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Escalating costs may become a bane for those who are getting something constructed. Someone is hell bent on pleasing you, just to keep you on his or her right side.

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  6. An old ailment troubling some is likely to disappear soon. Steps to trim expenses are the need of the hour. You continue to perform well on the professional front. Some of you may face a tough time finding a good match for an eligible family member, but there is no need to get disheartened. Those offering their premises on rent can expect decent people as tenants.

    Some controversy on the social front threatens to erupt and upset you. Take some outdoor activities to beat lethargy. Some of you are likely to get good remuneration for your creative talents. Dream of bagging richer clients is likely to continue to prod some on the professional front. Peace prevails on the home front and will allow you to let your hair down. Love Focus: Getting undue attention of someone from the opposite camp may warm the cockles of your heart!

    Students are likely to fare excellently, as their efforts and hard work bear fruit. Health remains excellent and will keep you energetic. Desire to multiply your money may consume you, so expect success soon. Lack of resources may compel you to put an important project on hold on the professional front. Those saving money for a particular task will have enough to see a domestic job to completion. Enjoying new places today is on the cards. Love Focus: Chances of catching the eye of the one you admire can only happen if you make your presence felt, so think out the ways!

    Good bargaining may help you in sealing a property deal. Some more hard work may be required by those appearing for a crucial examination on the academic front. A minor ailment can aggravate, if neglected. Good financial management is set to make you monetarily stable. Whether it is learning a professional skill or even indulging in office gossip, you will not miss out on it at work today! Domestic front is likely to remain most peaceful and serene. You may feel reluctant to attend a social gathering and succeed in avoiding it. You will find ways and means to keep yourself fit. You will need to be more result-oriented on the professional front to make your mark.

    A planned vacation may have to be postponed, due to something urgent coming up. Your mood swings may spoil the domestic environment. Celebrity Sample Try Free Sample. About Gemini Geminis are good at communicating. Born multi-taskers, they can keep many balls in the air at once, holding down two jobs, even dating two people.

    Gemini Horoscope 12222: a year in review

    Ruled by Mercury, Gemini's great strength is adaptability, the chameleon talent of being able to fit in anywhere. Gemini's other gift is youthfulness. Always interested in anything new, Geminis are able to keep up with the trends and stay young. When Gemini is functioning full throttle, no one is better at making even complex tasks seem easy. The trouble is that Geminis can get carried away with their own wit and talk more than they work. It's good to remind yourself that the world is a lot bigger than just you. When it comes down to it, your own needs and agenda are relatively unimportant, in the grand scheme of things.

    Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

    This global perspective could also help you in your next big project -- something to improve some corner of the world, however small it might be. Good news!

    Gemini and Pisces Love Compatibility

    Today, you're easygoing and in a great mood, both quick-witted and slow to anger. Keep it up by keeping things light and positive. Get together with friends and trade laughter and stories. At work, you can make great strides, especially if you give fresh approaches a chance. You're creative enough to see the worth in trying something new, and you're people-oriented enough to know you can rely on your friends and coworkers.

    Gemini Monthly Horoscope

    You're feeling scattered, excitable, and not in the mood for limits. Maybe you want to sleep in instead of setting the alarm, or party too late at night. The problem is, you're sensitive by nature. The more you indulge, the worse you'll feel. There is something you can do about it, though -- take a day or two to abstain and spruce up your image.

    Top Trends

    You'll feel a lot better, and other people will notice and appreciate the change. Your Daily Horoscope for Tuesday, February The Sydney Morning Herald. Aries March April 19 What brought on this peppery mood?

    April May 20 A spunky mood has you casting around for gags you can pull on someone else, for your own amusement. Gemini May June 21 Self-delusion has rarely been an issue for you -- you generally have a pretty good grip on reality. Cancer June July 22 You're being honest with some people, but secretive with others. Leo July August Virgo August September 22 You're in a bit of a mood today, and your worries are making you critical. September October 22 Today is a cool, lively breeze playing over the landscape of your life. Scorpio October 23 — November 22 If you encounter someone tactless today, don't engage in their pettiness by calling them on it or serving up more of the same.

    Sagittarius November December 20 Your idealistic nature is up and you see the world for its possibilities, not its limitations. Capricorn December January