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Jyotishavidya is an organ eye of psycho-spiritual study, designed to improve focus, clarity of awareness, and discrimination between objects of perception eye. To decide your Rashi from date of birth, you must first know the background Here we are provied free astrology kundali to our user. It gives wisdom, power, and intellect. Here is meaning of Rashi Chakra in hindi.

This mural is beautifully hand painted by our craftsmen clearly portraying the zodiac signs. You can easily find out your Rashi from your birth names. In the southern part of India, the casting of the chart is in a rectangular fashion, while the northern part of India casts the chart in a diamond shape. Rashi and nakshatra by birth time, date and place is found from the information given in the panchangam for your birth place. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically.

As per Vedic Jyotish Vedic Astrology , the Moonsign is one of the most important points in choosing your baby name. Shathvika is a Hindu name. The Rashi chakra is divided into 12 parts and this is called as houses. This rashiphal helps you to find out how will be coming month for Tula rashi people. A Rashi Chakra on Tortoise is also a great gift idea for someone who is an ardent believer in Vastu Shastra. Discover all you need as a parent: doctors, playschools, events, daycares and more. Few factors under which the nadi dosha is diminished or considered cancelled.

Dainik rasifal to help you understand and prepare yourself to face all events happening in your life on a daily basis. Rashifal here is given in Hindi. Her Rashi will be vrushik. It sheds light on your character, personality traits, obstacles you'll have in life, and even the time you'll venture out in the big bad world outside. The name Ravi chakra has Air element. Apart from that, they provide the best customer service and the uncompromising values.

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Its another symbol is just a circle. To approach Vedic astrology we must first of all learn to apply the houses in terms of the Rashi Chakra or sign chart, considering them both from the Ascendant and the Moon, in the equal sign system. It increases unity.

Considerations like the transits, planetary dasha, etc. Rashi Moon Sign Rashi lord. It is our thinking center. Navagrahas are considered to play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. Taurus Daily Horoscope Today's Horoscope Person born with name Bhuvaneswari are with full of vibrancy. Being a Heart chakra stone, rhodochrosite attracts your true love and keeps you healthy, owing to the power of solar plexus chakra. VARNA refers to caste. Here is the meaning English rashi religion gender and numerology of name Shathvika. Also as always in Kundli Chakra, it features special chart rotation feature, i.

Brought to you by ParentingNation. The nine Grahas or planets govern this universal body. Designer Chandrani Siinghs autumn winter collection revolves around the effect zodiac signs have on us. Ensures good number of children and happiness. Rashi Developers is a well-known player in real estate industry, and their focus from day one has been to provide the best quality real estate products. With our Jataka you can know your Rashi Moon Sign , Nakshatra details along with lucky points, Rasi chakra, Lagna chakra, Navamsha and Bhava kundali, Vimshottari dasha and predictions based on your birth chart, lagna and planetary positions.

Satabhisha means hundred physicians. In Vedic astrology, any planetary position gets denoted by one yoga hence such situation is known as Rashi Parivartan Raja Yoga in Vedic astrology. Neelima name origin is Hindi. The glyph for Scorpio represents the male sexual organ, which is indicative of the Scorpio fascination with sex. A Horoscope or a Kundali is like a wide french door which opens to your past, present, and future.

Namaste, I had a natal chart done and it came with a section called "Avakhada Chakra" I do not know what most of the categories refer to Can someone please explain them to me, and their significance? Jupiter in Aquarius attracts good luck when they are cooperative, impartial and inventive. In this, the first line has numbers for the Mantra letters and the bottom line has numbers for the Sadhak's name. Current Dasha Calculator. This horoscope in Gujarati by date of birth, time of birth and the place of birth creates your accurate birth chart with planetary positions, dasha and antardasa details for a lifetime on this Earth.

Get your Cancer Description on GaneshaSpeaks. Many times, due to various reasons, it is not possible to consult a Pandit.

Usually, the planet gains in strength because there is a good flow of energy from the soul Navamsa to this particular life time rashi chakra and the Vargottama calls attention to this. Sharad Upadhye website rashichandra upadhaya astrologer rashichakra rashi chakra rashi ranjan books shard upadhaya contact details upadhya upadhyay website bhavishya mee marathi. It is very important in Astrology. That means when these rules are there Nadi Dosha can be ignored in Guna milan or Horoscope matching.

It improves communication, creativity and A potent dual chakra gemstone capable of healing your blood disorders and that of the stomach, rhodochrosite is a special stone. It resides in the summits of mountains, cowsheds, and other places of animal habitats and agricultural lands. It is our spiritual center. People search this name as Vikram, Chakra vikram, Ranjana vikram, Vikramaditya, Amit vikram, Vikram patel, Preet vikram, Vikram name meaning in hindi, Vikram name meaning.

In simple words, Kundli or horoscope is an astrological chart used by astrology practitioners to gain insight into the personality and life of an individual. Here you can get your complete Vedic birth chart with preditions. We can say that there are twelve Rashi. Rashi is also called the Moon sign. Or In other words, the interchange of two Rashi lords forms a special planetary combination called Parivartan yoga in Vedic Astrology. This gives a clear view of the position of the different. Apart from astrological predictions, astrology signs are also used for spiritual and traditional events.

