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People with this sign Scorpio,especially women have some irritating nature,if Mars is stronger. They should not be get into quarrel with. They are more sentimental than reason some. I am a pisces and i recently meet 3 months ago now a scorpio We clicked right away. We both said we were not looking for nothing, but we caught each other eye and started talking on Facebook. We finally decied to meet up together a few weeks later. Since that moment we spent all of our open time together. He did admit to me right away that he had some loose ends he needed to fix before moving forward with me.

I expected that and did at that time have a problem with it. A few weeks went by things have been going great. Well one night we were hanging out and he had asked me off the wall question that i felt uncomfortable with, so i said a little white lie to him. About a week later, i had admit to him i lied to him about that subject, i don't ever lie and i wanted to come clean Since than he has held that above my head, even though he says he doesn't.

We have went away on a small get away together and we still hang on our days off. He had said to me, i don't know if i can trust you and there for i don't not know if I want to be with you because i do not know if I can trust you any more What a great read. Voted interesting. I love this article! It is the most precise and informative one I have read in comparison with my own Scorpio nature. As you say alot depends on upbringing and every single person is different but I'd say this was one of the best Scorpio Male articles out there!

Good reading! I can understand how it is to deal with a Scorpio man. I had to comment on your hub because my first love was a Scorpio;That man put me through a mental game that I didn't know how to take him and after I broke it off which took all my will power and being at the ripe age of sixteen when I first met him and no matter how hard I fought the feelings for him;I fell madly in love with him and after all this time he haunts me. I think it is because of his deep mentality. I can relate to your hub because that pinpoints him.

I am a Pisces soyou can imagine what went through my mind. Rashi: Check the first link I have provided in the article. This will give you an idea about how we express love. Prasad: Thanks a lot for that input Mr. I had no idea about the fact that the traits are stronger for people who are born at night.

I was born in the morning, but I guess I have very strong traits as my chart is filled with Scorpio :. While discussing about the characteristics of persons with this sign, we must see whether they are born during day or night. If they are born during day time, then, Characteristics explained above will be weaker because,Mars is stronger during night and weaker during the day.

At the same time, we should also see where the Mars is,in the horoscope. If he is in enemy's house,then, he becomes further weaker. As said in the article above, we can not decide on the basis of birth sign alone, even though it is important. We have to see the strengths and weaknesses of different planets, their positioning, dristi or mutual influence,etc. This is my experience in practicing astrology for past 16 years. Scorpio and Cancer are perfect for each other generally speaking. As a Scorpio myself my advice would be not to worry so much. Don't let your Cancer emotions get too down.

I find your BF actions to be typical. We Scorpios don't like telling the world about our affairs. In fact I don't even have Facebook or anything else like that for precisely that reason. What I do with my girl is just between us. We don't need to tell everyone; just the one we love. It makes us feel more secure to NOT give out details to other people who we are not intimate with. It's ok. Just understand that this is how Scopios are. Don't try to read something into the situation that is not real.

We are different that you are. Just accept that and be grateful for your relationship if it makes you happy. Good luck my dear Cancer. You truly are ideal for each other in many ways.

Scorpio man personality traits and characteristics

Relax and enjoy the ride. My Scorpio male and I mesh together very well. I am an Aries and we just flow very naturally. We are SO much a like that he once said it is scary. Good luck in all your relationships everyone and thank you so much,karthikkash for this wonderful hub. Actually i have a bf online for almost 2 months. He is a scorpio too. You right, he is so secretative person that makes me feel he's just playing with me. I am a cancer girl, most cancer girl are sweet and love to be cuddle, and loud for their feelings and i am like that.

You know what my bf tells me little about himself and his family that's all.. Well, I love him sooo much, but there are times that i have doubt in him coz he don't want to update our status online.. I ask him if he still want me and he said yes. You know what i can't loose him too.. I try to look for other guys..

