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Love and Compatibility for January 19 Zodiac
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Sun semi-square Neptune. Surrender limiting beliefs.


Moon in Cancer Have you ever experienced someone with a Moon in Cancer? Sun semi-square Neptune The last day of Capricorn, traditionally a day of engaged effort on consolidating power and intention setting, is squared by Neptune. Mayan Dreamspell: Kin White Galactic World Bridger The keyword here is surrender. Dreamspell Meditation I harmonize in order to equalize Modeling opportunity I seal the store of death With the galactic tone of integrity I am guided by the power of heart About Astrosagas.

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JANUARY 19 ZODIAC – The Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

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Give them room to have their independence and freedom, watching as they happily go on their crazy adventures, only to come back to you and tell you all about them. Never tell them they are just like everyone else. Never label them or put them in a box. Never smother. Be their lover and most importantly their friend, listen to them with interest and give them a hand to hold but not too tightly through their many adventures.

What governs the heart and mind of this person all life is the need to maintain and high standards. Due to this, he or she can be judgmental towards others, who fail to match the standards expected by this cusp. When it comes to forming personal relationships, the overcritical nature and standards that this sign exhibits, makes it difficult for him or her to be in a satisfying relationship. In fact, on the flip side, this cusp can also become overly emotional in a romantic relationship! While sailing on the course of making dreams turn to reality, this cusp can take the direction of rebellion too.

Capricorn Love and Sex

The offbeat viewpoint and approach may face opposition of many; however, this stubborn creature doesn't know how to give up and will leave no stone unturned, even if they are engraved with the word 'rebel'. In the absence of loved ones not being able to understand the needs of this zodiac-born, or when the fantasy and excitement seems to diminish in reality, this person may tend to wander off to the inner dream world of his or her own. This may exhibit a sense of coldness, harshness, aloofness, and secretiveness in his or her demeanor.

To be determined without any reason is what is called stubbornness! And this is not always good. This cusp enjoys social interactions and is quite the life of any party. However, he or she can truly gel with only those who share the same intellectual quotient. This is another contributing factor as to why this individual finds it difficult to maintain personal relationships. At some point of time, a Capricorn-Aquarius cusp needs to find a point of balance between the world of vivid dreams and reality.

The lack of this balance can cause depression and detachment from others. Although a little challenging, it is very much achievable. The presence of a Capricorn-Aquarius in your life can never let you have a dull moment.

January 19 Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

This sign brings forth a much-needed sense of refreshment in the mechanical and monotonous world where we live. Irrespective of how friendly or entertaining this person may be, there will always be a sense of secret or mystery in him or her, due to this high inclination towards fantasy and vividity. No wonder this cusp combo has been given the title of being the ' Cusp of Mystery and Imagination '!

After all, what is mystery if it's not unpredictable, and what is imagination, if it is not as vivid as the individual belonging to a Capricorn-Aquarius cusp? Share This.

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