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Caution, however, in that you do not mix your finances with others, which could undo all the hard work you have done in recent years. By especially about mid-summer you will beam health and wellness. It will be self confidence expressed in your being. An increase in health will occur, but know that it is the result of the hard lessons learned in past recent years. Your hard work is paying off. You will need that stamina and security as you enter which has a keyword of self-preservation in the mix. The north node which heralds in literal changes for the future will be moving into your first house of self, Cancer, and this promises to be a very movement filled and active year.

Things you have worked on for years can come strongly into reality as the months progress. You can become the person you have always felt resides within simply by strongly walking in that role in your outer world. Expect new people, new adventures and plenty of visible change to be rolling in strongly during The south node will be transiting through your house of partnerships and commitments and could bring back an old lover or mate from the past through either their literal reentry or the entry of someone who can project their qualities. Look into how you have grown and who you are now and you will understand where closure needs to be finalized allowing for a new chapter to unfold.

An emotional person, you are shy and sensitive. Your feelings are easily hurt and you often overreact emotionally. You are easily influenced by the moods and emotions of other people. They can play on your sympathy. You are territorial and very clingy. It is important that you learn to care less and not to hold on to memories, feelings and people. The point your life is to establish emotional security and provide that for others.

You are receptive and emotional, relating to the world through your feelings. These you express easily if you feel secure, but if not you are moody and grizzly.

Yearly Horoscope

Plans and strategies are attractive, and doing some research can be satisfying. It's an excellent period for tying up loose ends, editing, and tidying efforts. Significant progress can be made in your work, primarily if you concentrate on reform or reorganizing rather than adding more to your workload. You may be working on improving your reputation with success. Be reasonable in your expectations and patient with yourself this month.

You're in great shape for personal influence on the job, you might pair up to get something done, or you may meet someone special through your work or health activities. Getting your life or career on track is a strong theme, but you can find a healthier balance between work and play as the month advances.

Do take advantage of your increased motivation and energy for work and health routines, but remember that overdoing it will set you back, and if you don't heed this warning, events around the Full Moon on the 14th might conspire to enforce some rest. Watch for exhausting yourself, but also the other side--procrastination.

There can be a real balancing act now! If energy levels are up and down, it's probably about inspiration, and pausing or taking a timeout can help you regain it. If you've been working too hard or doing too much for others, you can feel the drain now. It's vital to balance out your life by making more time for spiritual, imaginative, and reflective activities, or you'll lose some of the motivation and spark you've enjoyed recently.

If you have a past matter to resolve or if you're dealing with some disorganization, keep in mind that getting over this hurdle can be a real relief. Helping you organize and structure your life is Saturn's direct turn on the 18th. This influence can help clarify your business, career, and life path goals or projects. There may be a reality check, but you'll also determine what's genuinely doable.

All month, your eye for detail can benefit your career or boost your reputation. Conversations or list-making can help free you from inevitable frustrations--you'll feel considerably more organized if you put everything on paper. Close partnerships become a major focus as the month progresses--your powers of negotiation skyrocket. The last week of September can be powerful for attracting or enhancing a close relationship. A key partnership can be in focus.

The planets that have been energizing your work and health sector are gradually moving into your partnership sector, and your social life takes on new life as the month progresses. Horoscope Overview for September for Taurus:. This is a month for seeking inspiration creatively or romantically, dear Taurus. There can be some drama involved, but you're also making some serious progress. Relationships with friends and groups can confuse you at times, mainly because emotionally, you're in an entirely different place. Your focus seems squarely on romance, pleasure, entertainment, and your personal life.

Your powers of attraction run exceptionally high, and romantic feelings are stirred. Artists and hobbyists are likely to have an unusually creative and exciting month. Super energy is with you for starting new projects, not only for work on those already in progress. You're finding it natural to attract favorable attention from others.

Passions run high. Casual dating, entertainment, and creative hobbies are especially favored. As September progresses, work matters become a stronger priority, as do self-care and health programs. It's an excellent time not only for finding and enjoying work but also for relationships on the job. You may frequently find yourself in the right circumstances to fully enjoy and express yourself, especially in the first half of the month.

While you should watch for impatience in love, this is an excellent time to have the courage to pursue your heart's desire. News of a trip or an adventure in the near future can figure strongly. You're especially willing to share yourself and your ideas. You're in good shape for inspiring social and cultural activities.

