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Jacks are youthful, enthusiastic and often talented. You like to live by your own rules which created the Jack reputation of being the playboys and playgirls of the deck. Women with Jack card have an aggressive quality, kind of man's mind.

Men may go extremes from being almost feminine to the dictatorial attitudes. Jack are given the power, and with exercising more control, discipline and mastering the right application of your power makes Jack very successful leaders, artists, performers, politicians etc. Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spades.

Your Destiny Blueprint. Eight of Clubs. I work very hard, but when God opens that door for you - when life opens that door for you, I should say - I think it's important to be giving, to return the love back. Marcelo Luiz Rezende Fernandes. Celebrity Birthdays Today. You share many traits with these air signs. You do not require much time to fall in love. You believe in love at first sight. However, your love is sometimes fleeting. It goes as fast as it comes! You are likely to fall in love at an early age. This means that you are likely to have many partners in your lifetime.

Such a lifestyle leaves you exposed to many disappointments.

February 1 Birthday Horoscope

According to your astrological charts, you can establish a firm relationship if you learned the art of patience. Wait until you are completely ready before you marry. This will give you a big chance to be a good parent to your children. Also, your spouse will be better off for it. The analyses of your charts show that you are least compatible with a Scorpio.

You share the least qualities with people born under this sign. The January 1 zodiac people are as enthusiastic as they are witty. They carry on with their life with such gusto that they become the objects of admiration from many quarters.

February 1 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

Your lifestyle easily draws people to you. And, you are not known for discriminating people. You accept them as they are. People enjoy listening to your many ideas. The good thing is that yours are not just ideas. You usually have a good plan of implementation. You are philanthropic by nature. You use this to help you advance your humanitarian quest. You are happy when the future of others is assured.

You do everything in your power to bring this about. Nonetheless, you need to be cautious about some traits that can taint your image. For example, many people perceive you as lacking in pragmatism.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

You often depend on whims to make your choices. Obviously, this will rarely produce the desired results! In addition, you sometimes tend to be arrogant. Is it because sometimes you drift away from people when they need you?