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Your one stop portal for Vedic Astrology. Garbhadhan, a compound Sanskrit word, means conception, impregnation or insemination.

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The act of sexual union resembles the nature of the 7th house from the sign rising at the time of union or query; if evil planets occupy or aspect the. You can ask your questions to our astrologer through chat option on our.

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  • This name is from the Indian; Persian origin. Variations of this names are Gatha.

    Karana Meanings [Chi]

    Gatha is. Dhanu Rasi according to Vedic Astrology. You will suffer from Pith, will be fair complexioned, with brown hair, beautiful. They love to spend their time at home. They feel uncomfortable at outside home. Sri Krishna and Adi. Rivers Sntlej and Jumna. On Sunday, the Gatha Ustavaiti: S. In the battle between the 2 hosts, the yagna loving.

    Sarvaan Sathwa samavishtaan Chakre hrushta varam dhadhou. This Puja is done at home or in a temple. They will have influential parents as well. Apart from all these they are very generous towards the distress people.

    11 Karanas in Astrology, Karana and their effects in Astrology, Panchang Karana

    They always ready to help them without any hesitation. There are able to earn lot of money with their talent and hard work. They will get perfect match life part partner and they will be happy together forever. Person born with name Karanam are with urge to remain honest and fair in their every dealing. But all human being have their own faults. The people of number 16 are sometimes not able to keep their honesty. However, this is not to be considered as a negative side of these people.

    They are full of confidence. These natives have favorable circumstance at their work place. They get pleasure from doing other people's work.

    They are therefore appreciated by their office colleagues. It happens often, that they are not supported by their parents, not even by their fathers.


    But as they are confident like none else they can progress without any help from anyone. And eventually they come to achieve success too. In terms of their marital life, they are not at all at ease. Even at their advanced age they may feel seriously with their spouses, and want to have a new spouse.

    Bhadra Tithi or Vishti Karana

    These natives are advised to be a part of charity work and organization, which will give them recognition in work. The natives with name Karanam have a fickle mind that does not allow them to think stably or stay on a long term vision. They are discreet in their way of talking with people. They are very commonly very brilliant people and often show qualities of courage. They have considerable good looks. These people naturally have an obsession for perfection. They like to spend majority of their free time with people of same thought.

    A strong religious belief is present. They are people of activity. In addition, they have an inquisitive nature, which implores them to go to the bottom of anything to believe that. Person with name Karanam are interested in doing some welfare for humanity around them. They can probe deep into their own self and discover new things in their character.

    Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

    Good looks and encouragement are two positive characters for these persons. Because of their high potential, they believe in themselves, and keep an excessive expectation from themselves. Nevertheless, this is a problem for them as they often adopt wrong ways to serve their purpose, but only end up in finding themselves in major inconvenience. Their enquiring nature can make them impatient sometimes. Instead of a rational mind, these people have a wavering mind and often go restless.

    They are the person with the expression number 5. They like to have adventure and thrill in their lives.