Jaimini maharshi prepared the chara dasha system in Vedic astrology. If the couple have the same Rashi lords. This process is known as color therapy. Name your baby according to Vedic Astrology? Know her Rashi and Nakshatra. It is a fantastically patterned gemstone with deep red tones of matrix joined with a combination of forest green hues. Water will now change color based on the biome you are in and depth underground However, this is often not true.

Get definition and hindi meaning of Rashi Chakra. There may be new firmware for According to Namakshar, it is also called Vair Chakra. This Rasi chart is Tamil is the drawing of the placement of the planets at the time of the birth of an individual. Today family atmosphere will remain pleasant. Kalra Astrologer Space in which planets revolve around the Sun is divided into 12 parts by taking Sun in the centre.

Here at VedicTime You can find lots of Jyotish principle descriptions in our extensive library, create an on-line horoscope free of charge, calculate partner compatibility and many more. Know the birth star from Date of birth and find suitable names. Through these yogas, get information about various aspects of your life, income, beauty, vehicles and other worldly pleasures. Respected sir I am very much impressed about u r logical programme rashichakra want to know my daughter bhavishya name-Nakshtra whose birth date is With the help of this Chakra, the native is able to know his Vair enemy or friend.

The 3rd chakra is the power and spark to move our bodies into action. One major feature of these persons is the presence of inner strength. It is regarded as the highest form of Devi worship. Jupiter in the Lagna, Venus in the 4th and Saturn and the Moon in the 10th make a person live for a long time. After ascertaining to which class a particular horoscope belongs, the marakas or the death-inflicting planets must be determined and the death predicted under the Dasas of such planets.

Death generally occurs during the periods and sub- periods of such planets. Suppose a horoscope indicates middle life or Madhyayu whereas the Dasa of a most powerful maraka comes into operation after 80 years. In such a circumstance the period of a planet, no matter even if it is less malicious in causing death which comes within the maximum number of years allotted for Madhyayu, must be considered as bringing about death, in preference to the most malicious one.

Ascertain beforehand, whether a horoscope indicates short, middle or long life; determine the maraka planets and the times when their influences will come to fruition. The 8th house from Lagna ascendant and the 8th from that, i. The 7th house and the 2nd bouse are called houses of death. The 2nd house is always stronger in inflicting death than the 7th. Planets who occupy the 2nd are stronger than the planets who own it, in tending to cause death and the planets who are in association with the lord of the 2nd are the most powerful in causing death.

Thus the lords of the 2nd and the 7th, their occupants and the planets who are in conjunction wjtb them are the maraka planets. If marakas cannot be found out of these three, then the planet in conjunction with the lord of the 12th, 74 Hindu Predictive Astrology even if it is a benefic, causes death in his Dasa period , in the Bhtikti sub-period of a papa malefic if he is the lord of the 3rd or 8th house.

If the Dasa of Vyayadhipathi lord of the 12th does not come, then one most powerful among the lords of the 3rd, 6th and 8th becomes maraka. If the Sun and Sukra Venus or lords of the 2nd and 7th get Kendradhipatya lordship of quadrant —they are sure to become marakas. Planets who occupy the 2nd and 7th houses. Planets who are lords of the 2nd and 7th houses.

If the periods of the planets occupying or owning death houses do not come in time, then death may occur in the Dasa of planets who are not Yogakarakas but who become evil and conjoin lords of the bouses of death. Lords of the 3rd and the 8th are also probable causers of death if death does not occur in the Dasas, etc. If the Dasa of a death-ioflicting planet does not at all come into operation, then the most malicious planets in the horoscope will cause death. Saturn, inclined to produce evil by his conjunction with the lords of death houses, will cause death in preference to any of those planets.

There are many rules to ascertain the probable time of death knowing beforehand Maraka Dasas. Any detailed information in regard to this would increase the bulk of the book beyond reasonable prbportioh. This gives us a point in the zodiac after expungiog multiples of In the case of short, middle and long life, death occurs when Saturn transits over this point, in his first, second and third cycles respectively.

CHAPTER XVI Judgment of a Horoscope The notable triumphs in Hindu astrology so far as the predictive portion is concerned are entirely due to the great scrutiny the planetary influences are subjected to in the analysis of a horoscope and the relative values of the good and evil sources of strength of different planets and bhavas. V Good and evil planets become more and more powerful as they are lords of the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses; 5th and.. The lords of the 2nd and the 12tb remain neutral. Jupiter and Venus owning quadrants become very inauspicious.

Mercury as the lord of a quadrant is less malicious than Jupiter and Venus and the Moon, less than Mercury. Mars does not become good when he owns the 10th house. TEe lords of quadrants and trines in conjunction, without any other bad aspects, become extremely powerful in producing good results. The greatest assets of a man in this life, apart from the shadowy wealth and fame, are self-respect, courage and prowess.

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The lord of the 3rd also must be considered ; both of them must occupy a friendly house and must be found not in a Bhavasandhi junction of two houses but in a Bhavamadhva mid-point of a house. Mars must occupy the 10th for good courage and the lord of the 3rd and the 11th occupy favourable and friendly navamsas. Jupiter adds to the dignity of the person in a sure but silent way.