Wabash Annie: Thanks a lot Annie : Scorpios are probably the most intriguing and misunderstood people of the zodiac. I've always been fascinated by astrology because people so often 'fit' their signs. I've not known much about Scorpios, however, and appreciated learning about their traits. I'm a Cancer, but I'm a lot like a Scorpio because of other traits I possess beyond my zodiac sign. I find that I do not do well romantically with Scorpios because we both want to be in charge in some capacity.

I was secretly and passionately in love with a Scorpio for two years when I was a teenager. It never materialized into more than just a really intense, private friendship. We never expressed even the friendship to one another, but simply experienced it. He was the first guy I felt really physically compelled toward and also just magnetically drawn to.

I used to write poetry for him. I would bring it to class and show it to him. He was very passionate about reading my work which I loved about him. I'm the kind of person who knows everyone's secrets even if they don't tell them. That's why secretive people are attracted to me. They sense that I know something about them that other people don't understand. And I do. I just don't like a lot of conflict in my intimate relationship so I tend to fall in love with men who are the opposite of Scorpio and of myself, more easygoing, open types who can handle my own moodiness and who aren't afraid to profess their love for me endlessly.

I always get along with Sag girls and boys. We Scorps like your positive and somewhat carefree attitude. The answer below is somewhat true. To us Scorpios life is about personal interactions and experience. Rules that most people follow rarely even occur to us. We do what we want - when we want.

The true rebel. That said, if we like you then that's it. If you are in a bad relationship then to us that means 'no relationship'. Just don't bring drama with you. Also, you'll have to figure out what the intentions and goals are. Sometimes we just want to have fun with a girl and have no labels on that experience.

It does not mean a one-night-stand and also doesn't necessarily mean it's the beginning of a relationship. Labels and rules are for others. We are totally honest and don't really play games. It's best if you just ask honestly what's going on and we will tell you. Just be sure your asking is from the heart and not defensive or accusatory. I've been dating a scorp male for 3 months. We met at work he was my manager and kind of hit it off. The ride hasn't been all roses and tulips tho.

I had a feeling that he was hiding sonething from me due to my experience with past relationships. One day I was at his house and noticed something that wasn't there before and started looking thru everything else. I was devastated by what I found, a house full of women's belongings. He said that it was for his sister but of course I wasn't buying the story. He went as far as taking me to his sister's place who wasn't home at the time but her boyfriend was which proved nothing to me.

I continued to see him anyway because I had fell in love by this point. I just pretended to go along with all the bs he was saying I looked at the pics on there and I tld him I had done so. He said ok it wouldn't be a problem. A couple of weeks after that, he broke his lease and moved in with me. Now fast forward to today, we have been living together just under a month. During this time he has slept out once and done a couple of other questionable thing.

One day when I couldn't take it anymore, I told him we needed to talk. I started off by telling him that the questions I was about to ask him, I pretty much already knew the answer i'm a sag, it doesn't take me long to put two and two together and that if he continued to lie, we can't go any further. I started off by asking him why he lied about being single and his living situation at the time.

He came clean, finally. He said he knew things were gonna be changing soon so he just didn't say anything. He said he was cheating because he caught her cheating and he stayed with her even though he had no intentions of being with her like he was playing catch back. Due to the dishonesty on his part I don't fully trust him even though he comes home to me every night. I asked him how can I trust that he won't do me the same thing He is trying to put my mind at ease but I still feel weird. I know he is not sticking around for sex because we've had plenty of that and he didn't need a place to stay because he is financially stable and he pays all the bills here because I don't work right now he manipulated my work situation so that I would not want to return after my suspension.

So, if he didn't want me, he could have disappeared after I stopped working there. I guess my question is now that everything has come to the surface can I now take him seriously? I still feel weird because I don't trust him fully. I think he was testing me when he told me he was considering moving out to be closer to his new job because today when I said I was ready to go back to work he said with no hesitation that he doesn't want me to feel like I have to go back to work out of fear that this won't last because he isn't going anywhere.

