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  1. Kneel Diamond and the Enigma of Eclipse Cycles
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  3. Annular Solar Eclipse on 26 December
  4. by Rebecca Gordon

Jupiter is also travelling in Sagittarius. Through December 10, it is on the final leg of its one-year tour through its home sign and on a new seven-year seeding track with Ceres. You might be waiting to launch, but the stars are already a step ahead of you. Watch for things to shape up between November 8 to 14 in some advantaged way.

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The Mercury transit could bring news or set wheels in motion in a lucrative or constructive way. Mars enters Scorpio on November 18 and will continue in this sign through January 3. Mercury ends retrograde in Scorpio on November 20, moving onto Sagittarius on December 9. Both transits assist your ability to move forward and to set something more tangible, concrete or substantial into play. Daily life hit the speed dial as January opens. Mars, freshly into Aries keeps your phone ringing and your fit-bit number-crunching your steps. The make-it-real solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 is accompanied by the end of Uranus retrograde in Aries January 6.

Perhaps long in the works or anticipated, your future has finally arrived.

Even so, there may be more working it out or finishing up to do until you are fully transitioned into the new chapter. Look to be well on your way once you are through the next set of eclipses in the summer.

January 21 delivers a super full moon total lunar eclipse in Leo. You can have a lot riding on faith, perhaps more than you would sign up for ordinarily. Time reveals all. Both January eclipses hold an element of the sudden and unexpected. Starting on March 6, Uranus will park itself in Taurus. It will tenant this sign for the next seven years.

Uranus in Taurus sets a new baseline reality into play, this regarding home, family, real estate, self employment, and most of all, how you live with yourself. The total solar eclipse on July 2 could produce a new job prospect, an opportunity to start a new money-making venture, or to take something already started to a next level. This can actually be a harder day amongst a mostly lovely month where relationships feel colder and relationships are more distant.

Do not fear, the blockage will pass. December 11th is also a resounding Full Moon in Gemini, bringing not only culmination to the patterns that you have been building in the last few weeks, but also an opportunity to reap rewards for your actions in the last six months or change direction entirely.

Gemini is an Air Sign that is highly communicative and is curious to learn, speak, write, and travel. This energy will infiltrate your life, giving you the courage to relate an important message to someone that is deeply important to you. Whether it be in love, work, or family, choose your words extremely carefully.

Kneel Diamond and the Enigma of Eclipse Cycles

When the Sun plods along into the Earth Sign, Capricorn, on December 21st, we are being encouraged to be realistic and practical. Yet, even though we tend to feel more in our roots during this time, the cosmos above have other plans. As each day in December goes by, you will begin to notice an almost electrical current in the air around you.

Eclipse season approaches which is when destined events occur.

What will happen on 25th December 2019? - 6 planets in Sagittarius (Caution!)

The fated events for some people could begin to pop up as early as the very end of November, but the closer you get to December 25th — the date of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn — the more likely you are to notice your life shifting right before your very eyes. Eclipses mark very powerful moments in our journeys that shift our directions significantly. These can be magnificent achievements, culminations, beginnings, endings, or transformations. No matter what, though, the news of the eclipse has your name written on it, so expect to notice it toward the very end of the year.

Eclipse season will echo on into January , so expect cosmic dust to be flying about you. The best thing to do is to watch and see what the Universe is delivering to your doorstep — almost like a holiday gift from the stars. Just before the New Year hits, though, we have magnificent and miraculous news.

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The Sun, ruling our focus, and Jupiter, ruling blessings and abundance, completely align within the sky — literally another cosmic gift from the stars above. This is a time when you have major opportunity to bring expansion and luck to all areas of your life. Anything begun or agreed to now will likely work out in the long run. Relationships, business, health, and happiness can all receive a dose of this cosmic vitamin and grow over the coming days, months, and years. Despite it being the end of the year, do not wait for opportunities to come to you. Go out to make them happen.

Happy and may the stars ever be in your favor. Find out how the month will affect your zodiac sign specifically! You are being encouraged to expand your beliefs of what life has to offer and what greatness outside of you there still awaits. Write it, speak it, and let your story sing.

The Solar Eclipse at the end of the month, though, will likely be your biggest moment of the year yet as massive new doors in your career are blown open. Launch your empire now. If you are happy together, you are likely seeing progress and growth, but if you do not feel valued or supported, you may look for other options and avenues.

Money is likely coming and going and will certainly be on your mind. At the end of the month, the Solar Eclipse will be pushing you to throw your inhibitions to the wind and step out of your comfort zone. You could find yourself deeply engaged in a new study or learning a unique belief system.

Annular Solar Eclipse on 26 December

Some Taurus may be ready to travel the world or embrace new ideas. Others could be launching an important publishing or media project that could possibly reach a global audience. No matter what, focus on your message and allow your soul to fly. Partnerships in love and business will surely be on your mind at the very beginning of December, and you will have an opportunity to get closer with someone you already are with or find a person who is a great mirror to you.

Some Gemini could be tying the knot if happy or breaking up if bored. Mid-month will be your most important moment of the year, though, because it is a Full Moon in your sign.

by Rebecca Gordon

This puts you front-and-center and you could see an important personal achievement coming to light. The Solar Eclipse at the end of the month will again have you thinking about partnerships, but also on what you give and receive. Your day-to-day routine is on your mind and this could be as simple as your work life and employment or perhaps even your fitness regiment.

Some Cancer could be taking on more responsibility or deciding to switch to a new job. The holiday season is always a bit hectic, but be sure not to take on more than you can handle. Yet, the Solar Eclipse across the sky at the very end of the month will be a major moment in your lifetime. Happily coupled Cancer could be taking the next step with their partner or making significant long-term plans. Troubled Cancer could be seeing break-ups happen that were destined to come. If you are single and looking, this could be a great time where you dance with a soul mate so be sure to not miss this fated moment in life.

Your heart is aflame, Leo, at the very beginning of December. You could already be in love and enjoying your passionate connection or this is a good time to seek out someone who gets your blood pumping! Creativity is also highlighted for you at this time. However, at the very end of the month, a Solar Eclipse will rock your work life. This could be a time where you shift directions in your day-to-day employment, take on more responsibility, or want to try something new entirely. The doors are open: which one will you choose?

The beginning of December has you very much in your feels. Open your heart at this time. Mid-month, though has your career sounding the bells! You could be seeing an important recognition or achievement at this time for hard work done well. Consider ways to move higher up the ladder or pursue a new ambitious direction. However, as the New Year approaches, the Solar Eclipse will be blasting a doorway in your heart right open.

This is a fertile time for love, romance, and creativity, so if you put yourself out there and are looking, you could be very in luck.

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