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You could be a disorienting or even disruptive influence to some people, Sagittarius Read more. In the coming weeks it will make good sense for you to travel down winding paths, Aries Read more. Synergize the functions of your discerning mind and your devotional heart, Gemini Read more.

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This card sends the message that nothing is permanent. Good luck, bad Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood.

astrology NOW Magazine

Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Card of the Day Wheel of Fortune Are you ready for a shakeup? Mercury is retrograde. You know what that means: garbled phone calls, fouled-up travel plans, missed deadlines, embarrassing slips of the tongue. It makes me sad when the sacred art of astrology is turned into just another excuse to be superstitious. Using half-baked horoscopy to justify self-fulfilling prophecies is astrology abuse in the extreme. Sorry to get so riled up. Mercury does not mean communication snafus are inevitable.

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Rather, it tells you this is a propitious time to refine the ways you exchange information … and to concentrate harder on saying what you mean and meaning what you say … and to meditate on how to improve the ways you connect yourself to the people and resources you need and like. During one such period two years ago, an acquaintance of mine decided to delay accepting a dream job offer as editor of a magazine.

By the time Mercury returned to normal, the magazine had hired another applicant. My deep skepticism about big corporations notwithstanding, the fact that their founders had great success in launching them during Mercury retrograde is a telling statement about Mercury retrograde. If you fear and expect it to be, you may tend to be slightly more attractive to disruptive events. My general approach is to consider anomalous, one-of-a-kind cosmic events as more likely to be fraught with uncertainty and requiring special vigilance.

But the Mercury Retrograde is reliable and predictable, always coming three times a year. There may be other obstacles over which you have little control.

But the bullshit story is often more than half the problem. The good news is that right now is a magic moment in your destiny when you have more power than usual to free yourself of your own personal bullshit story. I simply skip what should be the beginning. Instead of worrying about how to launch your rebirth, maybe you should just dive into the middle of the new life you want for yourself. Avoid stewing interminably in the frustrating mysteries of the primal chaos so you can leap into the fun in full swing. American poet T. And there was one incident when Dante was talking to an unknown woman in her flame.

One anti-authoritarian painter who rebelled was Camille Pissarro. The Louvre, as you may know, was and still is a major art museum in Paris.

He wrote shamanic poems from the point of view of a magical trickster who could change himself into various creatures. In one poem, the shapeshifter talked about how important it is to be definite about what he wanted:. Jacob Nibengenesabe is translated by Howard Norman.

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Thanks, Cosmos, thanks human history. You should feel free to explore and experiment with the high art of changing your mind. The Solitary House that was always shut up and never Lighted. The imprints you put on your budding creations will have a major impact on their future. Name them well. Give them a potent start. Moon: Capricorn. I had to laugh as I read this, having a hard time getting out of bed in the literal basement room of the literal mansion I live in. The fall out has been absurd, nauseating, and confronting my fears, desires, soul songs, somewhat frightening.

He meant everybody.

July 17–23

Most of us commit the sin of self-limitation on a regular basis. You will have extra motivation to question and overrule the rationales that you used in the past to inhibit your primal energy. A similar statement may soon apply to you, Pisces. You will have a talent for finding amusement in an unusually wide variety of phenomena. But more than that: You could become a connoisseur of feeling really good.

You may even go so far as to break into a higher octave of pleasure, communing with exotic phenomena that we might call silken thrills and spicy bliss and succulent revelry. I have a lot to change right now in my life, in order to realign with my natural sense of joy, self, and satisfaction. To thrive, you need a variety of cohorts and allies, including those who know and care little about secret things.

Aries Horoscope

But I suspect that for the next few weeks, an affinity for those who know secret things might suit you well. More than that, they may be exactly the accomplices who will help you attend to your number one assignment: exploratory holy work in the depths. Every day, you have to wade through a relentless surge of soul-less information.