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The challenge is to extend yourself without losing focus, scattering your energy and overtaxing your mind. Luckily, we just came out of a slow period of relaxation in earthy Taurus, which means we'll be rested and ready to enjoy Gemini's famously speedy pace. Absorb this Air sign's energy and allow it to inspire you to launch a new project or commit to a long-term plan.

In your 3rd House of Learning, the Sun stirs your desire to explore a new subject or acquire a new skill.

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Take time to define your priorities and consider what information you really need to move toward your long-term goals -- it's time to get the education you need to fulfill a dream or community project you want to launch. The Sun in your 2nd House of Finances invites you to explore new sources of income and focus on building your base of security.

Seek out different perspectives on money management and prosperity consciousness by talking with friends, taking a class or reading a book or blog.

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You should feel the push to think big, and Gemini's bold influence can inspire you to take calculated risks to follow your inspiration! Happy Birthday, Gemini!

The return of the Sun to your 1st House of Self represents a time of personal renewal and new beginnings. Pay special attention to what inspires you, and commit to freeing up more space for pursuing your passions and reconsidering who you want to be. During your birthday month, give yourself permission to make a change, reinvention or total transformation! The Sun slips into your 12th House of Endings, marking the close of your personal yearly cycle -- a time for resting, retreating and regenerating. Take time to reflect on what you've created, and pay attention to your dreams for clues about the new vision that wants to come forward.

Explore your thoughts on deeper levels of intimacy and see what kind of roadblocks you may have to clear in order to receive love and support from others.

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So I can remember that my mind will tell me all manner of stories about how isolated I am, how unique my problems, and how precious my sorrows. But being with others that live honestly reminds me that my struggle is the human one, and I need not go it alone. I check my attitudes about abundance. I know that acknowledging how it already appears in my life helps me access more of it, but I also honor the blocks I have to it.

Where I limit myself unnecessarily is where I need to get curious.

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There is no healing without intimate knowledge of what causes harm. Disrupting self-pity that has gone on for too long is an integral part of accessing my ability to problem solve. Creating space for the possibilities awaiting me. It opens up avenues of connection for me. It brings good fortune into my life by offering me the opportunity to give.


Gemini (astrology)

When speaking to myself, I choose my words wisely. I attune myself to what inspires me to grow. I attune myself to what challenges my best to come forward. With this new moon, I give myself a head start. A chance to refresh. A blessing to begin again.

Sun in Gemini in Astrology (Gemini Horoscope personality revealed)

The more I focus on my gifts, the more able I am to clearly, and without doubt, give them to the world. I build a place for myself to exist. All of the work that no one sees shows up in the finished product. All the worrying, all the fussing, all the lullabies I sing to the creative projects that I want to bring into the world are palpable in the end result. My work is to stay patient with the process. My work is to keep my awareness on what needs me most. My work is to not feel sorry for myself if I have to miss out on a moment in the world. I attune myself to the bigger picture.

Co – Star: Hyper-Personalized, Real-Time Horoscopes

I keep my focus on my long term goals. I know that anything that gives me temporary relief should be used, but only sparingly if it detracts too much from staying on the path of productive self-discovery. I know that there is no such thing as personal perfection. Everytime I get caught in the net of such a deceptive foe, I feel my life force getting tangled, bound up, wrapped around energy channels that need to flow freely. I know that my best effort, done consistently, is the way to work. Complications arise when I forget to count myself in the equation.

I surround myself with those that are working on their ability to do the same. I curate community based on our mutual ability to be as forthcoming about our experience in the world as we are about our ambitions in it. I want to be with people that are willing to share what hurts while being generous with their good feelings. The more I surround myself with those that know how precious time well spent is, the more I feel I have. The more I align my efforts with those that know my success is their own, the more I know I have.

The more I am able to uplift the people I play hard and work well with, the more blessings I am a beholder of. My career is a cure for my past mistakes, mishaps, and misdirected energy. I am here to give all that I have to the world. I am here to empty myself of all excess love, creative energy, and life lessons. Even when the world refuses to see me as a gift, I know otherwise. My sources are rock solid. I trust my intuition above the naysayers with nothing but negativity to offer. I know how resilient the energy that runs through me is, so I will trust it over the systems my situation finds me in.

I get myself to the wells that refill me. The sounding boards that hear me out. The courts that let me bounce my ideas around, giving me all sides of the story so that I can make the best decisions and go in the directions that set my soul alight. Being available to the solution sometimes means being in the inbetween. Knowing that I actually have control over very little in life, I remind myself to trust my ability to be with the process. But I figured it out. I felt my way through. I found cracks that became doorways. I found abilities within me, dormant but ready for use.

June may be filled with professional challenges, but none that I am ill-fitted to find my way through. They awaken within me my determined dedication. Put on some ambient music and take out your journal — you'll likely have some important thoughts to work out. There is a full moon in quirky Aquarius on Thursday, August Like Aquarius, you also love creative and intellectual conversations, and the water bearer can bring out your humanitarian side.

Full moons are rich with manifestation power, so if there's a professional or creative project you've been waiting to launch, today is the day. While you love attention, you don't have the patience for rigid or overly critical feedback. Warrior planet Mars enters detail-oriented Virgo on Saturday, August This transit is beneficial for acts of service and can act as a cosmic push. Thicken up your skin and your professional projects will be in pristine shape. The past few weeks have been beneficial to your love life, but you'll need to cultivate a bit of toughness at home when Venus also enters Virgo on Wednesday, August During this time your partner may be critical, nitpicky, and ask for more commitment than you're ready for.

Virgo season begins on Friday, August The good news is that you and Virgo share a ruling planet, Mercury, which enters Virgo on Thursday, August You love to talk, and during this time of self-expression, you'll find getting your thoughts out is easier than usual.