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  1. The Internet Changed Astrology. Then Came the Memes | WIRED
  2. Let's start with one which everyone can relate too.
  3. These Instagram Accounts Are The Go-to Spot For Hilarious Astrology Memes
  4. 19 Perfect And Strangely Accurate Jokes About Zodiacs

It's a brand new number!

The Internet Changed Astrology. Then Came the Memes | WIRED

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Peak Astrology means your millennial coworkers probably have a Slack channel for horoscopes.

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Let's start with one which everyone can relate too.

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These Instagram Accounts Are The Go-to Spot For Hilarious Astrology Memes

Hans 10 months ago Probably we merely need a better zodiac circle. Ladies and Gentlemen 10 months ago I am gonna use this forever from this day ever! Yvonne Bernal 10 months ago I bet they didn't read that one coming in their morning horoscope! Dre Mosley 10 months ago Savage. Enuya 10 months ago Wel, that is how it works. Ladies and Gentlemen 10 months ago Perfect! David Viesta 10 months ago For those who might wonder, this picture depicts the exact reaction former president Obama had when he went to the White House after Trump's election, also complemented by his short mental dialogue: 'Well, time to compliment my successor.

Ladies and Gentlemen 10 months ago Hahahaha.. Instead, It's about delving into their long-held passion for astrology. Their personal attachment to astrology allows the somethings create, for lack of a better term, relatable content that makes people pause and say, "that's so me.

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  5. The funniest corner of the internet is filled with…astrology memes.

And it's that intrinsic desire to relate to others or better understand yourself that gets people talking — or tagging their friends in the comments. In particular, she said she reads her horoscope for comfort and validation. While she's not particularly interested in memes, when friends send them to her, she only looks at her sign. Astrology offers a path toward external validation and community that many struggle to find in traditional structures, be it religion or politics.

In a way, astrology provides its followers with a template for how to organize, categorize, and make sense of a chaotic world. That's why Jake said he gravitated toward astrology growing up — it gave him a sense of validation that he struggled to find elsewhere. Jake believes that feeling left out or excluded from traditional belief systems has driven many of his peers toward astrology, too. The majority of my followers are under 30," she explained.

For folks who have been into astrology for a long time, the sudden ascendance of astrology memes comes as no surprise.

19 Perfect And Strangely Accurate Jokes About Zodiacs

Ophira Edut, who has been practicing astrology since the '90s and runs Astro Style with her sister Tali under the pen name of The AstroTwins, says she thinks astrology memes are funny and clever interpretations of the signs and their behavioral patterns. And she's not at all surprised that people are turning to astrology for answers. According to Edut, when politics "goes sideways," the demand for astrologers surges. Maybe there's a bigger spiritual lesson for the world that we're learning?

Maybe astrology can explain it. Anna Price, a year-old editor who lives in Los Angeles, California, told us that she first became truly interested in astrology in when she got her full natal chart read. Today, she turns to social media for regular updates on her horoscope. One app that people commonly turn to is Co—Star, which provides users with custom birth charts and daily horoscopes. Guler says it doesn't surprise her that people are turning to astrology in droves because it offers the same mystic and community aspects as a traditional religion might.

Susan Miller, the founder of Astrology Zone , may not make astrology memes, but she approves of them. And with current things in the news, I think we need a reason to laugh more. Pisces: Stop cutting yourself off from everyone you know, stop catastrophizing everything that happens to you. Reasons why I love each zodiac sign:. Aries: Their childlike attitude is extremely adorable IMO. Gemini: They are social butterflies. They are fun to be around. Cancer: They are soft and caring little precious things. They care about the people they love, and I find that extremely sweet.

Leo: They are extremely charismatic people. My best guy friend is a leo, and I can tell you guys he is an extremely social fella, caring and generous to people he cares about, which is a very admirable trait of most leo people. Virgo: They are perfectionists. They want every single detail of their life to be perfect, and they aspire to be the best.

They are hard-workers. Libra: They are extremely artistic individuals. They love art- painting, drawing, singing, dancing, writing, you name it. They usually have an aesthetically pleasing style. Scorpio: They are usually true friends: they can definitely keep a secret, and are generally calm and cool people. Sagittarius: You can never be bored around a sagittarius: they love adventure and will do anything to feel entertained. They are also very blunt and honest people. Capricorn: They are the kind of friend who would drive you home from a party if you drank too much.

I feel like you can always count on capricorns: they are loyal, hard-working and honest people. Aquarius: They are one of a kind. They are special in their own ways.