Desires come on quickly. Be open and ready to make necessary changes, but avoid overly hasty actions. Romantic relationships can be stimulating and possibly overstimulating at times. You're looking to feed your spirit through enjoyable pastimes. Around the 14th especially, you could be wrestling with expectations or dealing with some confusion or uncertainty in your social life. Alternatively, you might be questioning a particular goal or battling some waning enthusiasm. Social or romantic matters can be draining if something is left up in the air.

Taking a step back from the action is appropriate until you gain some perspective. Sudden increases or overexpansion can cause you some personal stress, as you may feel a little overwhelmed. It's vital to avoid shooting for an unrealizable goal now if it prevents you from enjoying what you already have. Don't let a lack of direction leave you behind.

Clarifying a matter with a friend may be helpful and relieving. Saturn ends its retrograde on the 18th, and this helps you work on bringing your expectations down to earth. Self-improvement endeavors can be in focus and more successful with a stronger grip on what's realistic and realizable. A relationship might improve with a promise, support, or increased structure and commitment.

You're feeling more passionately about your interests, hobbies, or romantic life. People you meet now can be introducing you to new ways of looking at the world. This is also a great time for new experiences, beliefs, and ideas. By the last week of the month, a work and health theme emerges. This doesn't come on suddenly--it's been creeping up on you since the 14th!

The New Moon on the 28th brings wonderful energy for starting fresh with a job or a health pursuit. Horoscope Overview for September for Gemini:. Home, family, and personal matters continue to be a strong focus for you going into September, dear Gemini. Renovations, redecorating, or improvements that encourage more freedom or comfort on the home front can have long-lasting benefits. There can be some tension or pressure in these areas, but also dynamism and solutions to problems. With much energy available to you now, it's time to take charge of domestic matters.

However, challenges can arise if excess energy turns into restlessness and conflict with family. Be as patient as you can and try not to juggle too many tasks at once. By mid-September, you begin to crave more interaction and feedback. The insular theme that was so strong at the top of the month starts to fade out, and opportunities to enjoy and express yourself emerge. Romance is highly favored, and your mood is playful. Others more readily appreciate your unique romantic and creative style. Efforts to improve your home life should be very successful this month, and you're likely to want to entertain from home or do some rearranging.

Surrounding yourself with familiar people and situations comes naturally. You require some anchoring and centering! Financial support for home improvement endeavors could be in the offing.

Bringing more harmony and calm to your home life is satisfying. Instinctively, you know that virtually every other area of your life is bound to benefit if you are at peace on the home front and within yourself. September is active for making memories with loved ones and for getting some much-needed downtime. Indeed, domestic life is likely to be animated at times, but mostly in a pleasurable way. The Full Moon on the 14th is a time for getting in touch with areas of unrest.

If you've been on a different page with a loved one about your goals or a lack of direction weighs you down, this can be a time to face the issue. A home project or family matter might hit a snag, or you may feel uninspired just for the time being. Feeling less confident about your plans, goals, or ambitions is temporary.

It's also a sign that you need time to discover your passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration before pressing on. Find healthy ways to rest, escape, and renew your spirit. Uncertainties related to life-plan goals, or a lack of solid game plan or structure, can subtly undermine your efforts to improve and enjoy your relationships. Even if you don't know where you're headed right now, it's important to apply yourself to practical affairs. This way, you don't waste opportunities that are in front of you or time that you can't get back. With Saturn's direct turn on the 18th, you're likely to gain more clarity with finances or a relationship.

It can also boost your conviction to make a significant lifestyle change. You may see some forward progress with taxes, debts, or financial support. There could be the need to buckle down that prompts you to be more attentive about, or responsible for, a matter. In September, you're drawn to projects and activities that have longevity or special meaning. Intimate connections can be made now, and emotional "renovations" satisfying. A subtle shift of focus to more creative, sociable, and pleasure-seeking activities begins mid-month and strengthens after the 22nd.

Invitations or opportunities to go out--or branch out--can be part of the picture. You are coming to a very strong period for romantic and creative pursuits--a period when you may revive or begin rewarding hobbies, enjoy healthier relationships with children, and possibly fall in love or fall back in love. Horoscope Overview for September for Cancer:.

