Moon in capricorn compatibility

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  1. Capricorn Moon Compatibility
  2. Love Compatibility in the Astrological Chart: The Moon
  3. Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

It also plays a major role in romantic compatibility , revealing how harmonious your dynamic will be.

Capricorn Moon Compatibility

A Capricorn moon sign is highly ambitious, and tend toward leadership-oriented roles. But sometimes, a Capricorn moon sign can forget that they have their own wants and desires that need to be fulfilled. Stubborn by nature, it can sometimes be a challenge to see eye-to-eye with a Capricorn moon. Patience, more than anything else, is crucial when relating to those born with a Capricorn moon.

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Capricorn Moon with Aries Moon

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She is service-oriented and must learn to set boundaries to avoid depleting her energy. This Moon makes a lovely companion to Virgo and Capricorn. A settled Sag Moon or a self-reliant Scorpio might find companionship here as well. Pisces may like the nurturing of a Cancer moon but will struggle with fire moons and the remoteness of Aquarius.

She was big-hearted, warm, and loved the give and take of emotions. As with any astrological connection, you can make anything work, depending on how hard you are willing to try. I told Ally that Dave was never going to be the warm, adoring type, though he could learn to speak a love language that felt more natural for her.

Was she willing to give herself more of the love she was seeking from Dave?

If not, no matter how good other components were, she would always feel emotionally shut out by him. Ally took a few weeks to consider. When she came for another session, she reported that she had decided to step back from the relationship. Your Moon sign is vital to co-creating a lasting, satisfying relationship with yourself and with another. Understanding needs and emotional patterns by knowing Moon signs will give you a head start in navigating both new and established relationships—and relationships with family and friends, too.

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Love Compatibility in the Astrological Chart: The Moon

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Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

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