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At this level, no inequitable and arbitrary hierarchy shall be able to suit a Pig-Libra for too long, in spite of all the clemency and magnanimity that can inhabit him. On an emotional level, the Pig-Libra is first and foremost a great believer in Love. But he needs a clear and transparent relationship, built on the trust and reciprocity of each other's feelings, without which he can not find inner peace or fully express his sensuality.

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The Pig-Libra, very sensitive, gives great importance to tenderness and sincerity, which he doesn't hesitate to manifest spontaneously. Once convinced of the love of his partner, the generosity of the Pig-Libra doesn't really have limits. He takes great pleasure in covering his lover with gifts and all sorts of treats. However, let's remember that a wealthy, unmarried and aging Pig-Libra must also remain vigilant, as he may be in the line of sight of the most skilled diamond diggers or Casanovas. Unfortunately, in this zodiacal configuration, the Pig-Libra is often the ideal prey of profiteers of all kinds, who in general don't hesitate to play with his dreams of family and happiness for the sole purpose of grabbing his property.

With his passionate and immoderate love for life, the Pig-Scorpio denotes by the sensual and magnetic power he releases. Endowed with a subtle charm, this torrid and ardent character always shows his feelings, whatever they may be. Power and high summits attract and impress him like a magnet. The Pig-Scorpio memorizes everything in order to claim one day what one owes him as he never forgets unfulfilled promises.

However, he remains generous in nature just as he holds to his independence, only because he lives in extremes and in permanent contradiction, between his desires and responsibilities. In reality, as much the master as the slave of his own impulses, he doesn't know any half-measure. Sociable and friendly with others, the Pig-Scorpio also tends to impose desires on others at the risk of being the subject of unexpected reproaches. Fortunately, this doesn't prevent him from being open and generous with his friends when necessary. Moreover, with a strong mental shell and an exemplary clairvoyance, the Pig-Scorpio doesn't shy away from the difficulty and remains much less credulous than his fellow Pigs.

On the professional side, the Pig-Scorpio desires so much to succeed in life that he doesn't always distinguish between a company that works by the rules and one that doesn't hesitate to make some arrangements with the law. This can get him into trouble if he doesn't manage to get out of the water in time once he got bogged down.

That being said, his determination makes him very popular with people who share his aspirations. In the same way, to come out victorious of the tests which it meets in his job, the Pig-Scorpio always gives precedence to dialogue and compromise rather than getting dragged into an open war. However, his openness to mutual concessions doesn't mean that he places collective interests ahead of his own. Indeed, just as he is able to be aggressive and vindictive when his property is threatened, the Pig-Scorpio remains profoundly individualistic on a professional level.

From a sentimental point of view, the Pig-Scorpio is a being with a penetrating temperament, tortured and always eager for pleasure. He needs a sensual and lucid partner who can not only bring him the emotional stability he so lacks, but also give him the happy family of his dreams, in which he feels soothed and at peace.

If he finds out he's been deceived or betrayed, then the destructive impulses of Scorpio, though channeled by the benevolence of the Pig, can hardly be contained for too long. With a frank, happy and somewhat loquacious temperament, the Pig-Sagittarius is a good Samaritan with a noble spirit. In this astrological combination, the Pig works by impulse because of the influence of Sagittarius, while the latter becomes more decisive in his commitments thanks to the action of the Pig.

Of a sociable nature, the Pig-Sagittarius is deeply invested in his friendly relations. Attentive and deeply human, he makes sustained efforts to make himself useful in his social circle, sometimes even a little too much. Indeed, with him passion can often exceed reason. That is why he can also surprise by his frank or even offensive remarks.

But rather than an attack, it is usually only the need for him to express his true instinctive nature. Because Pig-Sagittarius loves life for what the good it has to offer. But in parallel, this bright and inflamed character is also of a disconcerting naivety. Although he prefers by far relations that stay simple and devoid of hypocrisy, he tends to open his door to everyone without pre-selection nor worrying about the possibly negative results of these new intrusions.

Indeed, the positive energy and the availability of the Pig-Sagittarius have the unfortunate consequence of attracting to him all kinds of toxic character and energy devourers. In the end, his altruistic and reconciling nature, always willing to give an umpteenth chance to those who disappointed him one day, often leads him to reconsider bitterly his decisions, if he hasn't already been emptied of all his inner vitality.

