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Leo can be outrageous, while Capricorn is more classical, of a more simple nature.

Leo and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Because both Signs are so determined, with a bit of careful attention they will sympathize with one another. Both partners will soon realize that they have much to learn from one another; Leo can show Capricorn a good time and Capricorn can prove to Leo the value of hard work and traditional values. Leo is ruled by the Sun and Capricorn is ruled by the Planet Saturn.

Capricorn's Best Love Matches

The Sun is about ego and self, and it radiates warmth and light. Leo indeed radiates this kind of energy and enthusiasm. Saturn is about responsibility and hard work. The Sun represents life, and Saturn represents tenacity; as long as they pay attention to one another, their combination is a good one, leading to many completed projects. Leo wants creative freedom, while Capricorn desires professional security. This combination creates a balanced romantic relationship.

They will enjoy their time together and save time to pursue personal interests as well. As long as they continually reassure one another of their significance, conflicts are not usually harmful to the relationship. Both can be stubborn, opinionated and ambitious. Both partners tend to persevere when working toward their goals. The Goat prefers life to be steady and ordered. Leo loves wild times and embraces the unexpected.

Once they agree that the match is a good one, they will never forget its value and will devote themselves to maintaining the relationship. Both Signs have strong personalities, and though they may at times seem an unlikely pair, this is a case of opposites attracting.

This duo has a good time with one another, and this facet of the relationship keeps them wanting more. The Moon is not only about that, but also about intuition and inner guidance.

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It has always been associated with mysteries and magic. The Moon is a traveler, a wonderer in between the worlds. It changes frequently, travelling through the Zodiac very fast.

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  4. That is the reason why it is considered a principle of transformation and change. It is a feminine principle, associated with the element of Water. It has great power over Water element signs, even more than the Sun has. The Moon is an inner guiding voice you should always pay attention to, even if it sometimes sounds as nonsense.

    Ti trust your logic, while still considering what your soul says is the greatest balance a human can achieve within their personality. The Moon sign in your natal chart represents your emotional being and your emotional response to the world around.