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Hello Jamie just curious what will Jupiter bring me in this year of ??

juno signs

Looks like a good time to declare the Democratic party bankrupted and disband it forever. Get the poison out of our political system. Hi Jamie, this retrograde station has been forming a grand trine transit in my chart as I have Sun at 24 Pisces and ascendant at 24 Cancer also mars at 23 cancer. Wondering what this grand trine transit means? Things have been going great lately, hoping it lasts.

Juno -- When Negative -- is a Goddess of Storms, Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Hi Jamie, what does it mean when Jupiter becomes stationary retrograde exactly while being in a sextile to the natal moon? The quincunx often results as one of the involved planets giving way to the other, very difficult for Gemini and Scorpio to compromise. Deep spiritual truths will triumph over superficial fake news?

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This description has always intrigued me, particularly the part about not achieving goodness of the soul in a previous life. Jamie, could natal jupiter retrograde indicate excessive preoccupation with religion or spiritual matters? My Mum natal Jupiter retro only ever reads spiritual books and only goes on spiritual holiday retreats.

This, as well as, regular meditating. Jupiter transiting my 5th house. On 22 degree in sagittarius i have vertex point. My moon and Mars are in 24 degree taurus. Till now nothing with to find love. Many years ago when jupiter starts transiting my 5th house i found a big love. But now. I really want to know and understand the reason why i have being subject of struggles for so long. And the one that aches me most in my heart now is my love life. I have being in a relationship for 5 years, we both agreed to get married but only for an issue to come up last December 15th.

Please i need help and solution on how to win her back to my life. Hey buddy, first thing first , go to therapy please. Depression can be dangerous and if you want to spiritually continue your journey into your love life , you have to take care about your health too. But if you want to try anyway you have to reflect about what went wrong and how can you both work on that. You can read some books about relationships, they can be useful. Stay strong. If you like astrology check your north node first and the house and sign it is in: it might indicate where you might meet important obstacles in life.

Also check your Saturn, the house and sign it is in and the house of the sign of capricorn in your chart. It could be that you struggle because there is a lesson you need to learn here. If you feel so let down you might need to consider that you are the one provoking this feeling in you, not other people.

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You have to be your best partner in life. Relationships are only an addition to life. If you meet rejections you have to go somewhere else. You will eventually find people that are made to be with you, friends or better, or you might have natal aspects that indicate this will be always a struggle for you because you need to try something else entirely, like need to appreciate independance, roaming in the free world in a detached way.

My experience has been. The good things that brought you together again will be replaced at some point by the things that caused you to part the 1st round. Of course you would have to look at other aspects. Great stuff Jamie.! From my generation I have met several women from the year that have their N. These people always have an uplifting effect on me.

Juno Signs in the Birth Chart

These are some of the things you could look at for a possible happy relationship. Jupiter is optimism! But the connections were more densely woven than appeared at first sight. A reciprocal energy exchange was expected in return for helping me, however vague this expectation was communicated. We then found ourselves excavating the more shadowy realms of relationship quite intensely immediately — our histories, our desires, and our confusions about our energy exchange.

The situations and contacts were delicate, difficult, and tender. On a core level, these connections felt contracted and important in their capacity to reveal personal issues that demanded clarity. I wondered what the link was between these women and my own birthchart. In my research, I found the same thread weaving us together — the asteroid goddess Juno.

Each of these women had one or more angles or personal planets, like the Sun, Moon, or the Ascendent, conjunct my Juno — an asteroid that many astrologers have called the indicator of a marriage partner. Juno is a complicated archetype, which makes her fitting for relationships. She oversaw all major social rites and customs, especially that of marriage. From her name derives the month of June, which was sacred to her, and is still the month with the greatest number of marriages. In one story of their origin as a couple, Zeus develops a romantic longing for his sister Hera as he spots her walking near a mountain.

He changes himself into a cuckoo bird. Hera took pity on the bird and wrapped it with her cloak. Immediately Zeus took his original shape and ravished her. And here is the important point: amidst the storm of love, Hera feels shame for her violation, and so marries Zeus out of guilt and obligation. This version of the myth reflects the soul contracts which two people fashion between each other in the spirit world.

http://www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/jypyrasyw/ Many hypnotherapists and near-death researchers describe how there is a sense of pathos, compassion, or divine pity we feel for those who are members of our soul cluster. As Interlife hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton describes in his profound work, Journey of Souls , we play various roles with them from one incarnation to the next, and we are obligated to do so, in order that we may grow and develop into a more complete sense of wholeness. In another version of the Zeus-Hera myth, the two gods mate in secrecy in a palace beneath the sea on the island of Samos.

They partner up as equals, enjoying a three-hundred year honeymoon of boundless bliss. But then the soap opera starts once Zeus brings Hera to Mt. Olympus, and rarely do we hear of any shared bliss between the divine couple again. Why should this be? As king of the gods, Zeus indulges in many affairs with both mortals and immortals, at times arrogantly displaying his conquests for all to witness, including his wife. In the stories, Hera repeatedly plots revenge against her husband, at times humiliating Zeus.