Is he playing mind games or is he really in this for the long haul? Everything is happening so fast but feels like its been going on for years. Any advice would be helpful. Us scorpio men want a woman willing to throw caution to the wind for us. We want a dangerous woman because we live life dangerously. The fact that your hesitated was more than likely a failure in his eyes, and if he did contact you I would suggest that you step lightly, as he may be an unevolved scorpio and looking for nothing more from you than some physical intimacy.

I would say move on. Move on, and just find happiness beyond a relationship; if you do that, a scorpio will find you soon enough, haha! Meet a Scorpio at work about 2 mths and then left. I felt possessed like a spell no idea what happened to me until I started researching the sign. I'm in a troubled relationship which he was not aware of. I did feel guilty not for kissing but because of my current "troubled living together relationship". He told me not to feel bad.

We did not sleep together he called me out on my "guilty emotions" so we just played around. I got dressed and he seemed annoyed that I was leaving him. Almost like reversed roles the guy usually leaves after the fun I never heard back he fell of the face of the earth. No response! I'm torned! Lshannah: Let him contact you. It is his mistake anyway. So, don't talk to him unless he calls back.. If you want to play with him a bit, don't bother replying to his texts or calls a couple of times ;.

Hmm, well he apologized for hurting me, after I've said I couldn't imagine that he can be so mean. What should I do now? I haven't tried to contact him, because I think the ball is in his court.. Lshannah: It could very well be a test to see how you react to what he says. A minor possibility that he may be holding something against you. Thanks for the quick response! Would a Scorpio go as far as saying he's dating someone else? I'm wondering if it's some sort of test, because he has said it when I'm called him out on ignoring me.

He got really defensive and from the past when he became jealous due to a miscommunication I've learned when something like that happened before it was just a stupid test. Lshannah: It would not be easy to tell what specific kinds he will put you through. Only with a specific situation we may be able to tell whether he is testing you or not. Hey Karthikkash, could you tell something about the tests a scorpio male will put a love interest through? I'd love to head.

The Complete Guide To Scorpio Personality Traits

Thanks in advance! Alisha: I may not really be the right person to advice on that : But I will be able to help you understand his personality. You may want to seek a professional astrologer's help for that. Help, I am a Taurus woman newly falling for an evolved career Army Scorpion I have Scorpio rising I want to be the focus of his intensity for a long time to come ; thanks-! I think it is time for straight talk between you two or three.

It is best to understand where he stands. As much as you have feelings for him, you need to be absolutely clear where you both stand when it comes to you two. Then take a step. I know I am no one to comment on the relationship you have, but are you sure you want to continue that? To start with, ask him to be open about what he wants.

I think confrontation is the best way. You wouldn't want to ruin your life if someone is just looking at playing around.. Our story is a little long so I'll try to give you the gist of it. I met my scorpio friend when I was getting out of a rough relations with my scorpio boyfriend I believe I will marry a scorpio because I have always attracted them I could be in a dark room and they find me.

I read that Pisces is the best match for scorpios so maybe that's why they always sniff me out Any way back to the main point When we became friends he was just what I needed to soothe the wounds caused by my scorpio ex-boyfriend scorpio ex boyfriend had issues but I see him turning into the eagle that I know he can and will be Others can't see it but I can Its the whole pisces psychic thing At the time we became friends he was also in a difficult relationship with his baby mom He hugged me on day and my knees got weak He was in a difficult spot because I wanted to be taken out and be out in public as lovers and not just friends After months of bad treatment he stopped coming I was too shocked to hear that he and his baby mom had called it quits I was even more shocked to find out that he live a stone throw away from me.

When we met up again he opened up to me and said that I broke his heart into pieces when I cut him off in the past Back to what I was saying He and I became friends again Then we started having sex again, which reallllly helped with my depression.. The thing is when we became reaccqainted he was getting to know this other girl Anyway he went through a rough spot I asked him so the two of you are getting really serious Once again he asked me for a ride He was upset because he felt her actions was disrespectful I spoke to him about it because my feelings started to develop again I asked him if he has committed to a relationship with her and he said no I sort of believed that because I know he was kinda traumatized from the whole seven yrs failed baby mama drama I was a listening ear..

