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However, it is this tendency to skip from one thing to another that leads to the extra insight and discoveries.

Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses

Saturn sextile Neptune is the strongest aspect in the solar eclipse chart beside the Sun conjunct Moon. It is also the major planetary aspect of and brings material gain from spiritual pursuits. This aspect helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. You will be patience and self-disciplined without denying yourself or making sacrifices. The July solar eclipse is refreshingly positive. It joins a star in Gemini Constellation called Alhena that brings good health, honor, and riches.

This is an excellent eclipse for enjoying good times with friends and especially your family.


This star is good for artists and scientists. The spiritual nature of this star brings people together so it is a good omen for ending conflict through peace negotiations. A gentle but positive influence from Uranus adds to the creative and scientific influence of Alhena. Exciting breakthroughs and new developments will foster technological innovation and greater personal freedom.

Eclipses 12222

The long-term influence of Saturn sextile Neptune increases the likelihood of permanent settlements to international and personal disputes. Solar eclipse July can make your dreams come true through patience, open-mindedness, and hard work. I remember the reverent silence that befell every one of us, as the Moon blocked out more and more of the Sun, as if our voices had been fed by the waning sunlight…the traffic in the busy streets had been frozen, as if by magic a true miracle in Rio, repeated only during World Cup games.

Thank you Jamie. I love your articles. I look at a few different astrology blogs regularly, and your explanations are always my favorite. Maybe you can fix that. Hello Jamie. This Eclipse was NOT nice. It unearthed much of what was hidden or not quite clearly visible. Now, afterwards, I am left with who lied and is still continually lying without fessing up to anything.

Aries: You're Reassessing Your Goals And Sense Of Authority

There is one central figure in this whole thing. I would hope that he will finally trip up and take big fall. He has set people against each other -even marriage partners- for his own gain. Divide and conquer.

In fact, when reading the intro to this eclipse I thought I had misunderstood the meaning of it. So positive and forwards looking. Here is no forwards until the backwards gets cleared up. As difficult as it may be, try to let go of all past malicious actions. My birthday was on the 2nd. The next day I ended an extremely toxic relationship I had tried for years to save, while losing myself doing so. I will always love him. My nephew got into a severe car accident when this solar moon quincunx his natal Uranus in Capricorn 13 degrees 3rd house , quincunx his natal mars 6 degrees Ophiuchus in 1st house and squared his natal vesta 19degrees Virgo in 10th house.

Sorry to hear about the dramatic developments.

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This is not the case here. I am not involved with these people, just resented the senseless attempt at confusion and lies. Precluding this was a case of fraud with another apartment on the other side of town. A guy from Kurdistan.

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  • It took three years of legal to straighten this out and get the money back. Fortunately two weeks later the thing is cut and dried as far as I am concerned.

    Have had astro advice all along with the former apartment. Make no mistake, you need to get ready now!! Look for the business world, corporations, to be depressed, or disturbed, also agriculture will suffer. Stock market declining. Look for a mild drought. July 3, Venus move into the sign of Cancer, Venus in Cancer will make you strive for security! July 7 Mercury goes retrograde! Mercury retrograde is not the time to start new things, but perhaps you will find something you lost!

    Sagittarius, I feel that you will become super conscious of imposing limitations on you by surrounding circumstances, other people.

    Pisces weekly career horoscope lifetime

    I feel some could also be low on energy. Get ready Sagittarius you will not only emotionally but also intellectually have an extremely strong desire to go deeper on a more spiritual level of reality! This is the most opportune time to go off by yourself and meditate. FYI Sagittarius! This transit will make you feel extremely intense encounters with circumstances and people! Also, be careful with this transit it can bring out tunnel vision in a quest to go deep underground and search for things that may or may not be the issue of your troubles, for this transit does bring out jealousy, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and for some of you a desire to seek revenge.

    July 11 th , be ever so careful Sagittarius! You have a Mars and Uranus square! For you Sagittarius, this transit can bring out very impulsiveness, restlessness, interbeing within you. You feel you want to be free of all restrictions! In your life Sagittarius if you notice where it needs to change work on that!