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They exude a certain sense of familiarity, and they tend to immediately put people right at ease. They are shy, sensitive folks who tend to sit on the sidelines and observe as opposed to trying to be the center of attention.

Aries Female Compatibility

They were simply born to stand out with their striking appearances and their bold approaches to people and to life in general. They always act as if all eyes are on them, even when completely alone. They are given to dramatic gestures and grandiosity, and often appear to be people who were born to take the lead. These are natural, understated, quietly charming folks that exude an aura of capability and intelligence. They have a tendency to be a bit shy and reserved until they become used to their surroundings and the people in them.

These people are also typically very health-conscious, taking impeccable care of their well being, both inside and out. They tend to be picky eaters and sometimes even hypochondriacs. Libra rising people are likeable individuals who generally have very well polished manners and a diplomatic approach to those around them. They are attractive individuals who exude an aura of charm and appear to have easy-going, go-with-the-flown natures. They make powerfully intense impressions and seem to see right through you to your very core.

Find Out the "Type of Woman" You Were Meant to Love! | HuffPost Life

Some people find this intimidating or off-putting while others find it refreshing. They can also possess a tendency toward paranoia, as they are very private individuals who worry constantly about having that privacy violated. The world is one big adventure just waiting to be experienced when it comes to Sagittarius rising people. They come off as bold and optimistic — active and exciting. They do everything on a grand scale, making big promises and expounding upon grand themes. However, many Sagittarius rising people have trouble with follow-through.

This is also the reason why people born in rather extreme northern or southern latitudes can experience rather strange natal charts, with some houses being huge while some others quite small. As always, we propose to our readers to use the Placidus system in calculating their houses, because we find it to function better both on our own charts and on the charts of other people that we have analyzed.

ARIES RISING/ASCENDANT: Your Astrological Personality

In the northern hemisphere, Aries is rising rather quickly. When someone is born at 50 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need one hour to rise fully. At a city placed at 60 degrees Northern latitude, the sign will need around half an hour. Thus, a person born in the Northern hemisphere has statistically fewer possibilities to have an Aries Ascendant, when the average time a sign needs to ascend is two hours. As we already mentioned, individuals with an Aries Ascendant will have Mars as their chart ruler.

The red planet will be very important in their lives, and also strongly connected with their physical body, vitality and appearance. Their body and self will be affected not only by transits of planets on their ascendant, but also by transits to Mars.

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In addition, natal aspects of other planets to Mars, while also its location in a particular house, will play a strong role. People with Aries rising must take care to empower Mars in healthy ways, as its functions will always have an overall positive or negative effect on their chart, touching all their life areas. Having Aries as your Ascendant feels like having Mars in your 1st house. Such people like to exercise and generally pay attention to their shape.

Many times, Aries Ascendant people tend to be shorter than individuals with other rising signs.

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  • Their body likes to function with discipline, and it is frequent to observe them have a military regime concerning their daily work-out. Their body likes automatisms, reacting very quickly.

    Ascendant in Zodiac Signs Women

    They can excel in martial arts, and all types of self-defense techniques. Their body acts before thinking, which can make them great in any profession, sport or hobby that needs quick responses. On the other hand, such automatic reactions of their body can become a problem in other areas of their lives, especially those where thinking before doing is necessary to prevent difficult situations. The Aries Ascendant feels at home since the sign of Aries is the natural ruler of the first house. Such placement of the Ascendant signifies the archetypical first human being, which experiences through his body and ego the need to battle for his survival and to fight for understanding his own self.

    Indeed, going backward in time, through the human history, we can notice that the first human being tended to behave exactly as the primal zodiac chart suggests. The first human being, as an archetypal creature, would symbolically have their collective natal chart at the zero position. This means that Humanity or primal human being had his chart and houses aligned with the natural houses of the zodiac. Only later, through several thousand or millions of years of evolution, our species started to develop quite different behaviors. Did we start looking at the stars and wondering what they are, and what we are?

    Astrological Compatibility Calculator

    Did the stars look back at us, and gave us answers about both? And maybe different answers to each one of us, making us differ from the rest of our species? We will never know what exactly happened. But we can definitely state that Aries Ascendant people, as a behavioral pattern, are the closest to how our species was at the dawn of time.

    Venus enters Sagittarius

    Aries Rising people will be impulsive, temperamental and quick in their reactions, movements and tempo. You can be very impatient and you just charge in. Many people are so afraid of making the wrong decision and making a mistake that they really hold themselves back. This is why you tend to be bold. The problem is its okay to be bold if you have all the information that you need to make the right decision. Unfortunately, with an Aries mindset and with many people with an Aries rising personality, this is not always the case. Nine times out of ten, you end up making the wrong decision and making things worse than they already are.

    If you are born under a different horoscope sign but you notice that you tend to like to take credit and to be in the spotlight, you can chalk that up to the fact that you are ascendant an Aries. A lot of people say that they are egotistic and they like to grab credits.

    The reason for this is that the Aries is based on a male sheep.

    Taurus Ascendant Wife

    This is quite ironic. So, this is not lost in the Aries mentality and to compensate, they like to take credit, to take top billing and to be the head of the show. Your regular horoscope sign may be very sensitive, a team player, might even be quite compassionate; however, there is an aspect of yourself that the kind of puzzles here. Aries signs can be full of themselves. This is the main challenge with friendships or relationships with Aries.

    If you want the relationship to mature and you have an Aries rising personality, you have to decrease your ego so that the relationship can be a affair. Your ability to get over this aspect of yourself can dramatically impact the success of your relationships. If you are born ascendant in Aries, make no mistake about it — your Aries rising personality can be a very good thing.