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Pisces are, indeed, very deep. Their emotionality is oriented both inwards and outwards, considering how big dreamers they are and how much empathy they have for the world around. Pisces seem lost in between the worlds of reality and fantasies. They do tend to run away from reality, since their emotionality leaves them very fragile and incapable to deal with atrocities of the life at times. They are truly deep and aware of their emotional vulnerability. Pisces also possess great power of intuition; they see through people, but are often too gentle and empathic so that they could refuse anyone, be it on their own bad.

They are gentle, kind and loving. Not very reliable and punctual, Pisces can also be moody and unpredictable, but never out of bad intentions. The two are inevitable and inseparable. The Sun represents everything that is obvious, in a way; at least, everything you are well aware of.

The Sun is your presence in this world, your expression and manifestation. The Moon is something entirely different. It represents your impression f the world and the people around you. It defines your reaction towards them. The Moon represents a specific channel for your emotions.

This is a water element planet, wandering, instable and flexible. It is very important to nurture your Moon sign and listen to this subtle guiding voice. There is not much worth of all of your Sun qualities if you cannot feel them, right? It has always been associated with mystical forces, and it remains so. The Moon is indeed a mystical voice that guides you and its intentions are all good. All others also affect the Moon sign.

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Bad aspects make the Moon energy blocked or corrupted, so people cannot deal with their emotions properly and find it hard to channel their feelings. With good aspects, they develop compassion, kindness, empathy and have no difficulties in channeling their emotions in general. The Moon also marks an area of life that makes one the most emotionally sensitive, but also the most complete. Moon in Aquarius indicates a person with big ideals, one whose emotions are oriented outwards, towards the whole humanity and the world.

Aquarius Moon is a pacifists, a revolutionary and an idealists who dreams about the better tomorrow for all. Aquarius Moon is a philanthropist and a humanitarian. These people possess incredible aura and appear as if they come from the future.

Sun in Pisces

They are ingenious; Aquarius Moon often is misunderstood by other. Their ideas are original and eccentric to many. People often fail to understand them, but if they do, Aquarius Moon could become great inspirational leaders.

They feel on a large scale. Their emotionality is wide and so they feel satisfied if they can contribute to some big cause, to the whole of the humankind. They neglect what is in front of them, feeling for their big cause. They truly believe it is their mission, their true call. They are very positive and creative people.

Aquarius Moon do not care much about materiality, on the contrary. They are in love with the world and the people. Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon is an idealistic, visionary personality. These people dream big and they could perhaps never be fully present in this life. They think before their time and they are very original. They are extremely empathic and tolerant people. They are not easily manipulated, as it could happen with Pisces natives. These natives possess special kind of strength, not so commonly found in people. They are driven by their idealistic ideas and there is nothing that could bring down their fantasies.

They are not so lost in the dreamland, as it might appear in the first place. They could become great inspiring figures and actually to make something different. It happens if their visionary Aquarius takes charge, while their fragile Pisces steps aside, only reminding them of their empathy and kindness. They are aware of humankind suffering on a big scale and not discouraged by it, as it could be with Pisces natives.

It makes them change something for real. They have bright, light and positive aura that could easily move masses. It all depends on what has happened that day at school and what classes they are taking that year. Pisces toddlers are the happiest when they are doing well in school. Pisces children will begin to feel stupid and hate school if they are not doing well.

They love school when they are excelling in their lessons and getting along with their teachers. Parents will need to encourage these Pisces kids when they are not doing well. How independent a Pisces child: Pisces minors take a little longer than children of other signs to become independent from their parents.

These children practically live in their imaginations, which can make it harder for them to grow up than it is for the other signs.

Pisces Woman in Love

They will act like children until they are in their teens, at least when it comes to their imaginations. If all things go smoothly in their lives, Pisces children will become independent when they reach their late teens. The sign has most things in common with the different genders, but there are some differences to know. Pisces girls are more likely to ask for permission to try something new, while boys will just do it. This can be good or bad, depending on the situation.

March 14 Zodiac is Pisces - Full Horoscope Personality

Pisces boys are highly curious and are more likely to get in dangerous situations because of this. Both genders are sensitive, but they react to the same behavior in different ways. Being belittled and insulted will make a Pisces boy angry, while it will make a Pisces girl sad. As for everything else, most things are the same when it comes to Pisces girls and boys. The high energy of an Aries parent might be too much for the sweet and kind Pisces baby. Nonetheless, the kid would certainly follow your paths. The grounding influence from the Taurus parent would lead to an affectionate relationship between these two.

The Pisces child would expect a lot from the Gemini parent who is more of a thinker. Gemini parent would have to do their best to bring their passionate side in the parent-child relationship.

Simply stated, this is the sweetest bond. Both the child and the parent are sensitive in nature and therefore share a mutual loving bond. The Leo parent would be more than comfortable to shower their Pisces baby with the unconditional love that flows out naturally.


All About Pisces | Pisces Personality, Info, Characteristics

As a Virgo parent, your grounded nature should not blind you from realizing your Pisces child needs a sensitive touch. Both the Pisces kid and the Scorpio parent share a mutual desire for a loving and a caring relationship. Your care-free attitude should not make you forget that your Pisces baby seeks a loving and tender parent-child relationship.

It is quite likely that the Pisces toddler would appreciate the solid emotional connection that you would be providing them. Your airy nature as a Pisces parent would demand a lot in terms of showing your Pisces child the love and care they strongly desire. The Pisces baby would appreciate the natural affection that the Pisces parent shares wholeheartedly. The Pisces children are interesting, creative, and intelligent. Parents will find much joy in watching their little Pisces child grow up, even if they do this a little more slowly than some of the other signs.

Pisces kids are sure to make great things, both when they are young and when they grow up to be wonderfully imaginative adults! Your email address will not be published.