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Anil Ambani, who was the sixth richest man in the world in , is now selling assets and pulling in corners to pay off the remaining debt.


The horoscope of Anil Ambani signifies that he is born with Taurus ascendant and the lord of ascendant Venus is positioned in the third house along with debilitated Mars. The chart and planetary influences reveal that the transiting Saturn and Rahu may have caused issues that resulted in massive financial problems, shadowing his success and pushing him in great debt. The remaining of too, may not allow him to achieve desired financial rewards easily.

Fortunately, in the period commencing from February , the planetary influences may bring some improvement on the financial front, helping him in strengthening his financial status and minimizing his dues. Astrological predictions for Anil Ambani suggest that his path is paved with financial challenges, but the transiting Jupiter is in his favour, and this may have led to him being rescued by Mukesh Ambani, his elder brother. Jupiter's positive influence helps him in maintaining his social and professional status. Talk to our astrologer to know your personalized future prediction. The birth chart of Anil Ambani suggests that during the final days of , the transiting Jupiter may bring some promising opportunities for his professional progression and his ventures.

However, transiting Rahu may cause occasional mental stress, yet the situation should be manageable. As the year progresses, Anil Ambani could show a greater inclination towards his public reputation, obsessively. Prediction for Anil Ambani suggests a possibility that he may leverage some international opportunities to spell progress in the times to come. Though challenges may keep crossing Anil Ambani's path, he should be able to overcome the major struggles and get back to his original form.

The gradual convergence of Saturn and Pluto which culminates the following January is a once-in-a-generation event.

New Moon February – Solar Eclipse – Astrology King

Resolutions are meant for New Year, but it is rare that the best time to start your new regimen coincides with January 1, yet will be different. On a wider scale, this suggests radical change in institutions and large organisations. The personal meaning is clear, too. The conjunction will give steely determination to all who seek change, and this will become more intense as progresses.

The year ahead also brings an event that will be visible across the world, as Mercury, planet of communication, trade and commerce, traces a path across the face of the Sun in November. The last time one took place was May Just think about how the world has altered since then. Fires, floods, famines and fake news. Trump, Brexit, you name it — all the things we thought we could depend on have been thrown up in the air, and unparalleled and unimaginable change has affected all our lives.

It is one of many optimistic cosmic signs this year, and helps focus our intentions. Then, as the doors to better communication gradually open, we can expect positive if surprising developments concerning difficult and divisive issues, such as referendums, elections and breakdowns in trust. Jupiter, the planet of luck, adventure and boundless optimism, will be at full strength in its home sign of Sagittarius for almost all of Along with this surge of optimism comes a quest for meaning and purpose.

Not only will we develop a stronger belief in the potential to act with integrity and care for ourselves, our neighbours and our planet, but we might even see the occasional miracle! The new year also brings a chance to explore what we had once thought impossible. Mars, the power planet, adds dynamism to the astrological mix, giving us the energy to find unexpected treasures.

Uranus, the planet of revolution, begins to move forward after the first week in January. This signifies momentum and the chance to form hopeful new allegiances. Even those in conflict may find themselves on a similar track. But when Uranus returns to Taurus early in March, we can expect some shocks to the system. We might welcome the resulting innovation, but it will also remind us that security and stability can be necessary casualties on the road to genuine progress.

With their final tryst coinciding with the Transit of Mercury, the journey of will end optimistically. It will be a year of adventure, and will offer plenty of potential for revival and renewal, too, no matter your sign. As the event sees the Moon turn deep red, the celestial energy will be directed towards the revolutionary planet Uranus, which is ready to shake things up before leaving your sign.

When the great change-maker finally leaves in March, you can enjoy truly electrifying gains resulting from any recent changes. Although it might not be a smooth ride, your adaptability will ensure you can turn any surprises into positives. Finding the courage to acknowledge past mistakes will spur you on to make any crucial alterations.

Your refusal to accept past defeat will prove your greatest asset. This timing is a clear suggestion that you will benefit from huge, tangible improvements in Unlike with the transit, this year you will find that the transit brings you clarity and an opportunity to revisit and reshape old ideas and plans. For you, the year is packed with chances to correct mistakes and develop new projects. Now, rather than being at odds with some of the important people in your life, you can collaborate and act as a team.

But with Venus, your ruler, simultaneously converging with effervescent Jupiter, be ready to experience intense emotions and have powerful insights. Its transit comes later in the year, but the journey to it brings chances to alter your life for the better and carve out a path towards happiness. Mysterious dreamer Neptune will dare you to imagine a future unfettered by compromise. As Mercury and Mars converge opposite Saturn and Pluto in June, the iron will be hot and the hammer ready to fall.

If you acknowledge past missteps, you can bring about simple but important changes. The spectacular fireworks taking us into will be echoed in your life, when the Moon puts on a dazzling display later in January. As your ruler glows red in the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, it forms a stunning alignment with Jupiter — linked to Neptune.

This will bring you the clarity needed to assess your priorities, and the motivation to implement healthy changes. Saturn, ensconced opposite your sign, will guide you to people willing to help you achieve common goals. Your journey is leading to a better life. The run-up to the event will bring a celestial makeover and a chance to review past decisions.

The January Supermoon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Leo, forming a powerful configuration with Jupiter luck and Neptune mystery , and putting you in the spotlight. Thanks for your comment, Donna. Really interesting to hear your experience. You often see this distinction clearly in two different types of Aquarius. I was born between a. In a previous comment I see that you mentioned the Aquarian Stellium. Can you explain to me what this is? Thank You, Jody.

Celebrity astrologer reveals star sign most likely to become a millionaire

Hope that helps. I was born in February 4, and the reason I found this page today, is because tomorrow January 20, , five planets will align until the end of February , and I would like to know if this is going to open a portal for Aquarius people of my age. I anticipated since childhood a great event, but past experiences in the last 10 years plus aging are leaving me without faith.

I am working on just that: faith and anticipation of major changes… and my participation in those changes. Thanks for your comment. I would seek out other people born when you were to share your experiences The FB group could be a start. I was born Jan.

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Yes, a stacked chart full of planets in Aquarius. If you know your birth time, it would be helpful for you to know which house your stellium falls in. At the moment I am trying to play the conventional game with work but my naughty streak keeps slipping out!

I was born Feb. I love that you found this page on my website and that you have your own Facebook page. One of my dearest friends was born on Feb 4th so she has all 7 traditional planets in Aquarius. Extraordinary woman — love her. It sounds like the perfect Aquarian group get-together. There is a facebook group for those of us born in that period.

If this is you or if you are an astrologer interested in us! For example: Me! My 1st house has my three outer planets in Sagittarius Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. At a lost in life, with an awareness of my communities realities, and remain emotionally everywhere. In search of reasons, NguyenL. Outsiders, rebels, mavericks, people who were born to make a difference.

Although I wish I did. Cindy, if you were born on February 4 , you have all 7 traditional planets in Aquarius!! They can feel like the black sheep, the outsider. Aquarius rules astrology too, anything new age or different. It would be interesting to know where your Aquarian stellium falls in your chart. Hey, since I was born on Feb. What time frame for the date of birth would i have to be in? No, it was a unique line-up of all 7 planets in My husband is a Double Aquarian, I wonder if it was he RR you met in California Where he is from A real individual with a life style all his own, what a great ride it is knowing him.

Plus this guy had 7 planets in Aquarius so more than a double or triple Aquarian. It sounds like you love his unique style.