Marriage is a landmark in the history of the human race. Venus gets the Commander-in- Chief post over matrimonial alliances and all things concerned about them and the 7th house controls marriage in general. In hundreds of horoscopes, it has been observed thatJVenus, when afflicted, has given rise to more than one legal wife. It could be vouched for with sufficient conhdence that Venus in favourable positions is certain to assure marital felicity and success with a single wife. The marriage aspect would be most important to the Hindus among whom the dangerous contagion of divorce has not spread as in the Western nations.

Considerable attention has been bestowed upon this subject by the ancient writers. The 7th house should not be occupied by any planet save a benefic. In the case of a woman, the Moon must occupy the navamsa of Jupiter to make her loyal and chaste and should not fall in the navamsa of Saturn or Mars. Mars in the 8th house causes widowhood provided there are no other counteracting factors.

The best feature in a horoscope would be that those lords of the 3rd, the 6th and the 11th remain isolated and unassociated with any other planet. Egotism and mfcanthrophy are mar ked by th e lord of the 6th r m exercisingjliscretion, who has special control over debts and diseases. Anarchic" qualities would result if the lord of the 11th is very powerful. Jopiter has control over children as he is called Putrakaraka and the Stb house is Putrasthana or the house of children. The fourth represents mother and the Moon governs her.

When the lords of the 4th, the Sth and the 9th and the Moon, Jupiter and the Sun are well situated, and occupy favourable and friendly navamsas prosperity for father, mother and children is invariably indicated. An examination of a number of horoscopes has revealed that the Moon, Jupiter or the Sun ia the 4th, the Sth or the 9th with Saturn has caused death to moth er, children or father respectively, early in Ii f e. Moon with Saturn without any favourable aspect has caused death to the mother within one year of the birth of the child.

Jupiter in the ascendant is the best gift in a horoscope and the native gets dutiful children and long-lived parents. Long life for an individual may be predicted if the lords of the 1st and the 8th and Saturn are in good positions and have the aspect of Jupiter. This important and final event is elaborately dealt with in a separate chapter and the readers must study the principles contained in it very carefully.

Mercury and Venus are ill-disposed. Jupiter and the Sun are auspicious. The mere combination of Jupiter and Saturn produces no beneficial results. Jupiter is the Yogakaraka or the planet producing success. IP Venus becomes a maraka, be will not kill the native but planets like Saturn will bring about death to the person. Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are evil planets. Saturn alone produces Rajayoga.

The native will be killed in the periods and sub-periods of Jupiter, Venus and the Moon if they get death-inflicting powers. Venus alone is most bfcneficial and in conjunction with Saturn in good signs produces and excellent career of much fame. Venus and Mercury, when , well associated, cause Rajayoga.

Jupiter and Mars give beneficial results. Mars is the Rajayogakaraka conferor of name and fame. The combination of Mars and Jupiter also causes Rajayoga combination for political success. Venus and other inauspicious planets kill the native. Mars in combination with the Moon or Jupiter in favourable houses especially the 1st, the 5th, the 9th and the 10th produces much reputation.

Saturn, Venus and Mercury are evil. Saturn does not kill the native when he has the maraka power but Mercury and other evil planets inflict death when they get maraka powers. Mercury and Venus wten combined together cause Rajayoga. Mars and the Moon are evil. The Sun does not kill the native even if be becomes a maraka but Venus, the Moon and Jupiter will inflict death when they are possessed of death-inflicting power. Jupiter, the Sun and Mfars are inauspicious. Mercury and Saturn produce good. Mars himself will not kill the person.

Jupiter, Venus and Mars when possessed of maraka powers certainly kill the native. The Sun and the Moon produce 1 Kajayoga. Mercury "and Venus are evil. Jupiter, even if he becomes a maraka, docSlibt inflict death.

Mercury and other evil planets, when they get death-inflicting powers, do nol certainly spare the native. The Sun and Mars also produce good. Venus is evil. When the Sun and Mars combine together they produce Rajayoga. Saturn does not bring about death even when he is a maraka.

But Venus causes death when he gets jurisdiction as a maraka planet. Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are evil. Aguayos ,—Venus alone is auspicious. The combination of Venus and Mars causes Rajayoga. Jupiter and the Moon are evil. Mars is most powerful. Saturn, Venus, the Sun and Mercury are evil. Mars himself does not kill the person even if he is a maraka.

This gives us a clue to the determination ofone's physical features, stature, marital disposition and other peculiarities. The following details are only general in nature and should not be applied hastily. The strength of the rising sign, its ruler, the planets aspecting the ascendant, the peculiarities attending on the ascendant and its lord both in Rasi and Navamsa should be carefully considered before any predictions are ventured.

Arietj —-Persons born in Aries vdill have a certain amount of independent thinking and reasoning faculty. They will be capable. They may not be strict followers of convention. As the Ram rules them, they are rather stubborn but often frank, impulsive and courageous. They are more gossipers than practical men. They, sometimes require a certain amount of cajolery and sycophancy to raise them to action. They becpme pioneers. As Mars is the lord of Aries, they will be martial in spirit. Their constitution will he hot.

