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The state of the planet shows the state of the opposition. Sa is debilitated in 7 th from AL. You may appear to be fighting with buffoons who are debilitated meaning sad and helpless. Exalted planets are excited and charged up. Lessons on Vedic Astrology It is a winning combination.

Bottom line is you get very easy results. AL shows images of people. Ma when in 3 rd from AL is seen as a fighter. It is a good position if you are a policeman, businessman but bad if you are a saint or a sadhu. When you are judging these images what is good in one country may not be good in another country If Sa is debilitated you will be overcoming opponents very easily.

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If Ju is debilitated you will be seen as opposing people who are wise but unhappy and depressed. That is the image you will project to the world. Su in 7 th from AL shows somebody who is opposing powerful people, the government on grounds of Dharma. Su in 9 th house means he is doing lots of Dharma. Dasamsa — Career analysis in Su dasa. Su is 7 th lord in 12 th house.

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Su has argala on the 11 th house. So, he will continue to give gains. Su is in A3 Vikrama pada. For this reason prospective brides and grooms or their parents are anxious to know when the marriage would take place and with which type of spouse? So they pose this question to their astrologer. Predicting marriage or any major event is not an easy task. These guidelines are based on the analysis of Birth and Navamsa charts.

This obviously implies a change of residence which comes under the domain of Chaturthamsa D-4 chart. In case of males it may indicate entry of wife in his life.

D4 Chaturthamsa horoscope

Chaturthamsa indicates not only the house made of bricks and mortar but also the homely comfort and happiness associated with it. This examination helps in shortlisting the antardasa and pratyatardasa. A few illustrative examples are given below:— Example 1: Female 14 April This girl was married on 28 December Her Birth and Chaturthamsa charts are shown below. The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu—Jupiter—Sun—Moon. Rahu is separative by nature and occupies 5th house in D-4 chart.


Example 2: Female 15 February , Hrs. India The girl got married on 12th December The dasa at that time was Saturn—Rahu— Jupiter—Moon. Example 3: Female Got married on The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu —Venus—Saturn—Mercury.

56 The state of the planet shows the state of the opposition 57 Sa is | Course Hero

Rahu separative occupies 4th house and aspects 10th house , lagnesh Venus i. Delhi Got remarried on 13th May The dasa at the time of marriage was Venus —Venus—Venus—Saturn.

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  • Venus, as lagnesh native , occupies 10th house Sasural whereas Saturn shows separation from Maayka. Example 5 : Male 9th September Got married on 28th December The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu—Venus—Moon—Jupiter. Venus significator of wife occupies 9th house ,and being 12th from 10th , indicates her departure from her Maayka.

    Jupiter ,the planet of expansion, occupies 11th house of gains alongwith Moon. These features indicate the entry of wife in his life. Example 6 : Male 10th July Example 7 : Male 31 Dec. He got married on 20 Dec. The dasa at the time of marriage was Jupiter-Venus-Venus. In Chaturthamsa Jupiter as 2nd lord family occupies fourth house sukhsthan and augments native's happiness, Venus 7th lord and significator of wife occupies 9th house and is posited to leave her parental house maayka after marriage.

    Example 8 : Male 6 April In Chaturthamsa, Rahu occupies 7th house wife , Saturn occupies 10th house wife's parental house , whereas 10th lord Mercury occupies lagna. Saturn and Rahu both are dispositors of Venus - significator of wife. Conclusion The examples discussed in this paper highlight the importance of Chaturthamsa examination in the context of timing of marriage. In addition to the examination of natal Chaturthamsa, Tajik Chaturthamsa of the relevant Varshaphal may also be examined for confirmation.

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    Divisional Charts

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    Why Are Divisional Charts So Important?

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