The two punish and manipulate each other as only the best and worst of beloveds can. Astrologer Julie Demboke states it eloquently:. Hera had been worshipped long before Zeus and the Olympian gods took over, as part of indigenous goddess cults. Originally Hera reigned without consort. During the Taurean Age she was worshipped as the cow-eyed sky queen, and was celebrated at festivals like the Herea, an early predecessor to the Olympics.

Once the Achaen tribes descended from the North onto Greece, they superimposed their own chief god Zeus onto the indigenous cults of Hera. In her forced marriage to Zeus, then, we find the symbolism of the overthrow of the matriarchal, feminine fertility cults by the supremacy of the rational and patriarchal masculine forces. This is very significant, since Hera-Juno related primarily to a balanced relationship to the seasons. As soon as the gods come to dominate the Greek consciousness, led by Zeus, nature was superseded since it was controlled by the gods.

Again, how can we fulfill our soul agreements with another through appropriate relating, not habitual partnership patterns, nor expected social conditioning? With our Juno contacts, we almost feel like we are out of control or without volition, yet we remain. Sometimes the exteriors are strikingly dissimilar with our Juno contacts — perhaps we are not attracted physically to this partner, or we live very different lifestyles, and for reasons which transcend rationality, we are still deeply entangled, as if mandated from somewhere else.

Could my other significant intimates have been Juno contacts as well? The answer was a resounding YES. For instance, at one point I had moved to a new city and within a week met a woman with whom I experienced an instant bond. I had no home yet and was just couchsurfing.

Jupiter Retrograde Meaning

She immediately took me in and let me stay with her in her basement apartment. Within a few months, we decided to move in together, the first partner I had lived with. But shortly after moving in, I noticed her pulling away from me amidst an increasing connection with one of our friends. She seemed to hide these feelings and since I shared a room with her, her interest in our friend threatened my basic needs.

Where would I stay at that point? Juno motifs of fairness, agreements, shared resources, jealousy, and transparency became major areas of concern. Her Juno was opposite my vital force, the Sun. In one of my most important relationships, I met a woman the day after she found out she was pregnant.

I immediately provided a nurturing role for her. I showed up exactly at the moment when she needed the support of a spouse. This sounds very proimising! Juno to Juno would mean a willingness and desire to form some kind of committed, equal partnership, based on house and sign. We also have many other non-personal planet connections, including a Scorpio-Pluto conj and the infamous, but ever enticing, Pluto-Mars conj in Scorpio, no less. My Juno is in Pisces; his, Virgo.

I feel like he is my soulmate. Do you think he feels the same way? I am sure he can feel the connection too. Juno and Sun in conjunction are here very important. Mars and Venus can only add the attraction. But more interesting here is the fact that your sun, moon, venus and mars all fall into his 7th house! That is something that should not be overlooked! How do you feel about Juno making a grand trine in Synastry? She has in her chart Juno in Sag 11 degrees in 12th house with my Jupiter in Aries 14 degrees in her 4th house and my Sun in Leo 10 degrees her 8th house.

In my chart her Juno Sag 11 degrees 8th house and my Sun in Leo 10 degree in 5th house and Jupiter in Aries 14 degrees 12th house. Grand trines to me are always showing positive energy that love-related things can manifest in real life. Je that a Good sign? What does It mean? Anything…thanks for the answer. I never consider Part of Fortune to be a great player when it comes to synastry, but it is not bad connection at all. The conjunction between Juno and Part of Fortune can definitely bring some benefits to the relationship, but you need to take two things into consideration: 1 whose Juno conjuncts whose Part of Fortune and 2 how tight is this conjunction.

I believe that these two answers determine how strong this conjunction will manifest in relationship. How do you see that in terms of Juno. I will really appreciate your response. In this case I would first take a look on which planets are in aspect with Juno unless there is a strong aspect or an aspect to the Sun or the Moon or Jupiter I would not put that much attention to it and then I would take a closer look to the position of their Mars and Venus in their synastry.

This will tell much more about how Juno will help to the relationship. Me and my SO have the following juno aspects in synastry: his conjunct my Asc 1 deg mine conjunct his Sun 0 deg his conjunct my Moon 2 deg mine conjunct his Venus 1 deg his trine my Jupiter 0 deg his sextile my Saturn 2 deg his square my Vertex 1 deg mine conjunct his Vesta 1 deg.

It is as normal as it can be. Also, have you seen cases where there were many Juno linkages between a pair but they did not end up together or get divorced? Given that there are no other significantly bad aspects elsewhere in synastry. Yes, I have seen quite a number of pairs, where there were Juno connections, but they still got divorced or broke up. For example: no aspect between Venus and Saturn or very poorly aspected Venus, or poor aspects between Venus and Mars etc.