Regarding his work, the Pig-Sagittarius has a regular and steady pace. He can excel in trades that require as much manual as mental skill, as long as he practices them with envy and passion. Moreover, very appreciated by his colleagues, he rarely refuses to help them when they ask him. On the other hand, a rich socio-professional life and a real financial independence is essential to his psychic well-being. It is only in the opposite case that the Pig-Sagittarius can turn into a bitter and disordered person.

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From a sentimental point of view, he remains like all Pigs highly sensual and like all Sagittarius profoundly idealistic, even if these two aspirations are often difficult to conjugate. If his usual good luck smiles at him, the Pig-Sagittarius will be secretly fulfilled. He shall then give the best of himself to satisfy the needs of those he loves.

But if his sensual needs are contained or poorly channeled, he can become brutal and unsightly. In a non-compatible union, the Pig-Sagittarius takes refuge in a cold and passive behavior that leaves little room for hope. Still, even behind this slightly glazing facade, the Pig-Sagittarius can't help but still maintain a tender and humble heart. When he has children, they don't fail to appreciate him to his true value. The Pig and Capricorn are two astrological signs that each influence or control the main characteristic of the other.

In this zodiacal combination, Capricorn gains flexibility and sensuality while the Pig becomes more visionary and more conservative. Usually little talkative and benevolent, the Pig-Capricorn remains very attached to his principles. Realistic but also confident, the Pig-Capricorn keeps his feet firmly anchored to the ground. Slightly authoritarian, he likes to give orders and that one applies his requirements.

The Pig-Capricorn is master of his destiny and perseveres thanks to his capacity to be constant and regular. Only sudden changes bother him more than anything else. However, even though the novelties usually plunge him into a phase of circumspection, he usually remains tolerant and open-minded because he also needs to feed his thirst for knowledge that allows him to better understand the complexity of life.

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In fact, just as in his life the Pig-Capricorn gives a central place to financial and material comfort, he also recognizes the importance and necessity of always preserving a philosophical and spiritual approach in almost all areas of existence. Regarding his work, the Pig-Capricorn is a precise and invested worker. Whatever the professional sector in which he evolves, his strength and determination make his profile very attractive.

In a company, he often manages to be entrusted with important tasks thanks to his profound conscientiousness and his cautious sagacity. Working overtime doesn't bother him that much as long as he feels in return that his living standard can improve and that his work get recognized.

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Very clever, he can face many difficult situations and come out victorious without any real collateral damage. For the rest, the Pig-Capricorn always retains inside of him the moral drive needed to fulfill a duty or take part in actions useful and beneficial to the community. Undoubtedly ethical in many ways, he is uncompromising with the others whenever it concerns obligations and responsibilities. It isn't him that one will tax of laxity or fantasy.

However, despite his numerous and appreciable qualities, the Pig-Capricorn is paradoxically more effective in solitary work than associated with a team.

Pig: Combined horoscope with the 12 zodiac signs - Karmaweather

In love, the Pig-Capricorn usually tends to postpone the impulses that call to the satisfaction of his intimate desires. He can also quickly lose interest in a subject or a person without anyone realizing it. Thus, like his professional relationships, he is able to stay at bay from people who use their charms or their beauty as a springboard of power in their career or in their love choices.

Still, endowed with a punctilious and scrupulous mind while remaining sentimental, the Pig-Capricorn brings together the qualities that necessarily push him to find happiness sooner or later, without getting lost on the way on the winding and uncertain path of ephemeral or superficial pleasures.

In this astrological combination, Aquarius controls and manages the voluptuous temperament of the Pig quite well, while the Pig fortifies Aquarius by making him fit to cash the hard knocks. The result is a loyal, firm, generous and internally agitated character. The Pig-Aquarius first appreciates life for the happiness it can offer.

He hates any form of war or confrontation and is always predisposed to forgiving fairly easily. Alternately excessive or completely neutral, the Pig-Aquarius remains of a vertiginous spontaneity because he always follows his instinct.

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Confident as he is, the Pig-Aquarius doesn't hesitate to express his thoughts and feelings with frankness. He is certainly talkative and friendly, but he is not the type to act or start relationships by interest. Solid and innocent, some would say naive, the Pig-Aquarius voluntarily brings his help to those who ask him. However, because of his natural goodness and his overconfidence, some see him as a potential source of energy in which they can draw happily.

