees to respect her freedom he will love her forever. When he realizes that his independence and actions are not jeopardized, he will begin relaxing and giving up more and more of his activities just to be with her.

This man will completely change the way you see things. Although both ruled by Mercury, they express this communicative energy in very different ways. The Gemini is a natural salesman , full of confidence and energy and verve. The Virgo woman is much more quiet and modest about her abilities in public, but in private she uses the power of Mercury to criticize and to shape others and herself. Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility often flounders when it comes to issues of stability, however. The good news, however, is that their mutability means that both of these intelligent partners can talk things through until they find a compromise which is right for them.

Of all the sun sign pairings, its perhaps in Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility that compromise is best illustrated.

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The Virgo woman may find the Gemini man a little bit too childish at time, and he might find her a bit to stand-offish at other times, but like the outstanding communicators they both are, they are able to whisper sweet nothings again and make it all alright. Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility levels remain high, so this is one relationship to watch. Initially, the different natures of these signs can create misunderstandings mostly because a Virgo woman craves security while Aquarius man craves freedom.

Libra Man And Virgo Woman Compatibility

The considerate traits of both signs can eventually make it work for them. The Aquarius man usually has an excellent take on life. He loves his social life and prefers to have his loved ones around him. The Virgo woman is analytical and observant, which also gives her a realistic view of life. He has a good hold on his past, has the ability to stay in present, and can predict the future well. The Aquarius man is a wonderful humanitarian.

He can get detached from others but can maintain a lasting relationship. The Virgo woman is cool, calm and seeks efficiency and structure in life. She is sincere and is prepared to offer unselfishly to the man she believes is the right one for her. She never stays with an unreliable man.

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This indicates that Aquarius man and Virgo woman experience a good relationship. Virgo woman can patiently deal with the unpredictability of Aquarius man while his loyal nature offers reliability to her. She loves being a mother and a wife. Her caring and patient nature is what an Aquarius man needs in life.

While he might take full advantage of her nature, but a Virgo woman believes no one owes her anything. She is extremely self sufficient which an Aquarius man loves in a woman but it also means he can indulge his careless nature when it comes to relationship and family.

However, a Virgo woman knows when to set him straight. There are some downsides of this relationship which might break this couple apart. Aquarius man adores the unparallel devotion the Virgo woman has to offer but too much care and devotion can make him feel suffocated. Virgo woman is also critical of everyone which can make an Aquarius man cold and detached since he likes his space. This might create problems in their relationship. If they truly care about each other, they can make it work. Virgo and Aquarius marriage has high success rate mostly due to their excellent ability to communicate, their shared values, as well as similar lifestyle choices.

This makes them a strong team which is typically what makes a marriage work. Their success rate in marriage is also dependant on their friendship.

Aquarius Man & Virgo Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

If they have learned to overcome their differences in the start of their friendship bond, then their married life is most likely to be happy and successful. In this marriage, Virgo woman willingly give everything she possibly can to make things perfect. She makes it her job to fulfill all the responsibilities without any expectations from her man.

This is what makes the Aquarius man careless and relaxed when it comes to performing his responsibilities which can create problems in the marriage. His neglect and her critical nature might also create a problem in their marriage. Since her whole life revolves around him, it takes her time to realize that this neglect is merely because he gets too engrossed in his work. She also takes a while to understand his craving for alone time and freedom.