September is an active month for communicating, connecting, and learning, dear Cancer. You're likely to find much to do, and your interests are many this month! With plenty of items on your "to do" list, tension is entirely possible at times. For the most part, though, you're enjoying the activity. You're particularly motivated to learn, communicate, and connect. The last week of the month should be more peaceful. Until then, your curiosity leads the way to a variety of experiences.

You are getting your message across with charm and grace much of the time. The month can be hectic in spots, but it can also be enriching if you can manage to pace yourself. You're pulled in many different directions, and being flexible helps you adapt. It's an excellent time to better your skills or seek out new interests. You are quite naturally selling your ideas, and promotion is favored. Friends are in your corner, and you are affectionate and generous with them.

People are generous with you as well! From mid-month, you're seeking more practicality, comfort, and security in your social or love life. Feelings settle, and you consider ways to make your life more comfortable. Learning and communicating are strong themes, and you're especially enthusiastic and motivated in these areas. Watch for being too hasty or impatient with these things, however. You can make a lot of headway quickly, but you may also overlook things or make errors in a rush to produce or get to where you want to go. The lines of communication may open with relatives, friends, and even neighbors.

Conversations about the "little things" in a key relationship can be the secret to its success this month. Try not to run yourself ragged, as you tend to rush to take action without thinking of what might come of it. Indeed, the desire to act is strong, but you may become overtired or confused about where to direct your energy, particularly around mid-month.

September is excellent for collecting information and branching out. You're putting your feelers out! You are reaching out to others and enjoying the connections you're making. A new or renewed personal interest can be motivating and exciting. Chores and errands can be more frequent, or perhaps so disjointed and random that you feel scattered at times. By mid-month, a shift of focus toward home and family life begins. Your increased attention to domestic matters certainly helps you to find more peace with family, and you are especially motivated to improve your living conditions. The Full Moon on the 14th can have a way of stirring up intense feelings of discontent, but this process is ultimately quite revealing.

Your mind may be working overtime, or you could be facing some lack of inspiration. You may feel overwhelmed with activities. Pay special attention to the creative and imaginative side of a venture. A lack of a long-term plan can interfere with your presence of mind, or the opposite--if you're pinning your hopes on something in the distant future, you may be missing current opportunities. Saturn's direct turn on the 18th helps ground you, bringing more clarity to a relationship or your stand on them.

Realistic expectations of projects and people lead to happier moods all around. You may be connecting with people and information that help you get closer to your goals. The last week of September brings a stronger desire to enjoy the peace and security of family life, and less interest in venturing far from home.

You might experience some pleasant opportunities to bond with loved ones. Horoscope Overview for September for Leo:. Comfort and security are strong motivators as you begin the month, dear Leo. You're making things happen, pursuing your desires, and also knowing when to hold back and wait for things to come to you. You're also more likely to verbalize your wishes, and others appreciate this clarity.

It's an exceptional month in which to improve your health or working environment, as well as to put more effort into making your life more comfortable all around. The practical or simple side of life holds your attention more than usual. It's best not to push these things or to do things too quickly, as this would defeat the purpose! It may be best to focus on key opportunities and projects. Independent or competitive activities are highly favored.

September should be a good month for money matters. Whether it's about increasing earnings or reducing spending, you're especially interested in improving your position. A significant purchase, gift, or bonus can figure strongly. Even so, there can be some issues with boundaries, borrowing, or lending, and this can reach a peak around the Full Moon on the 14th. Or, facing up to recent excesses may be necessary. As motivated as you are to build and develop a business, project, your talents, or money, you may wrestle with expectations or uncertainty. Watch for borrowing from your future.

It's essential to avoid turning a blind eye to problem areas, as guilt or ambiguity can drag you down and lead to wasted opportunities.

Timing with the Moon in Astrology

If you discover that you don't have all the resources or support you had anticipated, aim to discipline yourself or tone things down just a little. Impulse buys are always something to watch for with Mars transiting your solar second house as it does all month. However, you are highly motivated to make money and ideas to do so are plentiful. You have a lot working for you. You're in great shape for financial initiatives and plans.

You are willing to work especially hard for security, and you are also quick to defend your values. Your ambitions are stimulated, and your desire to make improvements and to be self-supporting is strong and growing. This is a time for self-improvement through better attention to finances, work, and health.