They love beauty, art and elegance. The diseases they suffer from will be mostly those of the head and unpleasant sight-seeing may often lead to mental affliction and derangement of brain. Their build will be slender and females generally possess fairly perfect contours. One peculiarity is craning the neck. Taurus , —The stature of the persons born in this sign will be medium or short and often inclined towards corpulence, lips thick, complexion swarthy, square face, well-shaped lips and dark hair are prominent features.

Women are generally handsome. They generally resemble the bull in their behaviour towards new people if they are not listened to properly. They have their own principles and ways. They are remarkable for their ability to commit to memory. Their physical and mental endurance. They have much business knack and good intuition. They often think they are born to exercise authority over others and in a sense they are right.

They are sensitive to physical influences. They are often liable to extremes, zealous and easily accessible to adulteration. They generally suffer from nervous complaints after their 6ftieth year but their memory and powers of imagination will never deceive them. They are slow to anger, but when provoked, furious like the bull. They are passionate and may become preys to sexual diseases in ttieir old age unless they moderate their pleasures and learn to exercise self-control.

They are active and become experts in mathematical sciences; and mechanical sciences provided Saturn has some strong influence over them. They are vivacious, but liable to be inconstant. They will have sudden nervous breakdowns and must exercise a certain amount of caution in moving with the opposite sex; a habit of self-control must be cultivated. Their mind will be often conscious of their own faults. They are liable to fraud and deception. If evil planets are found in Gemini, trickery and deceit will characterise their nature.

They often have a double chin. Their frugality often takes the form of miserliness. They are sympathetic but moral cowardice will be present. They will be much attached to their children and family. Their minds will be bent upon schemes of trade and manufacture. The often meet with disappointments in marriage and love affairs. They are very talkative, self-reliant, honest and unbending. They have reputation for love of justice and fairplay. They possess the knack to adapt themselves to any condition of life. They are rather ambitious and sometimes avaricious too.

They are independent thinkers. They are lovers of fine arts and literature and possess a certain amount of philosophical knowledge. They put forth much struggle. Their ambitions remain unfulfilled to Resalts of Ascending Signs 83 some extent unless the horoscope has certain definite Raja- yogas. They are capable of non-attachment and contentment. As Saturn happens to be lord of the 7fb, they must resist the temptation of yielding much to their wives or husbands if domestic happiness is to prevail.

They will be middle-sized persons and exhibit taste in art and literature. Their chest will be prominent and when afflicted, very weak also. They are discriminating and emotional and are carried away by impulses. As authors, they make real progress especially in Bhouthika Sastras and Rasayana Sastras Physical and Chemical Sciences and can judge things at a glance. They love music and fine arts and acquire much power and influence over other people. They are liable to suffer from nervous breakdowns and paralysis when the sign is afflicted. Other combinations warranting they can become great philosophers or writers.

They are generally lucky in respect of their wives or husbands. They are not sensitive to what others say of them. They 86 Hindu Predictive Astrology love excitement and have the power of intuition upon which they often rely for their own guidance. They are not easily amenable to reason. T hey are. They have a special liking for truth and honesty and do not hesitate to sacrifice even their lives at the altars of freedom and fair- play.

Their domestic life may be crossed by frequent tension. They are fickle- minded and love much excitement. They can become expert musicians if they care to practise that art. They are proficient in fine arts, dancing and the like and no doubt they have a philosophic disposition. They set at naught conventional habits axuLciistams They vehemently uphold their own views but nevertheless will not clash with those holding opposite ones.

Their constitution will be hot and they are liable to suffer from piles after their 30th year. They are silent and dignified and never speak before weighing each and every word. They are good conversationalists as well as writers and often rely too much on their own intelligence. Married life may not be quite happy not only due to. They possess almond eyes and their hair is brown. They are of a phlegmatic temperament. They are prompt Results of Ascending Signs 87 and uphold conservative views.

In these departments of knowledge they can acquire mastery. They are too callous and enthusiastic. They hate all external show. They never think of schemes which are calculated to disturb the progress of others. They generally exercise control over their food and drinks but in regard to their relationship with the opposite sex restraint is called for.

They are brilliant, their manners affable, winning and hearts, pure. They are prone to be misunderstood unintentionally by others on account of their hastiness in conversation. In their later years they must be careful about their lungs as they are liable to suffer from rheumatic pains and the like. They have large teeth sometimes protruding outside the lips and presenting an uncouth appearance if the 2nd house is afflicted. Their lips are flushy and ladies have an inviting appearance.

They have great aspirations in life and cannot economise funds even if they were to be under the influence of adversity. They are modest, libera] and gentlemanly in business transactions. They are noted for their perseverance and strong-mindedness. In fact they are stoical to the miseries of life.

A Reading List in Vedic Astrology

They are possessed of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy and take great interest in literature, science and education. Sometimes they are vindictive. God-fearing and humble they make good husbands or wives. Depending upon the disposition of the 9th house they can become philosophically minded or develop social consciousness. Those born under this sign will be tall, lean, fairly handsome, manners winning, appearance attractive, disposition elegant. Their lips are flusby, cheeks broad with prominent temples and buttocks.