Manipulators of all kinds and toxic energy eaters can make him their favorite target. Fortunately, in spite of an apparent carelessness in his social relations, the Pig-Aquarius is also endowed with the curious mind of the great geniuses, which allows him to awaken his mistrust opportunely by fine and analytical observations. In addition, thanks to his great friend luck and his cyclical side, the Pig-Aquarius usually ends up getting rid of the occasional sucking blood parasites, without any remorse or regret.

Professionally, the Pig-Aquarius is a good worker, committed and available to his colleagues. Dynamic and creative, he appreciates the progress and novelty which he manages to fully integrate in his working process. Social and able to work in a team, the Pig-Aquarius expresses his opinions and his vision of things with tact and flexibility.

These qualities, in addition to his efficiency at work, often lead him to be noticed quickly enough by his hierarchy. These days I've been indulging in the following: Miss Mary: She posts biweekly and pulls about 11 cards per reading. Even when she pulls a 'negative' card she likes to put a positive spin on it, which can be reaffirming for the querent. Future Forward: She posts only monthly readings, but they always resonate with me. Her spreads are pretty large but she goes into great detail which is nice.

I believe she uses a modified celtic cross spread to read. Elisa Jane: She's blunt and to the point. If you want to be coddled I wouldn't recommend her, but if you're looking for a straight shooter I would recommend Elisa. Thanks x 1 LOL! Jul 1, I love Sasha Bonasin, but every single month, he's like: " You'll see my lovely Scorpios, a big revelation is going to take place next month " - Buddy, where is this damn revelation?

Also, is it me or Tyler from Tyler's Tarot seems to have more of a positive energy around him? I watched one of his videos yesterday and I usually avoid them at all costs, and he seems different. Jul 2, Not true. Stand up for what you believe in. And these fakes will back down. Never surrender. Jul 24, Aquarian Insight has been consistently accurate for myself and my on-again-off-again ex for over 6 months now, since finding her channel. She is the reason I truly believe in tarot; the way the two different sign-readings contrast gives me chills sometimes.

I'm an Aquarian sun, moon, and Mercury and Saturn aha so maybe that's a reason the readings feel so extremely personal. She does weekly readings and I'm consistently spooked and blown away by how precise they are for myself and Pisces ex. Sarah Vrba has also been describing my life for the past six months since finding her as well and her videos have such an compassionate energy to them.

How to Take Advantage of Aries Season’s Fresh Vibe

The Illest Illuminator is an excellent reader as well, when she isn't rushing through a reading. Carol's Universe is a great reader too, though more broadly so I find on non-love related contexts. Rune Scope provides very specific details down to random thoughts I've had, she seems extremely intuitive. Temperate Star is a very specific reader, sometimes it doesn't resonate for me personally every month though, since it is so specific. But when it is on point, my month plays out down to the meticulous details she communicates.

The Quietest Revolution has been objectively very accurate for me as well. Despite the controversies surrounding Amber Khan, I value the foresight of how to approach certain situations, even if the vibe towards Aquarians is strange. I value readers that draw out my own intuition about my experiences and perception of what is happening. I find these readers force me to look at things I intuitively know require attention even if it is unpleasant. Last edited: Jul 24, Thanks x 2. Olivia Love She's beautiful, funny, and I love her energy.

Thanks x 2 LOL! Thanks x 4 Hugs! Thanks x 1. From mid-March to mid-April, the spring equinox lands with full force, bringing surprisingly temperate days, extra daylight, soft breezes, and holidays that remind us of the new cycle of life.

By welcoming Aries, we kick off a new cycle through the 12 signs. From March 21 to April 19, the sun moves through the cardinal fire sign Aries, the ruler of the first house, associated with self, individuality, early childhood, personality, ego, and goals.

Are the stars causing chaos? Learn how the planets affect you…. Ruled by the planet of action Mars, Aries is a motivating force. That said, Aries season can inspire you to get fired up about an intoxicatingly exciting vision for your future, and then make major moves to get that dream well on its way to becoming a reality.

Here, what each sign can do to win at whatever they set their mind to, in the spirit of Aries season. Be sure to read your rising sign, too!

It could set you up for both creative and personal fulfillment. While the sun moves through your tenth house of career in fellow cardinal sign Aries, your mind is sure to be whirling with professional goals and visions that are as bold as they are big picture.