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Dates For Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius
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But Still it will take time and one will only achieve it with hard work.


For instance, This will increase your hard work and obstacles. Remedy — worship Lord hanuman, recite Sundarkand, hanuman chalisa.


Native may Experience some obstacles with financial gains. For instance, Work tasks will happen. Expenditures will rise and budget will collapse. After that There will be gains but it can get used in debt or health expenses. This will be beneficial transit for you.

How To Judge Effects Of Saturn Transit 12222 In Any Horoscope

Self confidence will rise. For instance, Name and recognition will increase.

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There will be success in all ventures. Money gains and business profits are certain. This is very beneficial and blissful for the native. Name will be on rise. At Work place success is most likely. Political success is also possible. In a Conclusion, this is in general prediction for saturn transit in sagittarius for all Moon signs. Saturn will transit in sagittarius till 24 January Do checkout our other posts too! Moon in Sagittarius People Nature, Temperament and characteristics.

This people are Moon in Scorpio People Nature, Temperament and characteristics. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This are the transit Predictions, According to your natal Moon Sign. Remedy — Feed Cow and ants on Saturday. Remedy- Recite Saturn mantra every Saturday.

Your Saturn Return: A Cosmic Rite of Passage

Remedies — Worship lord Shani. Remedy — feed black cow and worship lord hanuman. Remedies — feed black bog on Saturday. Remedy — help needy and poor people with diseases. Remedy — No drugs or addiction.

Saturn in sign

Make black dog your pet. Remedy — worship Lord Shani on Saturdays. Remedy — help blind people. Progress for immigration could finally come to some resolution for at least a year as compassion may finally overcome political jockeying. The ninth house is connected to Higher Education so colleges may go through a final peak in their surge of popularity until Jupiter in Capricorn will dampen that energy and move tuition and idealism back to reality.

Jupiter will shine its gaze on Gemini for a year and this will increase progress in telecommunications and publishing and chances are an even fancier I-phone that can walk the dog and do the laundry will be released. Jupiter aspecting the North Node, Rahu, into January will peak technological advancement with an adventurous spirit. We may finally see a resolution to the fake news epidemic as moral and ethical behavior in journalism will benefit from from Jupiter in Sagittarius aspecting Gemini and this may provide relief from the plague on TV journalism which seems to sink to new lows everyday as rumor, innuendo and gossip dominate truth.

The trinal aspect to Leo and Aries will support growing popularity toward sports and athletic super-hero worship which will suddenly be crushed with peaks in absurd salaries as Jupiter moves into Capricorn in December On an emotional level, Jupiter in Sagittarius encourages us to expand our minds, accept the broader fabric of humanity and to develop our faith that things will work out. Saturn in Sagittarius has been constricting that energy and when Saturn leaves Sagittarius in January and Jupiter gets fully there without restriction, humanitarian values should grow.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will expand our sense of joy and hope and help us to search deeper for our true moral fiber so that we can restore faith and justice in the world. The US is a Sagittarius rising country July 4, , pm, Philadelphia and as Jupiter goes over the US ascendant in December , the US should have a rebirth of status and image and a restoring of our place in the world.

Until then, with Jupiter in Scorpio, it is still mired in a twelfth house transit and caught in the murky waters of the swamp. Maybe truth and justice will be restored to the US infrastructure with this transit.

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Jupiter is extravagant by nature so keep your credit cards at home when those sales emerge and remember moderation and avoid reckless spending. Jupiter will support generosity so use the energy to do more service work and contribute to more charities. The Galactic Center at 3 degrees Sagittarius supports truth and whistle-blowers so expect that November and December , when Jupiter is conjunct this key area that major revelations around corruption will be exposed and be very clear to the public.

Sagittarius is connected to hips and Gemini to lungs. Saturn in Sagittarius has been hurting these areas for many and Jupiter to the rescue in will be supportive and finally Saturn in Capricorn will bring relief to all the growing knee problems. Jupiter in Sagittarius will support teaching and counseling and maybe our abused and underpaid educational system will finally get a lift in salaries and infusion of finance after years of crises.