I was there just hanging with him and his daughter when the girl came there I didn't leave right away He said that they are not in a relationship because he told her from the beginning that he only wanted friendship because he was still dealing with his breakup. I told him that once you give a woman a key to your place that says you're in a relationship I asked him what went down after I left he didn't want to divulge that information Lately my feelings have gotten strong and I am starting to be jealous again I am be'n so ridiculous to the point where he is getting angry at me The other day My car was down and I needed to do my laundry so I told him I was coming by he said ok, when I was two step from his place I saw her car parked there so I called him to say that I didn't know he had company and If I should come back and he said no I laughed to myself because she caters to him but when I come there he caters to me I mean you should see how he behaves If I come over and say I hungry or thirsty he drops what he's doing to take care of me I mean he will even wash my clothes while I'm there watching tv I just don't get it I told him how I felt I also told him that we should distant from each other because I'm only becoming more and more jealous which is gonna ruin or frienship I enjoyed reading this.

I've been in love with a Scorpio for 11years.

He is in a relationship, has a child and is my husband's friend. We flirt sometimes, I guess it's flirting. He holds me in his arms like we are lovers, his face burried in my neck. I kiss him in his neck. He blows me kisses, stares at me, looks right through me. He kissed me on the mouth once, but when my husband confronted him he denied it. I hated him after that and we weren't really getting along after that for years, but since a few months we are best buddies again.

We chat and email and he always signs' with love'. We are just too close for normal friends, or rather too touchy feely. His girl is jealous so this happens when she is not around. I'm unsure now if I should talk to him about my feelings, it may ruin everything but it's killing me. How do I know that he's not just being a friend or being a player? I've been thinking about this all the time and when we don't speak or I don't see him I feel so empty. But if I tell him how I feel I ruin everything and he may reject me.

Sometimes I get the feeling that he knows. It's like we were at a party, pretty close, almost kissinh and touching again, and the next morning he can be distant almost, and I wonder if I imagined everything. What I want is to be open, so I can go on with my life and we both know that this isn't normal, even if he doesn't love me back. But where do I begin? Joel: It need not be a curse.

We can actually channelize our energy in a proper way. That is where the white dove symbolizes us :. Hey, Karthik. Thanks for the response. Well, is that gonna be my curse? But believe it or not I like that feeling though. They are looking so perplexed 'cause their children cries when I'm looking at them even when I project a smile.

The older ones are hiding behind their mother's back looking very scared. I like it when I see confused faces. Figuring out what is the problem but can not really come up with any answer. Unfortunately, most of us Scorpios have that intimidating appearance even if we are genuinely smiling. I think sometimes our energy becomes overbearing.. The traits of a scorpio man is similar to that of a person with an INTJ personality type. I am a scorpio man, but I was born in a cusp of because my birthday is on the 21st day of November. I'm a pretty serious guy.

I believe I am. It's very difficult to have these kind of traits on my back 'cause a lot of people are intimidated at me. They look down when I look at them. My infant nephews ages 3 to 5 years old cries out loud and shivers when I look at them even if I am smiling. I don't look like a monster either or some average Joe as a matter of fact. But why are they crying?

Scorpio Man - Personality - Characteristics & Nature

Yolena: Scorpios always hide their true emotions. Some times it is natural we usually don't express our emotions openly. Sometimes we just hide it so that we don't appear vulnerable. But nonetheless, we will have strong emotions. As long as he loves you, that is fine :. Hi I'm a Gemini dealing with a Scorpio male and I really love him but sometimes I find myself getting really frustrated with him because I cannot figure him out he tells me he loves me but sometimes it seems like his emotions are somewhat with drawn as if he is trying to protect himself from me while I on the other hand I'm very open with my emotions,what do I do?

I just don't understand him. Pixie: Trust me, every Scorpio male is typical in certain traits.. However different they are..