They are highly intelligent and make friends of others very soon. They are pure in heart and always inclined to help others. They shine very well as writers and good Spokesmen. They are at times timid. They will specialise in subjects like astrology, psychology and healing arts, etc. They are intuitive and good judges of character. They have no organising capacity and are capable of acquiring very fine education. They will be much devoted to their husbands or wives and never betray the interests of even their enemies, when trust is placed in them.

List of astrology jyotish books all free download by divyapurusadas - Issuu

They are liable to suffer from colic troubles and must take special precautions to safeguard themselves against diseases incidental to exposure to cold weather. On the whole Aquarius people have something subtle in them which endears them to all they come in contact with. They are reserved in their manners and are liable to draw premature conclusions on any matter. They are God-fearing. They are generally superstitious and religious, rigid in the observance of orthodoxical principles ahd can forego anything but their orthodoxy ; or they can be exactly the opposite.

They are somewhat stubborn, rather timid, and ambi tious to exercise a uthority over others. They are true friends and are proud of their educational and other attainments. If the lord of the 7th is badly afflicted, they Will have double marriage. They are just in their dealings and fear to transgress the laws of truth- With all this, they lack self-confidence. By a careful scrutiny of tbe planetary combinations and aspects in tbe twelve bouses, the whole life of a person can be predicted with sufficient accuracy.

Tbe combinations given below are not chosen at random but are chosen from a study of the horoscopes of persons of various ranks and eminences. In addition to this, he must also exercise discretion and common sense coupled, of course, with a certain amount of intuition. This is quite sufficient for an intelligent student to anticipate certain other things not mentioned here.

In fact they strike themselves to the student. In a horoscope, a benefic may be found in the 4th—which may be his house of exaltation, debilitation, or enmity or a friend's sign. Even though a benefic may be in the 4tb, the results it gives apparently vary according to its disposition towards the lord of that sign. If Jupiter is in exaltation in the 4th bouse, religious learning may be predicted. If he is in debilitation. Judgment of Shaves Houses 91 in the 4th house, the kind of education must necessarily differ.

Still in both cases, it is Jupiter that occupies the 4th house. Similarly, with regard to other combinations one must consider all these problems carefully and then venture a prediction. The relations and interrelations of planetary placements must be carefully scrutinised and then predictions ventured. Deterministic interpretation of the combinations should not be given. If the lord of the birth or 1st house is exalted, well associated, strongly placed, occupies quadrants, has the aspects of good planets, the person will have health, good appearance, and a generally happy future.

If the lord of the birth is in conjunction' with an evil planet and occupies the 8th house, the health will suffer. If the lord of birth is in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th, the native has a sickly constitution. If the birth lord is conjoined with an evil planet, and Rabu or Saturn occupies the Lagoa, the person fears from deception from thieves and swindlers.

Urinary and bladder troubles and swelling of testicles are likely if Rahu, Mars and Saturn are in Lagna. Birth in watery signs make the person corpulent. The native suffers from asthma and consumption if the Sun Ravi is in Lagna and Mars aspects him. Many evil planets in the birth indicate either misery or a checkered career. Venus in the second half with evil planets in the 4th and the Sth houses makes the person miserable in the end.

Second Bhata House J. If the lord of the 2nd is exalted and quadrants are aspected by benefics, the eye-sight will be good and the facial expression charming. One becomes an orator and wealthy if Jupiter is with the lord of the second or the latter is aspected by Mercury, or Venus occupies favourable positions. If the lord of the 2nd is in quadrants aspected by malefics, the person will look ugly and grotesque. If the lord of the 2nd is a watery planet and combines with or is aspected by the lord of the navamsa of the 2nd house-lord, and if the Ascendant falls in a watery sign, the person will be an international trader and the source of his income will be mostly from beyond the confines of his motherland.

Defective speech can be predicted if malefics are with the lord of the second or aspects it. Mercury in a quadrant and the lord of the 2nd powerfully situated make one proficient in occult sciences, especially astrology Confiscation of property and penal action by Government is likely if the Ascendant is weak and its lord joins malefics and the lord of the 2nd is in conjunction with the Sun in the 12th house.

Lots of wealth by thieves and rulers can be foretold if the lord of the 2nd is aspected by or combined with Mars in debilitation or in cruel navamsa. The occupation of the 2nd by malefics indicates that the person becomes showy and the period must be predicted under the Dasa of such planets. If the 7th house occupied by the lord of the 10th has the beneficial aspects of Jupiter and Venus, the native earns a substantial amount during the periods of such planets.

Jyotish books

If the lord of the ascendant is in the 2nd and lord of the 2nd is in the 11th with the lord of the 11th in the 1st, the native mav come across hidden t reasures. If the lord of the 2nd is debilitated and is in conjunction with evil planets, the person contracts hopeless debts- Third Bhava House. It al so deno tes courage, right ear and breast.

Tf a malefic planet is in the 3rd or the 3rd is between two evil planets, one will not have brothers ; or all the brothers may pass away. If the lord of the 3rd or Mars occupies the 8th, the 6th or the 12th and has no beneficial aspects, prosperity to brothers is rarely to be predicted. If the lord of the 3rd occupies a beneficial navamsa and Mars is well posited, the native will be courageous and will have thriving brothers. If the lord of the 3rd is in the 12th aqd is aspected by evil planets, the person will be funky and henpecked.