With Saturn's direct turn on the 18th, you'll find it easier or necessary to get back on track diet or fitness plan and with work projects. It's a time to adopt a more straightforward approach to meeting and facing your responsibilities. More clarity comes to a work project, your job itself, or your health and wellness.

Learning where you stand on a matter can be a relief and can also improve planning and decision-making. Simple activities, such as exercising or decluttering, that help you to see more clearly are in focus. This is a good time for self-discipline involving a hobby or creative work. You're bringing more maturity and better judgment to your life. September may very well be a business or money month in many ways, but as it progresses, learning and connecting become more prominent themes.

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It's time to diversify and meet a variety of people or entertain many different ideas. Your success depends heavily on communicating or connecting. Increased contact with relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances is likely. Studies and personal interests grab more of your attention, energy, and time. Horoscope Overview for September for Virgo:.

This month is very much about attending to your personal needs, dear Virgo. Generally speaking, things are playing in your favor. With Mars in your sign all month, your independence and freedom are especially important to you. Your desire nature is very powerful in September.

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You may need to tone it down a little at times, but if you use this period well, you'll have all the courage necessary to make your dreams happen. September is an excellent month for moving ahead with personal plans, becoming more active and involved, communications, learning, and competitive undertakings. Mind you, you could feel that you're often left to your own resources or especially independent, and this may or may not be welcome at this time in your life!

However, certain people in your life seem to have your personal interests, agenda, and happiness in mind. If you've been hesitant about starting a new project or plan of action, you'll be ready this month to go forward. You are more assertive, energetic, and decisive, and your personal presence is strong.

Those of you taking courses or studying should have added success this month. Do watch especially for impatience and possible poor judgment at times with planets in your sign opposing Neptune and squaring Jupiter in spots this month.

Your August Horoscope, Revealed

Mars fires up your confidence and brings a more aggressive approach to your world, which can do with some refining. Fortunately, Venus helps do just that while transiting your sign until mid-month, after which a more conscious effort is recommended for best results. The Full Moon on the 14th brings a whirlwind of emotion and activity with a close partner. This can mark a turning point for a key relationship. There can be some disheartening moments but these can also release you from uncertainty. As the month advances, you are entering into a brilliant period for increasing your earning power.

You'll be busy taking charge of your finances. Money-making opportunities are likely to present themselves, and the motivation to take advantage of them increases in October. While September is a month of opportunity, avoid trying to "do it all" too soon and too quickly. Instead, focus on one or two opportunities and projects. It should be a strong month for money matters.

Emotionally, you're definitely moving forward this month! On some level, this is a time for reinventing yourself. Your powers of attraction run very high, and people seem to notice your charm more than usual. It's a good time for updating your appearance or changing your presentation if you've been looking for a breath of fresh air, as well as envisioning what you'd like to make of the year ahead.

Some tension between relationships and family life is possible, and you should avoid the tendency to try to please too many people at your own expense.

Tropic Skincare

The key to getting back on track seems to be to pour more energy into the things that are working well for you so that you don't fall behind. If you can let things flow instead of pushing for direction or clarity, you'll be able to get over small hurdles presented by the planets Jupiter and Neptune in large part. Even so, it's crucial not to escape responsibility or jump ship. Aim for balance. The need for healthy forms of escape becomes particularly evident around mid-month. It can be exhausting for you now as you try to discern between fact and fancy.

Finding a middle ground is the key, but can be difficult today when all of the energy you've been feeling seems to evaporate and you feel sluggish. This is likely due to a feeling that you don't know what or who to believe. Others can seem quite elusive. You may need to let go of the desire for others to be clear about their intentions, just for the time being.

In some cases, you may need to temporarily put your plans on hold in order to tend to someone else. September is a brilliant month for learning new and exciting things. Your mind is often racing in the first two weeks. Your desire for comfort or luxury items is hearty in September, and it's growing! You are looking at your money and possessions in a whole new way, and you might come up with creative ideas on how to earn more or use what you already have. Personal influence, goal-setting, and finances are all themes now. There may be job offers or opportunities and significant bonuses or gifts this month.