Scorpio man questions

Do see for his jealous, obsessive, controlling nature.. Trust me, if he likes you even a bit, it will show some way even in minute ways. Not really, he's complicated as it is so I don't know what will be unusual for him, but my cancer friend thinks he likes me. I don't know what he feels at all. Pixie: Possibilities are that he may not have any special feelings. Have you noticed any other typical Scorpio male unusual behavior? Since you yourself are a Scorpio I hope you'll help me fighure this out I'm a Scorpio girl and I really like a Scorpio guy, it's definitely not an infatuation, it's been more than four years and my feelings have grown stronger ever since.

I have told him about my feelings twice, the first time he said that we need to know each other we were acquaintances then and around six months after that I again told him I like him. I haven't got an answer still it's been two years. We had just stopped talking for some months both our Scorpio mood swings maybe and recently he began talking to me again, we don't get to see much of each other but out chats continue for hours though sometimes I feel he doesn't want to talk but we both give each other the 'hypnotic Scorpio gaze' very frequently.

What's on his mind? True Sagi : I can understand your feelings and I can empathize with it. There are two things a Scorpio will do anything for. Trust me, for most Scorpios of course, I am not talking about the insect types. I am talking about the regular Scorpios you and I come across , these are two things which are always on the top of the list.

However, it can be sometime unfortunate that ambitions gain the upper hand and love takes a back seat. One needs to understand that Scorpio's ambitions are something that are pursued till they are achieved, and they always have a well thought out reason whether right or wrong reason is a different matter.

And when those things happen, it feels that the other person involved has been betrayed. Something not easy to deal with, but has to be dealt with. I relentlessly pursued Mr Scorp. I was in awe of him, the 'idea' of him not knowing him relationship-wise at this stage. Oh and btw I'd known him for years prior to this but had fell out of touch.

Initially he was hot and cold mainly cold. I was losing my mind over him. All the while he had NO clue whatsoever of the effect of his behaviour was having on me. He continued to dangle the proverbial carrot and I was reeled in. Hypnotised some would even say well my judging friends anyway. Almost a year went on and we started to make real progress I thought.

He told me he loved me, I told him too. I supported him when he was down, was always there for him at the drop of a hat. I made him the centre of my universe, cause of how much I genuinely cared for him. Any other man had NO chance in hell with me. I only had eyes for him! I really opened up to him about who I really was as a person, my intentions, my everything well almost, ha. He made me feel so loved every time I was with him sexually and otherwise. He made me feel amazing, beautiful and sexy. He had many issues, a few of them; concerning his baby mom and I know childhood issues which he's not ready to accept yet nor get help for.

His bad experiences with former girlfriends emotionally messed him up. I was patient with him, more than I would have accepted off any other previous bf's. My Scorp had many ambitious goals and the talent to go with it but he never had any drive or motivation. I made him feel like he could do anything, achieve everything. I made a conscious effort not to patronise him or cut him with my bluntness.

I slowly started noticing a pattern in his behaviour. How I wasn't top of his list. I wasn't a priority in his life. It hurt, bad! I noticed how he only ever made a real effort with me if and when he needed something, wanted some words of encouragement, money, a ride to his homies. I made him aware of how I felt and done nothing to change even though he said he would. I didn't push him. I didn't force it on him. I distanced myself a little, he fixed his ways for a temporary period. Over the holidays he became distant for no apparent reason.

Stopped answering my calls, responding to my messages and when I asked him what's up he made excuses. He constantly made excuses! I cut him loose. I had to! I still love him but I cannot respect somebody who didn't respect me and appreciate all I had to offer. He took me for granted. Now I'm left wondering if his love was ever real or did he just use me? Maybe he believes I'm playing a game, telling him we're through when we're not, who knows! But I'm done with him. For good. He sent me a very touching but somewhat manipulative email I won't go into detail saying how much he loved me and appreciated everything I'd done for him and how I was the one etc etc One of the main things I'm grateful for is the lesson he taught me in the form of a Scorpio.

