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  2. NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN, Partial Solar Eclipse…
  3. BORN ON NOVEMBER 26 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

There will be new connections vying for your attention this birthday year.

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Your best romantic luck is not with exes or friends with benefits. Instead, new people that fascinate you will resonate with your soul the most. For some of you, the new connection will be the soulmate you have been waiting for. Keep your eyes open for ""The One"" as you trot through This birthday year you may be feeling less motivation to work than normal. There is something that may be feeling off when it comes to your ability to focus on your career path. Are you sure you are in the right field? If you take a vacation to clear your thoughts, you may be able to sort out what the issue is before you get too far into the new year.

If you know that you are not going to be happy in your current position, you may want to cut your losses sooner than later. You should have plenty of time this year to re-assess what you want to do in life and how to reach your life goals. As you get past the first quarter of , you should be feeling back on track with your work-related energy. You are due for some progress on your career path, and may be taking on extra projects or side work. At times you may be getting drained from all that you do, but the final product is that you are getting a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.

You can standout next to some of your peers, so watch out for jealous co-workers who do not appreciate how much you shine. Working with your creative skills or with your hands is encouraged this birthday year even if it is just for a hobby. Financially, you are not in a bad position this birthday year.

Stay Calm And..

You are still taking care of past debts, but you are able to enjoy and reward yourself more frequently than last year. You have likely learned some lessons the hard way when it comes to frivolous spending by now. If not, expect to be tempted by unhealthy spending habits. Those who are wiser when it comes to their money management will not have so much to fear. Your go big or go home attitude may result in some regrets in the coming months.

Thrifty spending is encouraged this birthday year. December It is a great time to go traveling and experience some adventures this month.

NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN, Partial Solar Eclipse…

You are definitely not feeling enthusiastic about your job or projects that need to be done around the house. Taking a break to "get away from it all" can help to adjust your attitude. The whole family will likely want to tag along on your trip who can blame them? Key Date: Travels around the beginning of December 1st-3rd will experience the best luck this month.

Journeys at this time are benefited by your adventurous spirit being ready to take on the world. January You may be feeling hesitant about what to do next when it comes to your career path. The good news is that intuition is quite hot, currently! Trust your instincts and you will likely be glad that you did a year from now. This is not a month to stall and procrastinate further. Key Date: January 5th is a good time to sit down and plot out your future career goals. Figuring out what you want to accomplish now, will help you as opportunities approach you later on this year.

February During the month of love, you may be surprised when an ex-lover comes out of the woodwork looking for you. You may have a bittersweet reaction. However, leave your expectations for something serious at the door. This attention from your ex may not result in anything lasting. Key Date: February 14th will have you getting quite a few messages from your admirers.

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  • While you enjoy the attention, you may not enjoy the flaky vibe that you get from some of these people. March Friends are leading you to new places and situations you have never been before.

    You may end up finding a new restaurant or hobby that ends up becoming a new favorite. Your social circle is expanding, so expect to see some of these new faces more frequently in the future. You are around positive new people that lift up your spirits. Now with all this excitement in the second half of the year it might be a good idea to get away and recharge your batteries around this time, just before the serious party season begins.

    Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

    A painting holiday would be very appropriate since the eclipse is conjunct Venus. Generally then for Sagittarius, I would say to keep a low profile in the first half of the year.

    That means, work hard, go on a diet, strip wallpaper, throw out rubbish and get your debts down. Then you can go adventure mad and guzzle as much Jupiter gas as you want during the second half. Make sure there is enough ventilation though.. Jupiter is your ruling planet, so anything he is up to affects you very strongly.

    To make matters worst, Jupiter is retrograde… Boo. To a bouncy Sagittarius this may feel like Jupiter is doing a pretty good impression of stingy Saturn.

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    BORN ON NOVEMBER 26 HOROSCOPE AND CHARACTERISTICS - Discover the characteristics of your birthday

    But this period is actually really useful for clearing your debts and getting real. From Mar 5 you can get back onto the trampoline when Jupiter is direct. From Jul 16 you can really push the boat out, literally even, since Jupiter enters your favourite travelling house, the 9th. It will feel like you have been let out of jail. You can now do all those good Jupiter things in wild abandon. Meaning you are now free to chase exotic nymphs, eat a whole library and lecture to your hearts content.

    Best days for love : Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs from May 3 — Venus conjunct Uranus there brings a love from out of the blue on May Crazy, wild, kundalini exploding Venus conjunct Eris is on May Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from Jun 23 — Jul A holiday romance is possible when Venus is conjunct Jupiter in your 9th on Aug Try not to seduce your teacher with Venus conjunct Lilith in the 9th on Aug You can shine brightly with Venus in your 10th house of status from Sep 6 — You are extra sexy and attractive with Venus in the 1st from Nov 22 — Dec Grin and bear it days : You are particularly liable to get credit-crunched to a pulp with Jupiter Rx opposite Pluto falling in your financial houses on Jan Mercury retardation annoyance : You might have to slow down on the nymph chasing while Mercury is retrograde in your 7th from Jun 17 — Not a good time to push for commitment either.

    The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. Neptune square your decan all year. I have already said that the beginning of the year will be difficult for all Sagittarians, so decan 1 you may really be feeling more out of sorts than most archers. You are very porous right now and open to all sorts of suggestions.

    Most of all, you are especially prone to being duped by spiritual and mystical groups that promise to save you. The best way to use this transit would be to be your own guru, look into yourself and look after yourself too. Eat well and avoid toxins because you will be extra sensitive to them. Luckily you will have the help of Uranus trine your decan until end of February which will hopefully jolt you out of any trances. It will also wake you up to your current tendency to get swept away by charlatans. Seeking advice from psychics or astrologers would be tempting at this time, but you have to be very, very sure that these are people you can trust.

    Black Moon Lilith trine your decan Mar 7 — Jun 13 will at least raise your intuition, if you do happen to have a wise elder you can turn to, than this will be the time. Otherwise you may find your inner goddess comes out all by herself. Listen to your dreams, paint, write poetry, do anything to get the subconscious out into the open.

    You might not understand it right now, but keeping a journal will be really useful in the future if things go pear shape in your affairs. Mars sextile your decan May 1 — Jun 8 provides you with some Mars fire to burn away some of the Neptune wine of confusion. These days you can at least push forwards with some of your creative projects, but it will be very hard to do your accounts with those numbers melting all over the place.

    During these 5 months Jupiter will help you see the positive side of anything that looks suspicious. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how awake you are generally. You could fall in love big time for someone who you know damn well is not going to deliver what they promise, but you will go for it anyway. I can guarantee it will be blissful and romantic whatever happens. The high from this love drug will keep you going for a few months anyway. It will also provide you the perfect muse if you are an arty type. Mars conjunct your decan Sep 14 — Sep 30 through the middle of this fairytale interlude will help you actually come out with a solid product, whether it is a book, painting or slushy love song.

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