Astrology is still bullshit

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  3. Maria Konnikova on the history and (and invalidity) of astrology.

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NASA on whether Zodiac signs are changing

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Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Penn Jillette Himself - Host Teller Himself - Host Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Tamara Cox Herself - Interested in Astrology Holly Herself Marci But, you are right in that most astrologers are just looking to make a buck, and here in the west the accepted astrology is no longer accurate I've heard it was accurate when it was first translated, but due to procession, the positions have changed, but I don't know western astrology well enough make an accurate judgement.

I'll leave you with this: Logic is only as valuable as the assumptions it is built on. When one of those assumptions turns out to be incorrect, the whole system needs to be rethought. May life bless you, however you choose to view that. On the one hand I'd like to say "Yay! You are quite right! Astrology as presented is universally bullshit! It's nice to know that I can piss you off just by asking you if you're a Leo.

If you mean I am intolerant of bullshit masquerading as science, then yes, I am intolerant of that. Not really, actually, but the me who blogs and the me me, if you know what I mean, are sometimes two different entities. The blogging me is prone to hyperbole and I guess some things that would seem pompous, but this is only me blowing off steam, and I often blog when I am emotional usually pissed or dismayed.

Not at all. See above. It being 'nice' to know you could intentionally piss someone off? Who cares.

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  • You're expressing a view in an intolerant and pompous manner. It's nice that you can blow emotional steam off by writing about how awful you think astrology is. I like to blow off steam by writing about how awful I think niggers are. Do I have the same legitimacy? Hey, look at this. Quotation marks.

    You have no idea how much I detest this astrology shit. Everytime I get asked ''What's your sign? I especially love how no one ever knows your sign, until you tell them it well, I used to, to humour them, but now I just tell them it's nonsense, but I digress and then they either nod and say ''yup'' or get all perky and say ''I knew it. You're so angry you feel the need to murder me.

    Even if you legitimately feel a fraction of the anger you express here, that still qualifies as being pissed. Who cares whether I'm an asshole. The point here is that you're an asshole. Your subject line pretty much said all that needed to be said there, Mr. Well, mr. Aside from the fact that you can't seem to make your point without the use of profanity, i. Ad hominem and a random link to a biased webiste? Wow, you guys sure bring the heat! Why don't you actually address my points rather than use my profanity as a cover?

    This Is What Each Zodiac Sign REALLY Thinks Of Astrology

    You actually deleted my post where I completely ruled out your rantings? How mature of you I didn't delete a thing. I never do. There's a bloggger glitch or something, because this has happened before. I read your comment in my email inbox, where I usually read them, and was planning on responding to it in the next few days. This has happened 2 times now.

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    A comment shows up in my email but is not on the blog. I'll be glad if you understand that most of things that you've presented are not related to Astrology. If you knew how intriguing it is to fight for astrology and prove to others how they're wrong you'd easily find people having strong prejudices. Funny thing is - they also don't know what's astrology, never learned it deeply enough. I don't find that to be intelligent.

    Anyway, I believe that best suited for you is - You don't know astrology well enough trying to be polite here and therefore you can't talk about it and be correct while you're doing so. I'm scared to comment now haha. We all have our moments when we can act like any sun sign It's like getting a diet plan. Instead of them telling you how to eat, they're telling you how to act. Don't be so weak as to conform.

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    Live your life in any personality you want to, and screw the people that tell you the stars say you can't live it that way. Shine on without the help of the stars haha , Logic ;D Shakespeare thought it was crap and where is he now? One of the greatest playwrights of all time. Shouldn't they be exactly the same? Here, briefly, is the lowdown on what certain astronomers are too lazy to find out for themselves.

    The astrological signs are not defined by the constellations you see in the sky. In antiquity, when both astrological and astronomical thinking were based on insufficient data, the names of the constellations happened to be paired with the astrological signs.

    Maria Konnikova on the history and (and invalidity) of astrology.

    Today, those pairings are no longer in sync: Astrological signs do not line up with the constellations in the same way they did way back then, due to the precession of the equinoxes. Modern Western astrologers understand this perfectly. It 's irrelevant to their work because the information upon which they base their hypotheses does not involve a study of distant stars or constellations. Rather, their data have to do with the movements of the planets in our own solar system within a zone of influence defined by the relationship between the Earth and Sun.