If the lord of the 3rd is in conjunction with the Sun, the native will be bold in mind, and stubborn and angry. Fourth Bhava House. If the lord of the 4th is with powerful Jupiter and Meccury aod occupies quadrants, the person will have an aristocratic disposition and commands respect, conveyance and name. Jf tbeJ. If Mercury is in the 3rd, and the lord of the4tb is well placed, the person possesses an attractive house or houses. If the lord of the 4th occupies the 12th, loss of ancestral property is to be feared. These results have to be applied taking into consideration of other conditions.

Jupiter in exaltation in the 4th house and the lord of the 4th in his own sign makes the person get high legal education. Jud g m ent of Bbim H omb 99 If Lagoa ia Sagittarius and its lord and Saturn are in the same house, the person will acquire high education. If Venus or the Moon occupies the 4th without any aspects from any malefics, the person will be a voracious eater. If the lord of the 4th is badly situated and is aspected by malefics, the person's private life will be questionable.

The person becomes dishonest and indulges in fraudulent schemes if the 4tb is combined with Saturn, Rabu and Ketu. If the lord of the Sth occupies the 3rd, the 6tb or the 12th and is aspected by malefics, the person's children die early. If the lord of the Sth house joins favourable planets, the person gets many issues.

If Jupiter becomes lord of the Sth and being powerful is aspected by the lord of the birth, the person will have children. If the Sth as well as its lord are placed between evil planets and Jupiter is in company with malefics, there will be loss of children. If all the malefics occupy the 4th or if all of them occupy the 12tb, the Sth. If Saturn is in the Sth, or aspects the lord of birth or Jupiter, there will be brain derangement. If Mercury and Saturn have major influence on tbe child at birth, the child born will be impotent.

If the Sth house falls in a sign of Mercury or Saturn and its lord combines with Saturn the person will have an adopted son. If the lord of the Sth is masculine, joins a masculine sign, and combines in a masculine navamsa, tbe first-born child to the native will be a male- If tbe lord of the Sth joins a female sign with a feminine planet and combines in a feminine navamsa, tbe first born baby will be a female.

Sixth Bhava House. Two or more malefics in the 6th make the native a prey to complicated diseases and a malefic aspect will practically confine the person to bed. If the lord of the 6th occupies the 1st or the 8th with evil associations and with no beneficial aspects, the native will have many sores. If the Moon, Venus and the lord of birth combine with tbe Sun or Rahu, the person may sufTer from syphillis. If the lord of birth and tbe 6th are in conjunction with the Moon, water accidents occur, and if Mars joins the birth lord, danger in violent fights or battles is indicated.

If the lord of the 6tb and birth conjoin Saturn and occupy quadrants and trines, imprisonment is indicated. If Saturn is lord of Lagoa, this result should not be predicted. Neutralising factors should be carefully considered. When the Moon occupies the 6th, the 8th or the 12th aspccted by the lord of Lagoa and conjoined with Saturn and Rahu, the person may meet with accidents. If the lord of the 6th or the 8th or Mars joins the lord of the 3rd, and Saturn and Rahu are in cruel navamsas, the person dies in a battle or fight.

If the lord of the 6th be a malefic and conjoins Mercury, who is in debilitation, the person suffers from toothache early in bis life. Mercury in the 6th, debilitated with Saturn and Mars, will render the persoo an invalid throughout life. If the lord of the 9th joins the 6th aspected by the lord of the 6th and the lord of the 6th has the conjunction of Saturn and Mars, the person will suffer from fires, thieves and swindlers'. Seventh Bhava House. If the lords of the 2nd and the 6th have evil conjunctions and occupy the 6th house or if the afflicted lord of the 7th joins the birth, the moral character of the person will be questionable- 98 Hindu Predictive Astrology If tbe lord of the 7th joins Rahu or Ketu and is aspected by Mars or Saturn, and Venus is ill-placed, one becomes loose in morals in his early years.

If evil planets occupy the 1st and the 6th, tbe person will be licentious and indulges in clandestine pleasures. If the weak Moon joins a malefic in the 7th, the person becomes immoral. Venus in Jhe, 7thmakes ope passionate. Jupiter in the 7th or the 10th with no malefic aspects will make the person principled and chaste in sexual matters. If the lord of the 5th is in the 7th and the lord of the 7th is with malefics and Venus is weak, the wife dies during pregnancy. If the lords of the 2nd and the 7th are in their own houses, the person will have only one wife. If the lord of the 7th is powerful and exalted occupying birth, more than one wife must not be predicted.

If the 7th falls in an evil sign, if the lord of the 7th joins debilitation, two marriages may be indicated. If the lord of tbe 7th and the 12th is Venus and he occupies the 9th aspected by Saturn, the person will have more than one wife. If the lord of the 7th is in the 6th aspected by Rahu and with no beneficial conjunction, two marriages should be predicted.

