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Always seeking a mirror or clear pool, the Libra child tends to look for her identity through the eyes of others. Throughout her childhood, your little Libra will look to others for clues to know herself.

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The Libra child seeks to please and put forth her best to measure up to your praise. Close friendships mean a lot to your child. Theater is a good medium for trying on many hats safely.

Zodiac Signs As KIDS - Astrology FUNNY compilation

Libran children need to develop self-confidence and a strong sense of identity. They need to be taught the importance of trust and honesty in all their interactions. Children of the scales tend to compare one thing with another, but its best that you not compare her negatively with her friends.

Because Librans see both sides, they have a strong sense of fairness, but may have trouble making decisions. Give your little Libran many opportunities to make choices. Praise her when she makes up her mind decisively and quickly! Libran children are natural arbitrators and often play the role of the class peace-maker. Later, some will grow up to be lawyers! Librans are born diplomats and can get along with almost anyone. They may become unbalanced and noticeably disturbed by an ugly or discordant environment.

Librans are attracted to beauty and peace. Even so, your own example can help your Libran child learn how to confront and handle unpleasant situations. Some Libran children will resort to lying rather than rock the boat. By all means, stress honesty and openness in your household. Even Libran babies will respond to flowers, color and other touches of beauty and harmony in their surroundings. Most Libran children like to dress well. Your child may have artistic talent that you will want to cultivate. Your child is almost certainly sociable and benefits by early training in social skills and graces.

Libran children can be charming hosts and hostesses at parties and school functions. Nevertheless, their ability to charm can amount to a mask, hiding their true intentions. The scales are the scales of justice and Libran children are sure to speak out against perceived injustices. Scorpio is a Water sign on the feeling cross. Its symbols are the Scorpion, the Phoenix and the Eagle.

Want to Be an Awesome Parent? Tune in to Your Child’s Zodiac Sign |

Water sign children are typically sensitive, responsive, considerate and kind. Your Scorpio child needs to feel secure, in control of her environment. The Scorpio child is so sensitive that occasionally she may withdraw, perceiving that an adult is capable of physically or emotionally hurting her. She needs to have a clear idea of right and wrong from babyhood. She needs to develop good habits concerning belongings, money and the balance between material and spiritual things And that, of course, means good examples at home!

She may need encouragement to be willing to share. Scorpio energy is dynamically creative. Search for areas of interest—science, music, sports—for your child to channel her great creative potential! Teach her to avoid extremes, and to seek the middle way. Scorpios experience life on a deep, emotional level. Your child may be moody. Like other children of the water signs, Scorpio children are soothed by music.

Many have musical talent. Scorpio children tend to be loners in some way. Scorpios are adept at masking their true feelings, so its important that you establish trust with your child, and keep the avenues of communication open. Your child may have a love of strategy, puzzles, mazes, chess and checkers, science-fiction and mystery stories. Chemistry sets, microscopes, nature walks and research are all up the Scorpio alley. In Scorpio, the cruel sting of the Scorpion selfishness, cruelty, over self-concern is transformed Phoenix into the free and noble eagle I serve, I heal, I share.

Scorpios seeks permanent change. Little Scorpios learn about themselves by studying cocoons, crystal formations and other natural phenomena that show the phases of transformation and metamorphism. Sagittarius is a Fire sign on the thinking cross. Its symbol is The Archer. Your fiery archer likes to be out-front, frank, and even rough and tumble at times.

She gets to the heart of any subject and tells it like it is! Teach your child tact and social graces. Do not allow rudeness in your household. Sagittarians are the explorers of the zodiac. Little Archers in particular can be quite restless! Baby Archers delight in strolls around the neighborhood.

Tricycles, bicycles and scooters are welcomed with glee! The challenge begins at toddler age when she takes off in all directions! Older Sagittarians may have trouble staying put in a school chair all day! No wonder! For the same reasons, the Sagittarian youngster may resent restrictions on her freedom. Your child may be a born adventurer. All children need to learn to play by the rules and Sagittarian youngsters are no exceptions! Sagittarian children love to travel, its true, but not just physically. They travel with their minds.

Seek ways to introduce your child to a wide range of subjects. Colorful books on religious themes, heroes and noble deeds, far-off lands will capture her attention and ignite her own sense of mission! She has a love for the law and a natural sense of fairness. Even more important than book learning for Sagittarian children may be exposure to a variety of diverse environments and experiences: the park, the marketplace, the mountains, the sea.

Sagittarians are also known to be outdoors people and enjoy participating in or following sports. Horseback riding comes naturally to many children of this sign, whose symbol is the Centaur. The arrow must reach the mark. Tire not in reminding your spirited archer that she must finish what she begins, whether it be putting away her toys or completing her homework. Especially if Mercury is in Sagittarius less so if its in Scorpio or Capricorn she may tend to skip the details in her work or become easily distracted.

