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There are 26 letters in the English language and each has a special wavelength, colour and characteristic. Take, for example, the letters O and N appearing together in a name. The numerological value of O is 6 and that of N is 5. But ON denotes forward movement and positive action, whereas NO has a negative connotation and failure. Vijaay says pronology offers an understanding of both the forces that may occur in a name and gives people an opportunity to act accordingly to remove the ill effects and increase the beneficial values.

Our name is like a mantra. When it is repeated like a chant it vibrates a certain sound which exerts an influence on the cells in our body. In his book entitled Pronology , Vijaay explains that when two letters are combined, their separate wavelengths meet and generate a sound that can be positive or negative.

Hindi stars Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are some of the living examples of success and fame owing to such names. Those having names with pleasant sound combinations like Vijaya, Preethi, Anujaya, Jeyashri, Karisma, Rajaletchumi, Abarami, Gyathri, Jeya and Ragavi will generally enjoy peace and comfort and get good-natured husbands. Names like Vimala, Kamala, Mala, Nirmala, and Malathi will be dominating and they will have the skills to earn as much as or more than their husbands. To increase the power of a favourable name, Vijaay suggests that people should write their name in red ink and capital letters times daily on a white sheet of paper.

Another exercise is to enunciate their name as many times as possible in front of a mirror for a minimum of 48 days.

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Such acts can also be performed while bathing, driving and combing your hair, and can stimulate the results to take effect immediately. To further invoke the power of your name, take a rectangular card and write it down 27 times in red ink. If the above exercises are done consciously for days continuously, an individual can expect to see the desired result in his or her life within this period.

Partnership business is not suitable for him.

About Kaartik Gor - Astrologer, Vaastu Expert and Prosperity Coach

He derives benefits from the government sector. He can try his hands on becoming an engineer; a doctor specialized in venereal diseases, in treasury department, or a draftsman. In case the native is interested in business he can derive maximum benefit from the yarn export, medicine and decorative industries. He will be endowed with a large legacy at any point of his life. He is very slow in any kind of work. Hence for achieving success in life, he is advised to increase his working speed as otherwise he may be dragged far behind others. Family life: He is generally lucky in his married life.

His spouse will be expert in household administration, dedicated and devoted, and faithful and virtuous. With all these plus points, health of the spouse will be a concern for him and circumstances may so be created that quite often he is forced to live separately or alone. When I say separation, it may be due to work or due to ill health of either of the family members i.

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While he has to confront many obstacles in various walks of life, he will be content and lucky in family matters where he enjoys the utmost satisfaction and peace. He is more attached and close to his mother. Among his co-born, the native will enjoy more favor and love from his mother. While his father will be a pious man and well-known person, the native cannot enjoy his father's comforts and benefits.

His life up to 50 years of age will be full of trial and he faces frequent changes in his surroundings. However, period between 25 years years and 50 years years will be very good. Love marriage is indicated for the native.

Kartik Name - Meaning & Details

Sometimes, it has been found that Krittika born marries a girl known to his family. Health: He has a good appetite, but he does not have an appropriate food habit. Diseases to which he is prone to are dental problems, weak eyesight, tuberculosis, wind and piles, brain fever, accidents, wounds, malaria or cerebral meningitis. Whatever is his health condition, whether good or bad, neither he is afraid of any disease nor is he ready to observe a daily health care routine. Female Natives of Krittika Nakshatra : Physical Features: She will have a flawless body, medium height and extremely beautiful up to her 27th years of age.

Karthik Sivakumar's Planetary Position

Thereafter, due to sudden psychological or circumstantial changes, her beauty slowly starts fading. Krittika Female Characteristics and general events: While she is not completely loveless, she will not subdue to the pressure from others. Therefore, she suffers mentally. She is fond of quarrels. She expresses arrogance not only in her appearance but also in the domestic environment.

She earns by working in the paddy field, agricultural field, fisheries and other small-scale industries. When the birth is in the 1st degree of Krittika or 12 to She can also earn as a musician or an artist, a tailor or from leather products. Family life: She cannot enjoy full comforts of her husband. In some cases childlessness or separation from husband is also indicated and in few cases no marriage takes place. In case marriage early marriage does not take place then it has been noticed in several cases that 37th year is good for marriage.

She will not keep cordial relation with relatives as a sense of suppression and subordination is rampant in her mind.

Name starts with K in Tamil !!!!!

Truth is that these females live in an illusionary world and they show discourtesy to people who are actually their well wishers. Ultimately, a secluded life is in store for them.

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