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There has to be a wholehearted willingness to really see and understand each other.

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They feel highly comfortable in each other's company and there is plenty of romance and sensitivity. This is an interesting combination. In this Star Sign relationship, things can go either way. If Leo understands Cancer's sensitivity and Cancer gives sufficient attention to Leo, they will be happy together. The attraction between Cancer and Virgo is impressive. Cancer and Virgo strengthen each other's faith in the world. They will create a solid home base, from where the world can be explored in confidence.

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Cancer-Woman and Libra-Man have more successful relationships than vice versa. There are many misunderstandings between Cancer-Man and Libra-Woman. The other way around is much more positive.

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Cancer and Scorpio are doing very well in relationships and in the workplace. Atlthough Cancer is not very effusive, Scorpio's precence can make Cancer more affectionate as well as more passionate. This is initially not a very good combination. A relationship between these two Zodiac Signs, could be worthwhile if Cancer and Sagittarius dare to look seriously at each other's inner world and if they are keeping up communication. Cancer and Capricorn together are a great combination.

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They have an affectionate way of interacting with each other. There is plenty of positivity in their relationship and enough room for humor and romance. Cancer and Aquarius can learn a lot from each other. Today, the Moon in Aquarius trines Mars in Libra, so little adventures and a quick get-away to some dive restaurant with live music would make for a fun place to meet a friend and chat about whatever it is that's on your mind.

Taurus, Venus brings out the sensual side to your nature and you'll want to keep the vibe going.


Listen to jazz or make a new music set that you can listen to each day to remind you of the more pleasurable side of life. Gemini, take care of your heart and remember that going overboard can actually be too much. You might really wish to dote on the one you love but pulling back just a bit can actually be the way to go. You can make plans ahead to give you both something fun and exciting to look forward to. With the Full Moon coming up this weekend, why not consider a romantic walk in nature or a picnic beneath the stars.

Cancer, the Moon in Aquarius can open the door to a new way of relating with a friend.

A relationship that remained shallow can start to show depth and roots that you hadn't anticipated. You might want to ponder what it means to be a true friend turned into lover if you feel the change in relationship status poses a risk to what you already have now. Leo, sometimes the right person can make everything right. You have waited a long time for things to improve for you in your love life and they are. Today's Sun in Libra in your solar house of communications harmonizes with your solar house of love.

Horoscope: Free Daily Love Horoscopes, Astrology, Compatibility Match, Zodiac Sign

The stars are lined up for love in the most magical way. Virgo, be a good friend above all. What you see is not what you get. Some people have been hurt so deeply that it's hard for them to open up.

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  • It may not be your place to fix anyone but an empathetic ear can't hurt when you know your friend or loved one is down and out. Libra, the Sun in your sign continues to remind you about how important it is to put your needs first, even when you feel guilty because of how much you love people. With Venus moving into your second solar house, your generous nature gains even more depth, and with your ruling planet in opposition with Uranus in Taurus, you might want to share what you have, particularly with those in need.

    Today's Sun in Libra can kick up some past memories that you either find fond or feel needs a new narrative. You can rewrite history and create a new happy ending to the story you're living out today. Sagittarius, there's hope for everyone, including the people you think you ought to have given up on long ago.

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    Today's Sun in Libra can make you see your friends as people who you love deeply. Send out a text and let them know that they are on your heart. Capricorn, the same untiring work ethic you put in at the office is what makes you such a desirable partner. You are the rock of your relationship and the person people can depend upon.