Help her develop good study habits and mental concentration by learning to pull in the reins of the mind and focus on task at hand. Sagittarians are typically friendly and outspoken. When they feel they have been wronged disciplined or hemmed in Sagittarian children may express resentment and a desire to get even. Retaliation is the misuse of the Sagittarian light! The Sagittarian youngster needs to experience bringing her project to completion, getting the ball in the net and making that goal.

When her youth is marked by victories, there is no room for resentment! Capricorn is an Earth sign on the action cross. Its symbol is The Goat who climbs to the summit on her knees. Generally speaking, the Capricorn child is not too emotional, but rather objective, businesslike, and self-disciplined.

Especially if she is the oldest child, the Capricorn child may be delegated much responsibility. While Capricorn children generally enjoy this early sense of power, they need to be given assignments appropriate for their age and ability. Your little Capricorn may need more affection than you suspect.

Even if she appears quite serious, she needs time for play. Let your Capricorn youngster know that you love her for who she is, not just for what she does. Happy when in command, the Capricorn child enjoys management roles. She might enjoy helping out in the family business or helping Mom manage the house! Born into the earth element, Capricorn children like to construct and build things. She is in her element in the sandbox. Among her favorite toys could be an erector set, a carpentry set, tools for building sand castles and a box of building blocks or something that mimics your work since she likes to be grown-up!

She likes to find ways to make the best use of whatever is available. Power is the Capricorn key word and your child will need opportunities to wield it and to learn its right use. The Capricorn child may find it frustrating to not be the one in charge, but time will teach her patience! Teach her that Capricorn relates to the knees, showing the need to be humble. Anger, criticism, complaining, and negative thinking are misuses of the Capricorn light.

Hopefully these negatives can be nipped in the bud and turned around should they appear! Because she is responsible, she tends to assume the blame whether she merits it or not! Be gentle with your little Capricorn. She seeks spiritual transcendence through conquering the material world and will look to the father or dominant parent as her role model. Government or managerial positions may be her calling.

Aquarius is an Air sign on the feeling cross. Its symbol is The Water bearer, who pours out the waters of life to all. Like other Air sign children, Aquarians are friendly and like to socialize. Aquarius is the sign of fraternity. Friendship and camaraderie mean a lot to the Aquarian child.

She herself may be somehow unique, different, even perhaps eccentric! Because Aquarius is a mental sign on the fixed cross, your child may be stubborn about her ideas. On the positive side, once your little water bearer makes a friend, her loyalty tends to be unwavering. Aquarians are known to be open-minded and democratic, but can become intolerant or aloof of what they perceive as lesser minds. Aquarius is the sign of prophecy. It is said that Aquarians live in the future. They are inventive and innovative. Because the Aquarian child may tend to live in her head, she may need help getting in touch with her own feelings.

She may need to learn to be more sensitive to other children who are more emotional than she. Your Aquarian child may be more interested in the world of thought and ideas than in sports and physical activity, but this is not a die-hard rule.

Why Your Kids Do The Things They Do, Based On Their Zodiac Signs

Perhaps she takes to cycling, tennis, and running. Telescopes and satellites are commonly used to analyze and collect data. There is much debate about whether astrology should be considered an actual branch of science or categorized as metaphysical. Astrology does incorporate some elements of real science, like specialized vocabulary, math, and complicated diagrams.

Despite this, astrological theories have little validity. Astrologers do not apply the scientific method to any claims made. These arguments revolve around the concept of energy patterns, similar to yoga and Feng Shui, which also have minimal scientific support. With little evidence and emphasis placed on myths and superstition, astrology falls under the umbrella of pseudo-science.

An astrological clock is a unique tool that displays astronomical information related to planetary movements and the impact they have on time. The relative positions of the moon, the sun, and zodiacal constellations are commonly displayed. Birth charts are believed to hold fixed energy that engages with the planets as they move, which represents a message or meaning between other individuals.

A birth chart is entirely dependent on the birth date of a person and consists of three sections, planet, house, and sign. Each sign is a representation of different personality traits and attributes. By applying this knowledge to the symbolic associations present, one is better able to understand why they get along better with some people more than others.

For centuries, humans have used the stars in the Northern Hemisphere to figure out the exact date month, day, and year and time. To determine the current year the time required for the earth to orbit around the sun must be calculated. When is a present not a present? Uglesnoo needs to leave right away for the Moon. Should Amelia venture into outer Space?

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The Legend of the Chinese Horoscope

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Coming Soon! All in all, the author did a great job of creating an engaging story that kept my kids interested. We are definitely looking forward to the next book!