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Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Contact Links Facebook. Jan 20, , Sun enters Aquarius. Jan 7, , Sun Neptune. Jan 10, , Sun Mercury. Jan 13, , Sun Pluto. Sun Saturn.

Capricorn Horoscope & Decan Predictions ~ Darkstar Astrology

Jan 19, , Sun Lilith. Jan 22, , Sun Chiron. Jan 23, , Sun Uranus.


Full Moon. Jan 24, , New Moon. For Moon positions visit Lunar calendar. Jan 16, , Mercury enters Aquarius. Jan 2, , Mercury Jupiter. Recommended for you are the Crystal Tree to ensure material abundance, essential oils and purifying herbs to protect your health and your zodiac sign crystals are aquamarine and turquoise.

Use the Mandarin Ducks to provide a loving environment, enhancing romance and relationship quality. The female Rooster type will have to take some sort of precautions when dealing with family related matters.

One needs to consider other aspects and ideally listen to both sides of the story before making any judgment. For the male Rooster type, one could be in for some surprises concerning loved ones. Be prepared to receive some shocking news. Lucky Numbers : 3, 5, 8 Lucky Colors : gold, brown, black Lucky Directions : west, southwest, northeast.

Compatibility: Ox , Snake. This will be a very good way to tend the fire of passion in your life as a couple. Your wish might be fulfilled this time. Of course, compared to such extravagant fantasies, your present love life may seem quite mundane to you. Make an effort to add more spice to your amorous life, and you will feel satisfied once again. But if you live as a couple, be careful not to put your relationship in danger for invalid reasons; measure out what you do, and take into account the price that you may have to pay!

Even though your love life has gone through difficulties lately, they will be behind you from now on.


January 23rd Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

If you live alone, you will enjoy an animated social life. This change of heart is triggered by certain recent incidents either due to circumstances, society or Government policies. Remember to retain some for own personal or emergency needs. Do not hesitate in deciding whether or not to go ahead with the operation no matter how minor it could be at this stage.

If one chooses to delay it for some reason, the symptoms could become too acute to operate. Your chinese zodiac sign is Dragon if you are born in of these years: , , , , , , , , and The Dragon horoscope predicts that this year, you will become more sure of yourself and assert your originality, especially in your career, where your qualities will be acknowledged by your superiors and colleagues.

Expect luck to smile upon you. The strength and passion defines the characteristics and heart of this chinese sign. Constantly dynamic and full of vitality, she is idealistic, determined, and self-assured in any task in life.

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She shows much pride in herself and is highly intelligent and successful at most things maybe with the exception of cooking. In love she is surrounded by admirers not always the smartest kind! Although the dragon is strong and passionate, she is fiesty and often a perfectionist and demands perfection of other people as well!

2020 Chinese Zodiac Stem-Branch Calendar

Challenges are alluring to her and she will be highly imidating when challenged. When irritated she can be stubborn and irrational and will more than likely jump to conclusions quickly. To be able to cope, arm yourself with all the Feng Shui weapons, that are corresponding to your zodiac sign. Regarding your career, Pi Yao may be beneficial for the Dragon native.