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It was published by Benjamin Franklin first as Poor Richard's Almanac and has been a seasonal go-to ever since. Of course Im sure there are many other religions and regions around the world that have the same concept of an almanac and have probably been around for way longer. But "The Farmer's Almanac" is only around years old.

Also the moon has many names : so dont be upset when people refer to it by it's regional name. In many northern areas, this is what it's known by.

Astro RX 2020

I've also been told full moons are a great time to deform horses when scheduling. Seems I should wait until March 16th to deworm my horses this spring. Yes, worming during the full moon is the best time for your horses health. Here is an excellent product to consider.

Taurus Full Moon Power and Magic That Lasts! Nov 10-16 2019 Astrology Horoscope

I must say I did get a chuckle about planting of crops, at least here in the North East, there is way to much snow, and we have had such cold weather that the ground is still frozen beneath the 2' of snow on the ground. Planting days are also good for any "fertile" activity. Skip to main content.

Saturn Transit 12222 Dates During Its Transit In Sagittarius

The Full Worm Moon. By Catherine Boeckmann. August 6, What do you want to read next? Full Moon for September Full Moon for June Full Moon for July Full Moon for April Full Moon Names. Full Moon for February Full Moon for August Full Moon for October Full Moon for January Full Moon for May Full Moon for December You instantly go on the offensive if your button is pressed and become a tactless, selfish cad. Lilith in Taurus. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Taurus if you were born between these dates: 02—05——25—01— 08—03——01—12— 11—01——06—10— 16—11——12—08— 22—09——16—06— 27—07——22—04— 02—06——25—02— 07—04——01—01— 11—02——06—11— 17—12——12—09— Lilith in the sign of the bull makes for one lusty chick!

You want what you want and everyone else can go fish. You dream of endless self-indulgence in guilty pleasures where you fulfil your every whim. Your lust for love, luxury and money is an aphrodisiac for others, although they fear your jealous streak. Your shadow is that of a bully, greedy, gluttonous and possessive, a slave to your carnal urges. Should you see red, you will bully, coerce and tyrannise others into submission. Lilith in Gemini. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini if you were born between these dates: 26—01——22—10— 02—12——27—08— 07—10——03—07— 13—08——07—05— 17—06——13—03— 23—04——16—01— 26—02——22—11— 02—01——27—09— 07—11——02—08— 11—09——08—06— Lilith in the sign of the twins makes for one tricksy chick!

Do you fantasise of threesomes? Or maybe you like talking dirty in bed? Lilith in Cancer. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Cancer if you were born between these dates: 23—10——18—07— 28—08——23—05— 04—07——28—03— 08—05——31—01— 14—03——07—12— 17—01——12—10— 23—11——18—08— 28—09——22—06— 03—08——29—04— 10—06——04—03— Are you a MILF? Others see you as a matriarch, wanting to submit to you and curl up in your bosom, yet also fearing your all-consuming power. Your shadow is that of the devourer, man-eater and blasphemer.

Lilith in Leo. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Leo if you were born between these dates: 19—07——13—04— 24—05——17—02— 29—03——22—12— 01—02——28—10— 08—12——02—09— 13—10——09—07— 19—08——13—05— 23—06——19—03— 30—04——22—01— 05—03——28—11— You dream of being worshipped and adored — preferably by a large court. Your shadow is your incredible vanity, narcissism and megalomania. Lilith in Virgo. Your Black Moon Lilith is in Virgo if you were born between these dates: 14—04——07—01— 18—02——12—11— 23—12——17—09— 29—10——24—07— 03—09——29—05— 10—07——03—04— 14—05——06—02— 20—03——13—12— 23—01——20—10— 29—11——25—08— Sex-angel Lilith in the sign of the virgin creates some strong contradictions!

You have an eye for detail and so your image of sex is almost clinical. Do you own a nurse costume? Still, you probably dream of alternately playing the virgin and the whore. Others want to mess you up and conquer your virginity but they fear your cold, heartless demeanour. Your shadow is that of a virgin priestess or a nun and a man-hater. If your button is pressed you go frigid and critical, refusing to listen, open up or offer any assistance. Lilith in Libra.

That's in the daytime The time of day listed is the point in time when the Moon will be at its fullest according to the lunar cycle. Parasites greatly multiply during full moon also. Cut down or omit on sugar during at that time. The greatest lesson that I have learned so far is that every single human is at one time or another, crazy. Like my brother who is 33 and still getting arrested for trespassing, drinks tons of pop and smokes too many cigarettes. Because women are more sensitive to the vibrations emitted by all the planets, and when the moon goes to full, it's like the universe has turned on a gigantic light bulb.

It is, however, a great time to ask for whatever you want to manifest in your life. Just face the Old Man in the Moon, and ask. I've done it. It works! Because, we all know God is there I am getting married on May 21st, I've always loved the moon and stars. God created this beautiful magnificent world and I thank him for it.

Moon Phases – Lunar Calendar for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

At your service! We now offer the Full Moon Finder app for android. I've always heard that it's best to have surgery during the "light of the moon. The light of the Moon if from the date of the new Moon to the date of the full Moon; the dark of the Moon if from the day after it is full to the day before it is new again. Skip to main content. Watch for the Full Flower Moon!

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By The Editors. August 6, Tags Flower Moon May. What do you want to read next? Full Moon for September