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Leo is an adventurer, seeking to balance an intense life of social obligations and travel with plenty of downtime to relax and luxuriate. Work and outward appearances matter to this sign, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to gain a job title or workplace status, even if it means temporarily sacrificing their precious leisure time. Benevolent with their time and attention, Leos are never cliquey, always showing friendliness and politeness to everyone. While almost everyone else is entranced by the Leonine personality, Leos are their own harshest critic and consider each day a challenge to be the best, brightest, and boldest Lion they can be.

L for leaders E for energetic O for optimistic.

A natural leader, Leo's very presence inspires others to be the best they can be. But with great power comes great responsibility. Leos love the pull of the limelight, and they're occasionally swayed by what other people want or expect them to do. Although this sign has a loud inner voice, learning to listen to it—especially if it's guiding them toward an unpopular move—is a lifelong lesson that will only make proud Lions stronger and more resilient.

Lions are well known for their loud roar. But learning to quiet down and listen is essential for Leos to reach their peak power—especially when they're hearing a voice that doesn't match their confidence and certainty. And while this sign thrives on their split-second decision-making and reaction skills, they might sometimes benefit from taking a few seconds, minutes, or even days before making their opinion known on a subject.

Researching all sides, doing due diligence, and learning from other people's experiences are all essential for a Leo to be as strong a leader as possible. A giving nature.

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Most people assume that Lions are all about themselves. But appearances are deceiving. There is something warm and welcoming about a Leo, and a sense that you can trust this person even with those wild fantasies. Leo lives on spectacles, and that includes sex.

LION, votre HOROSCOPE du 25 au 31 janvier 2019.

You probably find yourself thinking up new ways of pleasing your mate with lavish efforts. Perhaps you serenade your lover, or write them a romantic poem. Whomever you date knows beyond a doubt that they are loved. The hotter the sex, the better. Be aware that as a Leo you tend to fall in love quickly. You want to meet the parents on the second date! Be careful with that. It scares more timid signs off.

Use those great lips of yours to caress your chosen lover. These two Zodiac Signs have a lot of magnetic attraction. Where you differ is in the way you handle situations. A Leo wants accolades while Aries just shrugs and does what they feel is best anyway. That can lead to some rather vivid fights. You are going to find yourself doing a lot of head butting here. While Leo-Taurus will have a strong sense of confidence in each other, they rarely work out for long-term commitments because both signs resist change and compromise.

The Leo and Gemini relationship is actually quite a lot of fun. In many ways your pairing is like a crafted stage production that has a full cast and crew that feed the social nature of both these signs. This pairing is fraught with confusion simply because Leo and Cancer live in very different mindsets. Where Leo seeks respect and tons of attention, Cancer is a soft-shell, seeking sensitivity and support.

Leo Horoscope Today - uxelaxujeg.tk

This is hard for Leo. There can be strong loyalty between Leos, however, which can make them good friends so long as you build on a respectful foundation.

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Virgo has a tendency to over-analyze their Leo partner. Generally, this pairing might best be avoided unless other elements in your charts improve compatibility prospects. You both are romantics, which keeps loving expressions always fresh and fun. You probably love giving your partner little trinkets reminding them of how special they are.

Leo just has to take care and give the ever-compromising Libra equity instead of overpowering him or her. Leo you so want that Scorpio.

The first time you make love clothes will be flying everywhere. That attraction never stops for the two of you, but both these signs like a sense of power and both have obstinate tendencies down to their DNA.

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This causes clashes, but if a peace treaty can be reached you can still develop a romantic, faithful partnership. Watch out love birds!

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Sagittarius give Leo all kinds of interesting ideas that you can explore together. At first the Sagittarius might date several people, which rubs Leo the wrong way. Remember however that wanderlust is better before making a commitment. Leo walks on the sunny side of the street while Capricorn comes across as a pessimist.

The heart of the problem is that you candle life in two different ways emotionally.