Opportunities to advance business and financial goals can arise in the second half of the month. The New Moon on the 28th is fabulous for kickstarting new endeavors in these areas. It's also good for home-related matters. Horoscope Overview for September for Libra:. The first few weeks of September tend to be quiet for you, dear Libra, at least on the surface of things. The state of your inner world, on the other hand, is especially active. You might decide to treat this period as a time for gathering your energies and closing important projects, relationships, or situations so that you can begin again renewed.

The New Moon on the 28th is the perfect excuse for a new beginning, in fact. Your mental energies are quickened from the 14th forward while Mercury is in your sign, favoring any task that involves getting your point across effectively! Your romantic life becomes considerably more straightforward at the same time, or at least your wants and desires from romance are less complicated. A disappointment around the Full Moon on the same date can eventually lead to a breakthrough in the last week of the month.

In the last few days of the month, you'll find more support than usual--you're attracting both people and favorable circumstances into your life. Even so, energy levels can be low much of the month, and you may want to wait for October to launch significant new endeavors. For most of September, you can be a bit withdrawn at times, preferring moments to yourself for reflection and rest.

It's not the best time for demanding or competitive activities. There is an unusual number of influences highlighting your privacy sector. Soul-searching is necessary now, and important decision-making will need to wait. However, the last week of the month brings a shot in the arm of energy, dynamism, and confidence, and once Mars enters your sign on October 4th, you'll be raring to go. If you've used your period of rest in September well, you'll find that you can push forward with personal plans successfully by then.

Work matters can be frustrating at times in September, and you're likely to want to escape the pressures. Feeling generally "under the weather" can be a symptom of not wanting to face up to challenges. You need a break from a hectic pace and the critical eyes of others. Even so, your job may undergo several little changes that require you to be adaptable and flexible. There could be waning enthusiasm for a particular project, perhaps because you feel a little overwhelmed and lacking in direction.

This likely only means that you need to take a small break or find new sources of inspiration in the project. Aim for moderation. There can be a minor disappointment in work, service, or health areas. It might be discouraging at first, but ultimately redirects you on a better or more appropriate path. Keep in mind that this is temporary and serves a useful purpose. Aim to seek a balance since overwhelmed feelings can lead to waste or procrastination. Be especially vigilant about taking breaks and rest periods, and give yourself time for major decision making.

There are some loose ends to tie this month. Those endeavors or relationships that are private or behind the scenes tend to figure strongly and thrive for the most part. Or, people from your past are in focus. You may be actively seeking opportunities to recharge. This is an ideal time for seeing things that you've missed, for reflecting on the past year, and for envisioning how you'd like to proceed in the future.

In the first half of the month, communicate, but avoid publicizing ideas until you are clear about them. Artistic and spiritual pursuits are favored. Family affairs improve considerably this month. The last week of the month brings more energy for personal plans and a resurgence of vitality. As September progresses, it can be as if you are emerging from a waking sleep with planets, one by one, leaving your privacy sector and moving into your sign.

By the 23rd, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus are in your sign, and others are taking note. This is a fabulous period for charm and attractiveness. Horoscope Overview for September for Scorpio:. New energy is with you this month for friendships and long-term goals, dear Scorpio. You're in high spirits, and you may feel more connected than usual. Later in the month, aim to get extra rest and treat any slow-downs as a sign that you may need more time to recoup, or to reconsider a matter.

You are beginning a period best used for emotional renewal, tying up loose ends, and laying low. A lively agenda is in store for you in the first few weeks of September. You are in demand and highly stimulated. New beginnings on the social front are possible. You may be taking the lead on a special project or for a cause that's important to you. It's a fine time for joining groups or making associations that interest you.

There is some tendency to take on too much, however, which should be watched. From the 14th, although friends continue to seek you out, romantic relationships can become confusing or complicated. Some of these complications are interesting and even enjoyable! There is an increasing need for some time out as the month advances.

Until then, September is a sociable month for you — one in which being part of a team brings you the most success. Share your time, ideas, and expertise now. Networking efforts pay off, people are pleased with your work or contributions, and your inner confidence comes shining through. Relationships with friends and associates assume more importance in your life right now, although ups and downs are highly likely as well. Money, values, and romantic tensions can be issues since planets in your social sector sometimes clash with Jupiter and Neptune this month.

