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Now we do so. We have not tried to correct the birth time and the charts are to be used only as illustrations. We dedicate this article and great methodology to Shri K. The following mail below is K. Rao has had the advantage of learning astrology from yogis.

Indian Gurus know the American and Modern Youth obsession for explanations and use it as a tool to fool them either to make money or grab fame. From: knrao. Sent: Saturday, September 04, AM.

One can note if we understood it correctly that KNR uses the word lagna and 5L of D that means he uses houses in D This is intended for those who have spent countless days discussing on forums that K. Also, in in a discussion with one of the closest friends of K. Rao, we realised that K. Do not get misguided by those who tell you that time of birth always needs to be corrected.

Most astrologers are in the herd mentality, if 5 astrologers repeat one line it becomes a dictum and often we see in forums that everyone is correcting birth time. This has become an obsession with westerns and now Indians to get their birth time corrected.


In some cases when indications are too confusing, ascertaining the D 60 Lagna is difficult but it will be truly not so with someone else whose basics are more stronger than ours. This indicates that the one-degree motion of the Sun has relevance to longevity and suffering.

The Trimsamsa D chart is used to delineate various kinds of evils one is likely to face. In a female nativity, it shows her moral character, and this can be extended to all charts as well. If a planet is placed in a certain Trimsamsa, which is ruled by a particular tatwa, then affliction to the planet will show in the form of affliction to the tatwa causing the rise of a particular weakness or bad habit. Other weaknesses or bad habits generally follow this first weakness. Table: Pancha Makara.

These are acquired and are represented by Saturn who is Karaka of sixth house.

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Author: Sanjay Rath

In addition, it is used in delineating moral character in a female nativity. One of the five Tatwa primordial elements comes under heavy affliction and shows the kind of health problem one is likely to face. It also shows kind of character one has and the time of manifestation of such character. Six planets show six acquired weaknesses as per table below. Each of these has two sub-categories. Agantuka can be of two types, i. Trimsamsa chart falls in the second harmonic of sixth house.

The following formula below shows its level of working. It shows what has been defined as Avishnu i.

We have to focus on Lagna, tenth house and eighth house to know the weaknesses shadripu of the native, as these are important houses while considering the longevity of the matter in focus in any chart. Planets in Lagna will show weaknesses acquired during current birth directly related to bodily weaknesses.

In addition to planets in Lagna, the Lagna Lord of this chart will indicate the Tatwa that has become strong or weak.

The importance of Shastiamsa (D-60): # 0 comments

Tenth house Malefics in tenth house denoting Shadripu shows mental weaknesses where weaknesses develop due to various pressures, which the mind fails to counter. Eighth house Planets afflicting eighth house shows weaknesses inherited from past incarnation. Five planets leaving aside the non-luminous planets Rahu and Ketu and the Sun and Moon, having no lordship in Parashari Trimsamsa, are omitted rule five Tatwa primordial elements as below.

The Mahapurush Yoga each one of them forms is given along with the presiding deity, as per the table given below. The 12 signs of Zodiac are also divided into four groups as below: Table: Rasi Tattva. The fifth element namely Ether keeps these four elements together.

Use of Naisargika Dasa Naisargika Dasa natural period is a wonderful tool for finding out the negative experiences one is likely to go through in this life. Any afflictions to these planets will show negative experiences in the corresponding age group. In particular, curses on these planets should be checked in D chart. In this context, Mahidhara opines that one who worships the Pancha devata, everyday as per the table above shall have a smooth life and shall always be protected irrespective of evils.

This is so because all Trimsamsa are covered by this worship. In Pancha — Upachara Pooja the items given under the following table indicated against the planet should be offered. Table: Planetary Remedies. Best Remedy: The best remedy for any planet is to worship the deity concerned with the planet in Trimsamsa.

Trimsamsa means the one-thirtieth portion of a sign measuring one degree. They represent the five elemental states of existence see table 1.

Divisional charts - Understand importance in Vedic Astrology

The positions of the planets and the Lagna in the Rasi chart are used to determine the Trimsamsa occupied by them. In this manner, the trimsamsa of all the planets and Lagna is determined and the resultant chart is called the Trimsamsa or D Chart.

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The trimsamsa chart of the standard nativity is given below. The construction of the divisional charts for these two purposes has to be different and for convenience, we use two different nomenclature for them. All signs have their reckoning originating from the sign owned by a luminary — Leo owned by Sun or Cancer owned by Moon.

The 24 divisions of Aries and all odd signs are counted from Leo in the direct order i. Leo-Virgo-Libra and so on. The 24 divisions of Taurus and all even signs are counted from Cancer, also in the direct order i. Cancer-Leo-Virgo and so on. This chart is used for studying formal or social education related to the mundane world. It includes schooling, graduate and post graduate studies including masters and doctorate education. Cancer-Gemini-Taurus and so on. Page 6 of PJC2a Rudra.

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Jyotisa Guru. The Moon Studying the Moon has its own separate rules.