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Ruled by Moon, this sign is associated with soft, nurturing and receptive colors like white, grey, silver and cream, which give Cancer a calming peaceful canvas. Leo the Lion does not like routine and daily monotony.

Leo shines at night. They like clubs and dancing, and are comfortable in more dramatic colors and clothing. Bold colors, animal prints, gold jewelry- real gold as befits royalty and furs. While Cancer does not necessarily want to be the center of attention — Leo does; or more correctly no matter what, Leo will be.

Leo loves designer clothes and has very sophisticated taste.

12222 Yearly horoscope and tarot forecast

The Lion prefers to buy only the very best, like an exquisite pair. The truth is, they love labels. Leo also dresses to fit their current feelings and emotions, and basically they are happy souls, so they will go for vibrant, and head-turning clothing. Their number one — and lucky color is gol. It is the color of the Sun, their ruler, and it stands for all that is glorious, optimistic and sun-drenched. Gold also helps to enhance their sense of self-esteem and grandeur. Virgo the Virgin is a bit like the sexy librarian stereotype. Buttoned up, with not a hair out of place, little cat glasses and in muted or basic colors, Virgo still comes across as completely put-together and subtly sensual.

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Virgo is always fastidious and ladylike but functional. Virgo gravitates toward beautiful pieces that have a hint of sexiness without ever feeling too over-the-top. Clothes are always perfectly fitting and made from high quality material—no polyester for this sign! They are never too flashy or revealing, and would never wear anything too tight. The least amount of attention a Virgo can draw to herself, the better and the more confident she feels Basically a reaction to the attention drawing Leo.

Zodiac Fashion for the Summer Signs: Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Even in this iPhone era time, Virgo wants their watch as both a fashion and philosophical statement. Virgos tend to over-think, thanks to Mercury as their ruler, so sometimes they may over accessorize. Only in this do they go overboard. That rule of removing one piece of jewelry before leaving the house is a good one for Virgo. And navy blue is also a favorite, because of its ship shape and Bristol fashion connotation.

Relationships take center stage in , as lucky Jupiter soars through the committed zones of your chart all year. This is a refreshing change, as you've had restrictive Saturn here from to , making companionship feel like an uphill climb. Battle scars and hard-won lessons have left you wiser, and you can apply this self-knowledge to happy, healthy partnerships in —at last! Partnerships prosper with lucky Jupiter attracting new collaborators, possibly from afar. But save room for your solo projects, too: Pioneering Uranus enters Taurus for the first time in 77 years mid-May, blessing you with influencer status until An indie project could put your name on the map.

With structured Saturn in your entrepreneurial ninth house all year, you may slowly but steadily build the foundation of your own enterprise. Two eclipses in your career corner this year can bring job changes and unexpected offers—even a brand-new professional path. Adventurous Jupiter spent most of in your sixth house of health, pushing you to develop better habits or tend to your well-being.

This year, you'll stay fit with the help of your friends. Combine exercising and healthy eating with socializing. Taurus Daily Horoscope - Check your horoscope compatibility with taurus.

Taurus forecast for Friday December 28, Check other Zodiac signs. Meet a friend for a bike ride instead of at the bar, or combine a conference call with a power walk instead of zoning out at your desk. Changemaker Uranus in your first house of appearances could inspire an extreme makeover this summer or fall. With your passion projects and partnerships percolating, you won't have much time to touch down at home base.

But domestic matters take the stage in January and August, when a pair of eclipses may bring a move, renovations or quality time with family. Your relationship with your mother, a child, or a female relative is in the spotlight. By the end of the year, a golden era for partnerships will begin. Taking care of business! You may need to breathe through a few "What have I gotten myself into? Take those complex feelings to the gym, the yoga mat, the meditation altar, the spiritual healer Bring on the dynamic duos! Tough Saturn has ended a three-year trek through your opposite sign of Sagittarius, a challenging cycle that put your partnerships to the test.

And in November, lucky Jupiter arrives, attracting exciting growth and long-term prospects. But your work's not done: Saturn is now in your eighth house of intimacy, teaching your tough but crucial lessons about how relationships are built to last. Prepare to face any fears and trust issues, clearing the path for happily-ever-after through hard work and humility. New work opportunities arise this year, as enterprising Jupiter visits your diligent sixth house.

Cancer - Daily Horoscope - HELLO!

You're learning to delegate, organize and run life like a well-oiled machine. Bored or between gigs? You might just take an interim "bridge job" to pay the bills while you figure out your next moves. July's eclipse in your money house could bring an exciting opportunity—a good reason not to rush into anything too permanent! With studious Saturn in your long-term wealth zone, it's time to learn more about investing, real estate and passive income. You could get serious about paying off debt and building a nest egg.