I'm also grateful for coming to the realization of how intense my feelings can be. I had no idea how intensely I could feel for another. It's a shame it's ended like this but I will not and cannot accept anything less than my own worth. The only solution is to give it some time and see how it goes.

If you feel that it is not worth pursuing, then you may want to move on. I am very much in love with a scorpio man and at first he was all fun to be around after a few weeks of seeing each other he has become so withdrawn and he never call he never answer any text and sometimes ignore my call but when we see each other he is all loving and say the right things he has bee hurt badly and is not will to commit now but the problem is he is not giving me the urge to hold on i am very confuse and i don't know what to do. Once you hurt a Scorpio guy deeply, it is extremely difficult to get him back to how it was before that.

I wish I could have put it in a milder way. I am not saying you did any mistake. In fact, you haven't done any mistake. The only problem is that we Scorpio men are extremely sensitive inside. A slight insult or anything of that sort, we take it very deeply, even if it is our mistake. When we are in that situation, we become blind to other's opinions.

What we do is right for us. That is when we become vengeful, even if we loved that person extremely. Unfortunately, that is one of our negative traits. As off now, I think only time will heal your situation.

I know, being a Scorpio yourself, it will hurt you very deep. But you will have to accept it. I am not saying it is over yet, but you just have to accept that whatever happened, it happened. Wow, thank you for this. I am a libra woman who has fallen in live with a Scorpio man who is ten years younger than I. He has no idea. But when I met him, I thought that he was my age. He is so mature and wise and intelligent. He's everything I've always wanted in a man, but I seem to be roadblocked: he has completely taken me out of myself-I am not the same.

Normally I am not aggressive and I never ask guys out, but when I am around him I be one very aggressive and I did ask him out. He said yes, but then he started sending mixed signals. This article is very helpful. I kept hearing that libras and scorpios are not meant for marriage, but I truly believe that he'd the one. In the long run, it is not about the sun signs, but how much both are willing to respect the differences and take the relationship further. My brother is a scorpio and he can be a handful but hes my bro but the women in his life , he needs to find someone more his mate instead of settling.

Guys, I have made a small update to my hub added a small point on one of our behaviors. Thank you for reading and your continuous support for the hub with your comments. PrinceXandre: Thanks for sharing. And good to know that it gave you a bit more understanding about yourself :. Hoow: I don't know the entire story.

But, it may be possible that you may have become his rebound.. I love my scorpio bf very much. Well he moved ti be closer to his ex. But made it seem like they weren't friends anymore yet still was hanging out with her. He invited me to meet his family that I fell in love with. But I tthink he was just using me. Most of the traits mentioned in the article are true to me. The trait I want least is being possessive and jealous because it really creates a war between me and my partner especially if my partner cannot understand what I am jealous of.

I have few friends but majority of them are "real. Secretive - in a way. Yeah, even if I open my life story to my "closest friend," there would always be secrets that I will never mention. I think this is also true with other zodiac. Passionate - very true to me. You can see in my work if I did it with a heart or merely for compliance. My level of standard on my work is not on the standard being imposed by other people, but on my own standard.

People tend to call me perfectionist, but that is me. I don't want to sacrifice the quality of my work for other people's satisfaction. I can only say my work is almost perfect if I am satisfied with it. Well, though my life is not dependent on the zodiac, I am very thankful to this article about Scorpio because I was able to understand myself more deeply. See 73 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, exemplore. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Karthik Kashyap more. Positive Traits of Scorpio Men From their passionate nature to intense loyalty, Scorpio men have many wonderful characteristics.

Mysterious, Charming, and Confident Every blog you may have read will talk about how mysterious Scorpio men are. Passionate and Intense No other sign in the zodiac compares when it comes to being passionate. Highly Sexual On top of the seductive aura they emit without even trying, Scorpio men are well known for being one of the most sexual signs. Loyal Scorpio men are some of the most loyal people you will ever meet. Trust Cannot Be Repaired Coinciding with their deeply trusting and loyal nature, once you've broken the trust of a Scorpio man, you will never get it back again.