If the Sun is in the 7th one will have liaison with barren women. If the Moon is in the 7th debilitated, sex-relations take place with maid-servants. If Mars is in the 7th house with no aspects of benefics, intercourse occurs with unmatured girls. If three quadrants are occupied by evil plaoets, happiness with wife is not indicated. Eighth Bhava House. If the lord of the 8th joins the 12th with a malefic, there will be short life.

Life will be short if the lord of the birth and the lord of the 8th join the 6th. There will be long life if the birth lord occupies beneficial houses with the lord of the 8th. If all malefics occupy the 8th, one will have short life. If Saturn is in the 12th and the lord of the 8th is in the 2nd with a benefic, death occurs in the 21st year. If the lord of the 8th is in the 5th in conjunction with malefics, and the lord of the 10th is in the 2nd aspected by malefics, the native dies in the 2nd year. If quadrants are occupied by benefics aud the lord of birth combines with a benefic planet aspected by Jupiter, long life may be predicted.

If the lords of the 8th, the 1st and the 10th combine with Saturn and occupy quadrants, life will be long. If Saturn becomes the lord of the 6th and joins with Rahu or Ketu. If in the same combination Jupiter has prominence, danger arises from elephants. If Saturn joins the Sun and occupies or aspects the 8th, death will be from canine bites. If the weak Moon occupying the 8th with Rahu joins malefics, the person dies by the troubles of apparitions and spectres.

If the 6tb house is occupied by its lord and the lord of the 8th is with Rahu, and Saturn with Ketu aspected by Mars, the person will be killed by weapons. If Mercury is not well situated and occupies an unfavour- abie position, death takes place from sudden heart failure. If the 8th is favourably situated with the aspects of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, the native will bequeath vast legacies to his successors.

If the 8th is occupied by Saturn, and Mars aspects it with his special aspects, the person will contract many debts and no redemption can be expected. If the 8th becomes a moveable sign and its lord is also found in a moveable sign, death takes place in a foreign country. If the 8th and its lord are in a fixed sign and Saturn is similarly placed, the person dies in his own house.

If the 8th house falls in a common sign and its lord also occupies a common sign, death will occur while travelling. Judgment of Bhavat Houses If Mars gets prominence and the combinations are placed as above, death takes place io automobiles and aeroplanes. Accidental deaths are always due to Mars. Mercury kills the native in balloons and airships.

Brain fever, anaemia, neuritis and paralysis bring about death when Mercury is afflicted in the 8th. The Moon causes death through watery diseases, cholera and lung troubles. Jupiter brings about death by diabetes, dropsy, liver and spleen trouble and swelling of the body. Saturn inflicts death on water or by typhoid.

Rahu indicates death by skin troubles, leprosy, poisoning, smallpox and drowning. Kct u causesileath by suicide and other. Ninth Bhava House. If the lord of the 9th is in the 8th or any moveable sign, the child will be born when its father is not in the place. If the lords of the 1st and the 9th are powerful and the Sun is aspected by benefics, the native will be obedient and dutiful to bis father. If the lord of the 9th is in quadrants or in trines, the person becomes well acquainted with metaphysical lore provided such a combination has the aspect of Jupiter or Jupiter is in a kendra.

Mars and Ketu in the 9th with Jupiter in the 2nd, and Mercury, the Sun and Venus in the Sth, the 6th and the 7th respectively, make the man very rich. If the lord of the Ascendant joins the 9th and combines with the lord of the 5tb, wealth may be predicted through children. According to Parashara, "making predictions is a hard task even for a sage, but Ashtakavarga is relatively easy, easy enough for the average man. Shri Jyoti Star provides you with a range of features.

Like I said Annualized Volatility is no gurantee that the stock will move only that much, however it gives a rough idea about the stocks movement. Free prediction will be based on your birth chart horoscope. This screen shows three tables. You can either use this shopping cart, or call in your order at Example: Kim K Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac.

The principles of ashtakavarga should be well studied when analyzing a horoscope. Ernst Wilhelm studied contradictory statements in old Sanskrit texts that revealed that the Ancient Vedic Astrologers between AD had lost the knowledge of precession and as a result introduced errors into their astronomical calculations. In continuation to my earlier post in this context i would like to put forth my experience on the use of this system.

This is a Krishnamurti Paddhati K. Ashtakavarga Features. Secrets of Ashtaka Varga by P. Know about Navamsa in astrology and get you Navamsa Chart for free. Remedial consultation is provided free of cost along with your service request. The chief amongst them is called the Sarva-ashtakavarga and is always the biggest chart when compared to the other Ashtakavarga charts.

Online Astrology - Calculations, Predictions,Remedies etc. It is used primarily in judging timing of events. Several techniques are used, especially Jaimini Read more about Vedic Jaimini Astrology , Parashara, Ashtakavarga, Varshaphala, Transits, and Horary, if you ask a specific question about a current situation in your job or business especially if it involves other people , whether before our consultation, or during Read more about Horary.

These Lessons are being written for three types of students: To Avoid Calculations. Having good Ayur yogas also increases the strata of longevity. Ashtakavarga has been a popular method in India for making predictions. Articles Divisional Chart. If Saturn is a functional malefic and also associates with a maraka then it becomes a very strong maraka, it will then supersede all other marakas and cause death during its own period or adverse transit.