Lunges, squats and Burpees, oh my! Expansive Jupiter is in your sixth house of health and fitness, pushing you to make wellness an adventure. Clean eating and plenty of movement are the stars' prescription for happiness—and all the better if you can run around outdoors! Fresh air and nature will reset you , and with innovative Uranus starting an eight-year visit to your holistic and mystical twelfth house this May, contemplative time near water can soothe your soul.

Sift through your inner circle—and tighten the borders a bit. Stern Saturn and shadowy Pluto in your intimate eighth house reveals the leakers and haters in your midst. Have you been too quick to trust? A few loyalty tests wouldn't hurt, Gemini. Fascinating new friends could pop up, both locally and from afar, thanks to four of this year's eclipses that draw inspiring kindred spirits your way. A new era of romance and self-expression has arrived. Relationships are the key theme of for you, Crab—and that could be music to your nurturing heart. In fact, you could be quite the entertainer during this festive and flamboyant year, which grants you cosmic permission to make fun your top priority.

As adults, we forget to play, but that raw and in-the-moment creativity is where true happiness comes from.

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  6. Not all partnerships will be easy-breezy, though. Some will take hard work and might even need structural repair. You could part ways or take some time apart to explore where your paths still converge. Or, you might move into a serious commitment for business or love. Get ready for a major year of growth in the game of love. Expansive Jupiter spends most of the year in your passionate fifth house, bringing lusty new attractions and blessing you with the It factor.

    But it won't stay casual for long with serious Saturn in your committed relationship house until Longtime couples could be tested, possibly by an outside attraction or a need to prioritize romance again. Unpredictable Uranus finally wraps its seven-year tour of your career house in May making one last pit stop in before moving on for good. Your professional path will finally start to see traction and you can start settling into a more stable groove.

    But you might enjoy going indie, as Uranus enters your technology zone, setting the stage for a virtual, work-from-anywhere business. Four eclipses in your money houses will bring new opportunities to earn, invest and merge for mutual gain. July's eclipse in Cancer could spark a solo venture, while Saturn in your partnership zone could bring a heavy-hitting collaborator your way. Weighty Saturn just spent the last three years in your sixth house of wellness, making it hard to find the time and energy for fitness.

    A health issue may have forced you to restructure your lifestyle or change your eating and exercise habits.

    With Saturn gone, balance and vitality are restored. The July 12 Cancer solar eclipse could bring a big energy surge and even a bold new look. Last year was heavily focused on family, as Jupiter toured your domestic sector. You could begin adapting to changes: In February and August, eclipses in your real estate sector could bring a property sale. Midyear, your social life could get an extreme makeover, as innovative Uranus enters your eleventh house of group activity. You'll be drawn to cutting-edge communities and pioneering people, both in-person and online.

    You could even get involved in local politics or collaborate for a cause. This year is strong in both the public AND the private sectors of your life, bringing a heady mix of influence and introversion. No eyesight-protecting paper goggles will be necessary this year, but there ARE two more eclipses in your sign in January and August that could catapult you onto a completely new path.

    You could move, buy property or spend more time at Chateau Leo. Connecting with your roots especially female relatives will strengthen your emotional security. For some Lions, a cub could join the pride sometime this year. Your relationships are shifting, along with your priorities, as we enter the second year of a seismic series of eclipses in Leo and Aquarius.

    From to , you're going through major personal transformations, which will alter your entire approach to partnership. Eclipses bring surprising and swift events. You could make a quick exit from a romance that's run its course or you might rush off to City Hall and tie the knot. Even rock-steady duos will go through a big growth phase. To top that off, in November, expansive Jupiter starts a month visit to your passionate fifth house. Love will be anything but business as usual in! Mid-May, revolutionary Uranus starts an eight-year visit to Taurus and your professional tenth house—its first time here in 77 years.

    Between now and , you could explore a few wildly different career paths. Your work may involve technology or uniting people around a world-bettering cause. This year's two Leo eclipses thrust you into the spotlight, possibly without notice. Keep your glam squad on call! But it won't be all red carpets and rave reviews. Taskmaster Saturn is in your administrative sixth house for the next three years, demanding that everything you do is set up on a rock-solid foundation.

    There's no cutting corners on the important stuff, so engage a team of savvy specialists instead of doing everything DIY. Feel it to heal it? This year's stars spotlight your emotional well-being, helping you become sound of mind, body and heart. Jupiter in your sensitive fourth house will prioritize downtime and self-care. Meantime, structured Saturn is in your health and fitness zone until , forcing you to get regimented and reduce stress. Regular exercise and healthy eating are your new non-negotiables.

    You'll need to say "no" a Leo's least favorite word! This could prove harder than it sounds, but set your FOMO aside in the name of your own health and happiness. July's Cancer eclipse could be the perfect time for spiritual healing or a retreat near water. Your clan takes center stage this year, as bountiful Jupiter visits Scorpio and your fourth house of home and family until November. This transit could bring a move, a pregnancy or a long-overdue renovation that turns Chateau Leo into everyone's favorite crash pad.