Tough But Soft Most blogs you read mention this idea. Emotional and Intelligent Scorpios are often notorious for making decisions with their hearts. Wise and Mature It is also said that Scorpios, in general, are wise beyond their age. Ambitious Scorpio men are also highly ambitious.

Powerful A Scorpio easily attracts and is attracted to power, but this does not necessarily mean that he wants to be in the limelight. Focused Once a Scorpio man has a goal set in mind, it's extremely difficult to diverge him from that path. Honest While Scorpio men are well known for being guarded and secretive, don't confuse those traits with dishonesty. Negative Traits of Scorpio Men Though Scorpios have many desirable traits, they also have characteristics that are far less savory.

Vindictive and Unable to Forgive There's a reason the quote "Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned" is so common in astrological articles. Short-Tempered and Excessively Jealous This is another very common trait of this sign, especially in romantic relationships. Overly Secretive Scorpio men are the ones who are most commonly accused of being highly secretive at least I get it all the time from people around me. Moody Let me explain this. Prone to Melancholy Due to their rich inner life and proneness to periods of deep reflection, Scorpios also tend to be quite emotional.

Manipulative The flipside of Scorpio's intuitiveness is that he's better able to manipulate others should he feel the need. Overbearing Scorpio men love to be in control, not only of their own lives, but often of others' as well. Stubborn While this can be a very positive trait when it comes to achieving goals and staying driven, it can be frustrating for anyone in a relationship with a Scorpio man, whether it's as friends or lovers.

Overindulgent Scorpio men's passion can verge into overindulgence, which—in extreme cases—can lead to a harmful and potentially life-threatening lifestyle. More Characteristics of a Scorpio Man Men of this sign usually have a sarcastic and caustic sense of humor that others have trouble figuring out or appreciating.

They are not very superficial people, so when it comes to finding a romantic partner, beauty is only one of many important elements for them. The Scorpio guy is generally extremely intuitive. He is able to understand instinctively the real needs of his woman, which enables him to satisfy her every fantasy and desire. If he is with a woman who is somewhat shy and reserved, he will work to draw her out of her shell.

The two of them can then experience a deeper and more meaningful sexual connection. If you know anything about the sign of Scorpio, then you will know that trust is one of his highest values.

As such, he has the ability to make an instant judgment on whether or not someone is truthful. His intuition tends to control his feelings giving him the ability to pick up non-verbal cues and put them together. He is able to tell if there is something deeper happening beneath the surface so honesty is always the best policy. Scorpio Men who have their star sign in Venus are very secretive and mysterious. This can make them come across as a bit stand-offish or seem as if they have something to hide.

More specifically, they are secretive and guarded about their emotions. Their relationships always have an element of mystery regardless of their loyalty and commitment. A Scorpio guy rarely discloses everything to a woman unless he has known her for a while and feels like he can trust her completely. His secretive lifestyle always keeps those around him wondering. Venus in Scorpio men prefers to keep their personal projects secret and away from the public eye. Other than having mysterious relationships, Scorpio males have inquisitive minds which makes them interested in other mysteries in the world.

This then always makes a mystery a great topic of conversation for them. Due to his intense emotions, the Scorpio guy can be very jealous. He desires to be in a committed relationship with a devoted woman. He loves with all his heart and he absolutely hates disloyalty. If you are dating this type of male, one thing you may notice is his possessiveness and manipulative nature. He can sometimes get upset very quickly and will not forgive easily. This is because they feel their emotions intensely, which will keep reminding them of the wrong-doing until and unless it is properly resolved.

Scorpio males usually make loyal and devoted partners. The possessiveness of this kind of man can either be disconcerting or intoxicating to some women. Being aware of this trait will help as the relationship unfolds and will also allow you to adjust for it if need be. In addition, the man born under the star sign of Scorpio tends to love extremely or hate completely. So, when dating a Venus in Scorpio, you really need to be strong enough to deal with his intense nature.

The Venus In Scorpio Man.