I can definitely say, simply reading the Sarvashtaka varga and the Bhinnashtakavarga scores one can easily determine the life pattern of the native in various You may have seen several Ashtakavarga charts. What is SadeSati? Sadesati is a period of 7. Enter your birth details for detailed charts, career advice, love compatibility analysis report and gemstone recommendations free online from Barishh. I guess that is what I did in engineering and stock research in banking as well. Ashtakavarga System of Predictions in Vedic Astrology Posted on December 4, by Astrologer Dr Krishnendu Numbers and arithmetical calculation has great use in astrology for quick and effective predictions.

It is very mechanical but very technical. However, if you have an eye for spotting market trends, you can make a neat pile in quick intra-day deals. To form a meticulous Horoscope, it is necessary to know the exact birth details such as the date of birth, exact time of birth and the place of Horoscope and Vedic astrology secrets are finally revealed to the world which have been misinterpreted for ages, and kept the people in the dark about the true powers of the planets and zodiac signs.

For example the 23 divisional charts that are named after series of numbers with some random numbers too picked in between after the two digit number is the real power of this software. One among the various important events which an astrologer is asked to predict in a nativity is begetting children. While analyzing the effects of a house, by studying how many total good and bad points are there, contributed by which planets, etc give several clues about the house effects.

In Calculator you may add or subtract degrees, obtaining results in degrees within rashi. The calculator usually works. Full Horoscope Report This report makes a detailed outlook of your horoscope and tells you about 12 important areas of life, including education, career, family, health etc. It can guide you in taking accurate decisions on each front of your life. Saturn gives malefic rewards if ill-placed but it is said that sade sati is not always unfortunate.

Calculations of Planetary Strengths in Vedic astrology Indian Vedic astrology is a scientific study of the heavenly bodies, the positions which are mapped in the form of an Indian horoscope. Some traders do take a trade based on Annualized Volatility.

Contact us for all your Astrological Enquiries. Free delivery on qualified orders. First, those who want to avoid the mathematical part of astrology either because they do not know the subject or, feel that computers can do all this for them. Read more. Download the LifeSign Mini free astrology software, you can generate free astrology and horoscope by date of birth simply by entering the birth details. Ready made tables- in this method ready-made tables are used to construct divisional charts.

RAHU when peaceful gives a wonderful life which you had dreamt for. I am very open to your feedback on this free applet feature from Angel email Let me know how it works for you and which features you would like to see added. The Sarva Chancha Chakra printout combined both of these in a beautiful graphical wheel. SapnaOnline offers Free shipment all across India for JyotishTools Pro is available for Windows 10 desktop, notebooks and tablets with 7 day free trial at: Also available for iPhone: and iPad: Also available for Android devices on Google Play in two versions for phone and tablet.

AyuhKshinam Ayuhvriddhi. Ashtama Shani Meaning. Free information about learning astrology. Shri Jyoti Star: Are you looking for a Vedic program which is easy to use and learn and is stable, flexible, accurate and powerful, being capable of performing all. Horoscope, Natal Chart or Birth Chart, in Vedic Astrology presents the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the time of birth of an individual. Indepth Horoscope. Day trading in stocks is risky, more so if you are untrained.

Accurate Marriage Prediction Free The Readers must understand that the predictions based on Ashtakavarga are more accurate and necessary to know the essence of our life through the Vedic Astrology, The strength of every planet must be calculated using the Binnashtakavarga table to enjoy accurate predictions on the natives life based on Mahadasa, Antardasa and Transit of all Bello Jewels india free online astrology and horoscope consultation.

This is another important concept of Vedic Astrology, by which we can judge transits of different planets in different houses, signs and over different planets. The "Ashtakvarga" is recognized as an outstanding system of prediction among the several systems advocated in the standard works on Vedic astrology. If a planet has more than 5 bindus and rashi has more than 28 bindus in Sarvashtakvarga it gives excellent results by the house concerned. Amongst these, the results from Ashtakavarga are not that strong, but Sudarshanchakra is an important tool for prediction.

It has special significance in Ashtakavarga. It show the numeric number between zero to eight based on the twelve signs. Ashtakvarga is also known as Indian numerology. Try one out today. Free Learn Astrology Lessons. Search for specific planetary placements, aspects or chart patterns to deepen your understanding of astrology.

When were you born? We have provided five sample astrology report of different formats such as Sounth Indian, North Indian, Bengali, Odisha and Circular for your review. Raman, in his experience, had found it to be a very useful tool in making predictions. Please feel free to share and link to articles on this site with credit given. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Smart Jyotish. Go ahead, choose the best Astrology and Kundli Software in India. These are the times I become more in touch with the other side. Skip trial 1 month free.

The Bindu Astrology Software team have now entered the world of mobile apps, and we expect to be coming out with more mobile apps in the near future. There are more than ways of using the Ashtakavarga effectively but that is not discussed here because of limited space. I have through my experience in astrology have noticed that even an exalted benefic planet some time fails to deliver desired result if it does not have the required support of benefic bindus under Ashtakavarga scheme. Watch the video demo of features in JyotishTools Pro. How wealthy will you be?

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