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In addition, it is difficult to predict where these extra earthquakes will occur — although Bilham said they found that most of the intense earthquakes that responded to changes in day length seemed to occur near the equator. Topics Earthquakes The Observer. Geology Natural disasters and extreme weather news. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Aristotle recorded that it often happens there is an earthquake about the time of an eclipse.

Most scientists studying earthquakes today do not take an integrated view of what is happening on or above earth's crust. And yet years of Hindu writing describe how studying lunations and eclipses, both solar and lunar can predict earthquakes. Could they have been possibly wrong for so long? The ancient astrology mapped in detail how all phenomena including earthquakes were regulated by planetary movements. In the light of new findings that earthquakes can indeed be triggered by solar and lunar activity, perhaps we should take a fresh look at an old theory.

The ancient classic Garga Samhita traces the quaking of the earth to "Ketus" or dark spots on the Sun. Chile was rocked by a deadly earthquake in May Two days earlier, scientists found a huge dark spot passing over the central meridian of the Sun. It is now accepted that the spot must have had something to do with the disaster. Anderson at the California Institute of Technology saw tsunamis tidal waves 30 meters high increase, earth's rotation slow down and length of the day change.

Psychic and Astrology World Predictions for | Craig Hamilton-Parker

The world's mean temperature rose by a degree and the 'Chandler-wobble' peaked. Also, during January, February and March of , days had been shorter. So what connection, if any might there be between and ? An unusually tight conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn returns every approximately 60 years.

These occurred during , , , , and the next is As well as in and the early s, serious earthquakes occurred in and The largest ever earthquake recorded in Alabama , a mag, struck Pensacola on 8 May , two days out from lunar perigee. And in NZ on full moon of 20 January , three days out from perigee, a massive 8. As the Sun's vagaries can alter the duration of the day, they may also induce earthquakes. In , astronomer M. Trellis proved that the gravitational effect of the planets moderates the year solar-activity cycle.

This confirmed claims in Persian and Vedic texts that planets bring changes to the Sun which affect Earth. Sunspots repeat in intensity and number in and year cycles. This affects the Land Tide that daily lifts the crust of the earth. NZ goes up and down about 20cms per day and Australia 50 cms.

And Russian scientists have recently discovered that the ratio between the velocities of natural wave motions through the ground drop significantly days before an earthquake, and then return to normal just before an earthquake takes place. It is the periodicity of solar spots to planetary configurations, especially conjunctions that may afford a mathematically workable method to forecast natural phenomena, including quakes.

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The Sun does not act alone. The planets and the Moon also stimulate activity of Earth's subterranean forces. While Sun, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter can all be influential for earthquakes, it appears to be the moon by way of the Land tide providing the trigger. Ion A Dowman writes " I recall a few years ago, Mr Ring predicting an earthquake in Canterbury at the time of a full moon this at a time we were experiencing aftershocks from a large local quake.

Blow me down if one didn't happen in Spain, and very close to the predicted time, at that! We might also consider that on 4 September within the same hour as our Christchurch shake, a volcano occurred in Russia at a previously dormant location, spewing rocks 6kms into the air. The moon was also at the same longitude as, and appeared to be overhead of Japan at the exact moment of the tsunami earthquake. There is boundless evidence if anyone wishes to investigate it that can show that seismic events are not confined to local movements of plates, but are linked in a far reaching way to the geomagnetic field of the whole planet, and particularly dependent on where the moon happens to be..

Research into this is gathering momentum, but sadly not in NZ, despite the fact that in the world we are the second-most seismically active country after Japan. When a number of superior planets whose orbits lie outside the orbit of Earth are in conjunction or in same declination or same latitude, there is higher probability too of shakes. Eclipses falling at quadrants to Jupiter, Saturn or Mars are also high on the list of earthquake breeders.

According to modern science, everything in nature is electrical. From the tiniest atom to the vastness of the cosmos, all bodies including Sun, planets, Earth, and Moon are charged bodies with a field about them, subject to mathematical and electrical laws. Hindu writings say the asterism of the day belonging to prithvi earth or vayu air can contribute toward quakes. There remains suspicion amongst western scientists about the significance of planetary action prior to earthquakes.

Astrologer Arjun Chhetri arrested for predicting mega-earthquake

It is the most doubted by those who appear not to have undertaken fair and complete enquiry. Any scepticism cannot really be valid until rigorous investigative study begins.

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  5. Instead, our seismologists engage with old scars from previous earthquakes on a hillside, hoping to witness and record repeat shakes in the same locations. Yet Christchurch in demonstrated that that approach was a fallacy.

    Quick Summary

    What is called astrology, along with most other sciences cannot be proven. That should not matter as the supposed science of climate change is also still unproven, but that does not stop over a million dollars per day in NZ being spent on global warming research and related issues.

    Loss of life and damage to property during great quakes can happen in a few minutes. We may be better prepared if we can forecast them in advance. The upside is that the science has already been done.

    Big earthquake coming, warn MHA experts

    The downside is that it is still lodged in ancient texts. Perhaps it only requires for modern scientists to keep their minds open to what has been written before in forgotten places. Another aspect of longrange warnings is to settle the mind. Between and the moon has been closest to earth in the southern hemisphere, part of the approx-9 year cycle of hemisphere change that sees the moon come closer to earth over a range of 22deg N and S. It is up to a science historian to establish or deny that for a significant number of severe events an eclipse within a short time-frame of months will be found.

    I can list some six examples below:. This may explain why eclipses were so feared in ancient cultures, because they were known to herald earthquakes with a few months to prepare. The science behind why eclipses would be considered perilous will be left for other articles, but at eclipse the moon, sun and earth are in a direct line without parallax, which maximises the gravitational forces and internal geomagnetic stress.

    Suffice to say that the most recent eclipse visible from NZ will be the total lunar eclipse on 4 April, The 7-intensity shake that arrived exactly on 20 March was demoted by Geonet to a 5. Oddly, it was quickly removed from the internet.