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With regard to sex, the Snake and Ox have a satisfying relationship. So long as the Ox keeps lavishing the Snake with praise and adoration, these two could form a union that lasts a lifetime.

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Although these two signs admire each other, they may have a hard time forming a lasting romantic bond. Although both are laid-back lovers of life, each is intent on marching to the beat of their own drummer.

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The steadfast Snake refuses to break their stride for the impulsive Tiger. Nothing enrages the Tiger more than a disobedient lover. Yes, these two are undeniably attractive, and turn heads wherever they go. If one member of the duo gets more attention than the other, though, resentment will set in. It will be a challenge to balance these two giant egos. The Snake and Tiger fare better as friends. Both are fond of traveling to far-flung places, and can have lots of fun taking vacations together.

The Snake has a knack for ferreting out hidden beauty spots, while the Tiger is able to get into the most exclusive clubs. When the Snake falls prey to one of their black moods, the independent Tiger should head off on their own. Taking occasional breaks will lengthen the life of this friendship. As far as sex is concerned, these two have some work to do. The Snake prefers slow, sensual lovemaking, whereas the Tiger wants robust, frenzied encounters.

This could be a deal-breaker for the Tiger, who prizes loyalty above all else. Loving your Chinese compatibility? One is bold and the other is timid. The first is extravagant and the second is frugal. The Snake is confident and the Rabbit is anxious. Although these two signs are opposites in many ways, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Characteristics of the Earth Dragon - Feng Shui Store

The Snake and Rabbit make excellent friends, as well as lovers. The Rabbit, on the other hand, can help the Snake view emotionally charged situations with cool detachment. Sexually, the Snake and Rabbit get along wonderfully well. These two like talking about sex almost as much as doing it. Therefore, the former will help the latter loosen up. Both signs have fragile egos, and need lots of praise and encouragement in order to perform well. The Snake and Dragon make a wonderful romantic match. These two love playing cat-and-mouse, knowing that this game always ends in a good bedroom tussle.

In terms of friendship, the Snake and Dragon get along very well, too. These two enjoy taking gambles of all kinds: creative, emotional, and financial. The Dragon is naturally lucky, and can stumble across lots of golden opportunities. The sly Snake will work to capitalize on these offers, resulting in doubled wealth for both to enjoy. At times like these, the Dragon needs to breathe fire and keep the Snake at bay, just in the interest of maintaining a healthy distance. Sexually, the Snake and Dragon emit sparks. They both feel an immediate attraction to each other.

The Dragon must learn to linger in bed after sex is over, as the Snake enjoys snuggling as much as the act itself. Two Snakes form a very satisfying den. Both feel an innate trust in the other. The normally cautious Snake feels comfortable with his or her own kind.

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Onlookers will find it impossible to tell where one begins and the other ends. When it comes time to get up and go to work, they magically generate untold amounts of money.

The Snake has the remarkable gift of spotting hidden wealth. This talent allows these lovers to live a very opulent lifestyle, without seeming to do a bit of work. As far as friendship is concerned, the Snakes are well suited.

Virgo Dragon Man

Both share an interest in the arts, and may enjoy going to concerts, plays, and movies together. Often, they will work together without exchanging a word, because they are so psychically attuned. As far as sex is concerned, a pair of Snakes find pure bliss. The two never tire of making love, and often trade roles to keep things interesting.

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Their bedroom may be a nest of tangled sheets, empty wine bottles, and burnt out candles. The Snake is subtle and secretive, whereas the Horse is brash and straightforward. The first likes to stay at home, the second wants to roam the world. The Snake leads a life of leisure, while the Horse is a diligent worker.

Can this couple form a romantic alliance?

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Yes, with a little work and a lot of faith. These two are extremely attracted to one another. Both are very insecure and recognize this quality in each other. By focusing on their respective strengths, their weaknesses will seem relatively minor. As friends, the Snake and Horse are distant but amicable.

Female Dragons in Love

The Snake wants a pal who will stick close through good times and bad, but the Horse is too impatient to stay in one place for long. If the Snake is willing to show the Horse the joys of being generous with money, the Horse will reciprocate by demonstrating the importance of working as a team. With regard to sex, the Snake and Horse make an interesting pair.

In return, the Horse will lavish the Snake with thankful praise. The Snake has difficulty sticking to one lover, but so does the Horse. An open relationship may be the answer. The Snake and Goat make a fantastic romantic couple. Sultry and seductive, the Snake has a big fan in the Goat. Although both have different interests -- the Snake is highly social and the Goat is quite private -- these two learn to balance their respective needs. The Goat has no problem with the Snake going off to a large party, so long as the Snake promises to discuss the event in detail when he or she glides back home.

These two are highly intellectual, and enjoy swapping observations on the human condition. As friends, the Snake and Goat are very well suited. The Snake loves to kick back and relax, and the Goat is eager to create a relaxing environment for their pal. Neither one of them will nag the other to work harder. The Snake can find ingenious ways for the Goat to capitalize on their artistic talent with little fuss. Sexually, this is an extremely good match.

Both signs are very sensual, and will seek every opportunity to slip into bed together. On dating websites, users list their zodiac signs alongside other basic information like age, salary, and car and home ownership status. Starting in the s, Western astrology began to seep into China, mostly through variety shows from Taiwan, which caught the astrology bug early on. After the spread of the internet, a seed of interest soon blossomed into a torrid love affair.

Much as some Westerners have embraced Eastern practices like Buddhism, young Chinese are gravitating toward Western astrology because they say it is new and exotic. More and more Chinese are consulting the ancient practice for celestial guidance on all kinds of major life decisions: relationship advice, making friends, having babies — even hiring employees. Que Gangjian, a manager at a car sales company in the southern Chinese city of Changzhou, said that true to his nature as a Pisces, he was better at handling the so-called softer side of the business.

So when it came time to recruit a sales representative, Mr. Que considered what skills would be best suited to the demanding job and would complement his own. Que said in a telephone interview. Of the 12 horoscope signs, Virgos, or those born between Aug. Described as perfectionists, Virgos — and Virgo men in particular — are considered to be constantly on the defensive.

While the criticism is mostly tongue in cheek, the sign has become so tarnished that some Chinese employers go out of their way to emphasize in job postings that, yes, Virgos are welcome to apply, too. Hu, 28, a Taurus who works in public relations in Shanghai. In any case, Ms. Hu said she did not take horoscopes that seriously. Hu said adamantly. Over the centuries, China developed a set of sophisticated divination techniques for use within and outside the imperial court.

And the traditional Chinese zodiac, which features 12 animals representing 12 years, is so widely referenced that in , several provinces reported a spike in births among young couples hoping to have their babies in the last weeks of the auspicious Year of the Horse to avoid the less favorable Year of the Sheep.