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  1. Sun in Libra – Debilitated
  2. Effect of Debilitated Sun for Various Ascendent Lagna
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These type of Kriyas are also called shanti kriyas which means actions to establish peace. This is basically psychic based remedies. It is most powerful among these three type of remedies. All mantra related, real tantra related, all vedic rituals and psychic ability and meditation based remedies come under this type.

Sun in Libra – Debilitated

Let us discuss these one by one below. Chant the mantra times in a day. Total mantra jhapa would be 60, times, times havan on the same mantra, 60 time tarpan, 6 times Abhishek and feed food to any Brahmin. Yogic Procedure to remove negative energies of weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology.

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Visualization to remove negative energies of weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology. After that you need to start the visualization process. Visualize that your problem is already over or that you have come out of the problem and leading that stage of happy and normal life. Problem vary from person to person, so you need to concentrate accordingly. For example, if you have career problem, then see yourself as if you have progressed in your career.

Very importantly at this type of stage of visualization or meditation oriented remedies, always focus on improvements or solutions and not on the problem. Tamah guna- based remedies for weak, debilitated, afflicted Sun in Astrology. This type of procedure is not widely accepted and it has a lot of side effects too and in my opinion, this type of remedies are not recommended and so I am not going to discuss on these remedies now.

Rajah guna- based remedies for weak, debilit ated, afflicted Sun in Astrology. All kind of gem stones, metal, foods, color, numbers, etc come under this type of remedy procedure. Below are specific remedies based on Rajah guna for Sun which strengthen the planetary energy.

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  • Always remember Rajah guna —based energy strengthen the planetary energy, it basically means that if your Sun is a bad significator, for example- 8 th lord and you are doing Rajah guna based energy, then you are increasing negative energy of Sun. Rajah guna-based remedies should be performed only is the Sun in horoscope is in debilitation stage or afflicted by other planets. You need to judge all aspects of a planet in the horoscope and do not become conclusive or hurry to go to the conclusion.

    See all aspects of planets before doing this type of remedy.

    Effect of Debilitated Sun for Various Ascendent Lagna

    Ruby is the gemstone for Sun. Wear Ruby in Gold if not possible wear it in Silver in Ring finger. Choose any Sunday after taking bath in the early morning and wear it in the Ring finger. Metal represents Sun energy: Copper. Mostly I have observed when sun is debilitated and highly afflicted then either father does something for which child feels humiliated in society or vice versa. Weak Sun gives self doubt,t takes lots of hard work to reach top most post in working place if Sun is not Powerful.

    There can be thousands of remedy available for making Sun strong among them Reciting Aditya Hridaya Stotra Daily is the best one. In this Hustle Bustle of life its not possible for many to perform such Rituals everyday.

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    Below are the list of simple but general remedies for sun, follow it for 6months then you are bound to feel positive results of it. As sun signifies Father, so keep respectful distance with Father, so u will not have much interaction hence not too much clash. Dont Cheat Govt for example cheating Tax. The Royal King has the power of burn out everything which if comes in close contact. This means if you have other Planets in conjunction with Sun, then you might have the combust planet in your kundli.

    A Combust planet is more or less like a dead planet. Which has nothing to say or do.

    Shani or the Saturn is the first and foremost enemy for Surya. This happens because in astrology 7th house is always the house of our enemy and Leo which is the birth sign of Surya is directly opposite 7th house apart from to Aquarius sign which is the birth sign of Saturn Shani. Skip to content.

    Range of combustion The Royal King has the power of burn out everything which if comes in close contact. General Remedy for Afflicted Sun Surya Gayatri Mantra is the powerful mantra remedy for those people who has unfavorable sun in their birth chart.