The 14th can bring disagreements and pressures to a head. Friendships that allow you the freedom to be yourself and group associations can be exceptionally pleasant and refreshing. Socializing and romance can figure prominently, or you're happily busy with new projects and the pursuit of pet projects or happiness goals. You may get quite fired up about issues close to your heart this month with Mars transiting your solar eleventh house all month.

Your feelings about and relationships with friends can also be more intense. New ideas are abundant, but not always supported by people or current circumstances in your life. Around the 14th, there can be much ado surrounding a child, creative project, or romance. A relationship matter may rattle your cage. Imagination is powerful, and maybe going a little too far temporarily. Someone could be trying to pull the wool over your eyes, but it is equally possible that you see only what you want to see.

Whichever the case, watch for mixed signals and be open to seeing the truth of a situation so that you can be clearer. If you're feeling overwhelmed with a project, it may be better to take a rest or some time away so that you can refresh yourself and better understand what you truly want and need.

You're scrutinizing areas of neglect, waste, or overestimation in your life, and taking care of these can be a primary key to building your confidence and clearing your conscience. Be on the alert for overindulgence or a tendency to accumulate too much--these things can leave you feeling disorganized or behind. Ultimately you'll feel stronger for learning which dreams work for you and which may be undermining or distracting you.

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While you're currently in an opportunity period for money and resources, you may need a bit of self-discipline now. All month, learning, communication, and transportation are highly favored. You're in particularly good shape for locking down a project or putting in serious effort on an endeavor. You may be pouring energy into practical projects, teamwork, personal interests, and studies. It's an excellent time to repair bonds or clarify your position. You may very well put something to rest that is no longer serving your needs to grow, evolve, and thrive. Horoscope Overview for September for Sagittarius:.

September is likely to be a higher-profile month, dear Sagittarius, or your responsibilities to the outside world are more prominent. Your career or a special project continues to pick up pace. The balancing act between your personal and professional lives can reach a head around the 14th. Around the same time, your social life comes into stronger focus.

Others are recognizing your talents and abilities, but the real drive for success is emanating from within, as you're especially motivated, ambitious, and goal-oriented this month. Because you're taking your connections with authority figures, co-workers, or your reputation a little more seriously in September, there can be a bit more sensitivity. However, it's a beautiful time for taking charge and sorting problems out. You're in good shape for proving yourself or feeling satisfied with the improvements you make. Others are taking notice of you more than usual.

There can be opportunities to advance your career interests, improve your social standing, or reach a goal that you've set for yourself. This can be a time for a promotion, award, or significant turning point. As September advances, energy shifts toward happiness goals. Emphasis on career decreases, and social activities become a stronger focus.

Not only do you enjoy the company of friends, but your networking efforts can also inspire new ideas and can lead to success down the road. Around the Full Moon on the 14th, watch for illusions, which can have you see-sawing. Be flexible in your expectations of others and treat any changes as chances to grow and improve. Improving your domestic life or living conditions can be a priority, even if it seems you don't have the time to do so. Consider that ambiguities in your living situation can leave you feeling uncertain in other areas of your life.

If you're feeling without an anchor or game plan, let this feeling redirect and reorient you in useful ways. Getting more acquainted with your needs and wants will help. Consider ways to inject more imagination into your projects or goals and deal with issues surrounding the home or family life that are leaving you feeling insecure or guilty. You can make great strides toward meeting your goals in September. You are likely to gain recognition for the work you do or for your responsibility. You might frequently find yourself in situations that require you to be on top of your game. Fortunately, you possess just the right attitude to meet challenges confidently.

You are in a wonderful position to impress others, too. For the IMO's new standard, the board will discuss preparation before the new marine oil standard takes effect in January , which will decrease sulphur to less than 0. Meanwhile, the IMO plans to reset the real mandatory day in May, eight months earlier than scheduled, Ms Nantika said. Separately, the department projects that the country's daily consumption of both diesel and petrol could reach an all-time high this month, thanks to better growth of the local economy.

Normal diesel consumption is 65 million litres a day. Ms Nantika said the uptick in diesel has been driven by the seasonal harvesting of rice, sugar cane, cassava, palm oil and rubber. The rise in petrol consumption has come from the tourism high season during March to April, with its many long holidays. The April surge has led the country's oil refineries to utilise capacity of up to 1 million barrels a day.