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Life Path Number 8
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For instance, what will our day-to-day service work look like where our work is no longer considered as a monetisation of our time?

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Where creativity, joy, what turns us on at the deepest levels of beingness is what considered a Nations greatest asset. The Empress exudes abundance, prosperity, she is naturally creative and at ease with herself. She sees beauty in everything, and reminds us to be still and experience this beauty in all that we do. The Empress will guide us during to follow our bliss, birth our creativity doing what turns you on , and engage with the world using all your senses.

On a side note, each of the 13 Stars are 6 pointed — Merkabahs representing our Lightbody — we are awakening to our true natures!

Types of Numerology

We are stepping off the treadmill of linear time, freeing ourselves to let our creative juices flow in resonance with Cosmic time. The scepter is a phallic Masculine symbol, whilst the sphere is a symbol of the Feminine.

Numerology the number 8 personality (if you are born on the 8, the 17, or the 26)

If I could add to the depiction of The Empress, I would place her left hand over her genitals signifying her comfort with her own defined sexuality and being at ease with her cliteracy — afterall the internal clitorus does take on a triangular formation — more power to the number 3! The Empress sits outdoors on a red cushioned throne embellished with Venus symbols. So this card reminds us that in order for us to give birth to the greatest heights of our creativity during — we must rewild ourselves — we must let go of the constraints that feel like a noose around our necks — keeping us tied down, locked up, keeping us small.

The words by German philospher Nietszche highlight this so eloquently…. You need chaos in your Soul to give birth to a dancing Star. Friedrich Nietszche. The key meaning of this card is to let go of control. Birth your dancing Star in , and together lets create a symphony of Stars in the Heavens here on Earth! And so is the power of the Feminine.

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  • The World card invites us into newly envisioned Cosmic Citizenship as we flourish in our unique creative freedom. She invites us to dance, sing, celebrate life during — for you literally have the world at your feet — endless opportunities at your disposal. All that revealing may bring up feelings of vulnerability, worry about what others may think of us, and the sensitive emotional nature of the number 3 may seem to spin out of control. There is no hiding in a Universal 3 year, the spotlight is illuminating the dark shadows that exist, but also offers creative solutions.

    And finally, I leave you with the words of a famous playwright. Remember, the world is vibrantly more beautiful because you are in it! This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

    I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. Calculating your Birth Day number couldn't be easier: it is simply the date -- and the date alone -- of your birth, unreduced. So whether you were born on January 10 or July 10, your Birth Day number is The month and year in which you were born do not matter, nor does it matter that a 10 normally reduces to a 1. All that matters is that one single- or double-digit number defines the special talents that make up who you are.

    Just look up the date of your birthday below to hone in on the skills you may have never even realized you possess! You are a determined leader in the truest sense and can gain the support and trust of others easily, even when your highly independent self would rather work alone. You are very sensitive and diplomatic, and your warm demeanor is a strength when dealing with or mediating others.

    Your intuition is strong, tapping you into the inner thoughts of those around you.

    Whether you've worked at it or not, you have a highly-developed creative talent and are a natural-born artist. Your affectionate demeanor and wit make you a social star. You're every employer's dream: a hardworking, detail-oriented individual with high principles. And still, you maintain a sense of compassion for others and a love of close family. You're lusty Your eccentric self loves a change of scene and craves travel and adventure. You are highly adaptable, communicative, and relate well to others. You're a generous family person, a kind soul with a strong skill in keeping the peace.

    You are able to resolve unrest between loved ones by easily finding the best middle ground.

    Numerology: The Complete Guide

    Your mind is your greatest asset. You enjoy contemplating on any topic, from the scientific to the spiritual, and have a great sense of focus. You take nothing at face value and can rely on your strong intuition to find truths that are hidden to others. You're an "ideas person" when it comes to dreaming up new ventures, and you back this with a creative approach to business and money matters.

    You are efficient, realistic, and confident in your skills, always up for a challenge. Your open mind, relentless optimism and compassion for your fellow man make you true humanitarian. You are charming and well-liked by others, and find it easy to relate to others, regardless of their differences.

    Life Path Number

    You are highly ambitious and no surprise! Your drive for success is strong, and you can rely on your analytical mind and solid managerial skills. You're an optimist, but not naive: your rose-colored view of the world is matched with a strong sense of confidence and determination. You are a dreamer, and your intuition is highly refined, helping you to reach an understanding of others. You are a true artist, bringing creativity to everything from your home and style to the way you express yourself.

    Your enthusiastic nature, imagination and wit make you the light of your social circle. You're "the rock" in your family and community, and dependable above all else. You are organized and detail-oriented, using these skills in everything from nose-to-the-grindstone work to artistic endeavors.

    Hello, globetrotter! Your restless nature flocks toward the unexpected twists and turns of travel and variety. While you possess an analytical mind, on the outside you are a very social, communicative, and lucky person. Your creative spirit pushes you toward artistic expression. While you possess strong instincts in business and financial matters, your sensitivity and range of talents make you accessible to those around you.